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15mm (1/100th scale) Prehistoric Animals

This is a collection of prehistoric animal models from our other ranges. All have been designed with the latest scientific research in mind.

The models are all in scale with each other, being a consistent 1/100th scale (so a human being who is about 1.5m tall from the sole of the foot to eye level would be 15mm tall, hence the reference to them being "15mm miniatures").

If you'd like some fantasy creatures to go along with your prehistoric animals, check out our Mystri Island or Fantasy ranges.

Models are supplied unpainted and are not for children as they have small sharp pieces and may present a choking risk. Some minor assembly may be required.

More models will be added soon.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-5Wooly Rhinoceros (two models in two poses)$2.99
MYST-6Deinonychus pack (six models in six poses)$5.99
MYST-8Sabretooth Tigers, Smilodon fatalis (three models in three poses)$2.99
MYST-9Triceratops (two models in two poses with two different heads)$10.99
MYST-10Tyrannosaurus rex, optional arm plumes, and base with optional log for support$18.99