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15mm Late 17th Century Europe

This line will cover the various armies of the late 17th century from the adoption of the classic soldier's jacket until the apostles fell out of favour, around the middle of the War of the League of Augsburg. It will include such famous campaigns as the Siege of Vienna, the Battles of Sedgemoor and the Boyne, and Fleurus, Steenkerque and Landen.

The Hungarians and Ottomans can probably be used considerably earlier in the century as well, and some of the Ottomans would be suitable up to the 19th century!

Late 17th Century French

The major power in Europe in the late 17th Century, the French had several distinctive uniform features which are captured on these models, namely, the ribbon on the shoulder, and the cuff further up the sleeve.

For the Hungarian light horse fielded by French armies, use the Hungarian range below.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
L17TH-FRENCH-MUSKETS-SHOOTINGLate 17th Century French Musketeers, shooting poses (x12 in four poses)$7.99
L17TH-FRENCH-MUSKETS-MARCH-ATTACKLate 17th Century French Musketeers, march attack poses (x12 in three poses)$7.99
L17TH-FRENCH-PIKEMEN-POSES-ALate 17th Century French Pikemen, poses A (x12 in two poses)$7.99
L17TH-FRENCH-PIKEMEN-POSES-BLate 17th Century French Pikemen, poses B (x12 in two poses)$7.99
L17TH-FRENCH-INFANTRY-COMMANDLate 17th Century French Infantry Command (x12 in three poses)$7.99
L17TH-FRENCH-LIGHT-CAVALRYLate 17th Century French "Light" Cavalry plus command (x12 in six poses, the command poses plus nine troopers)$15.99

Late 17th Century Artillery

Guns meant for all Central and Western European Nations. The medium field piece shown here is painted in French colours but could just as easily represent a cannon in British, Spanish, etc service.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
L17TH-MEDIUM-FIELD-CANNONLate 17th Century Medium field piece with four crew (x1)$3.99

17th Century Hungarians

Seventeenth century Hungarians to fight in the wars of this tumultuous century, including later Haiduks or other musketeer infantry wearing more businesslike dress than in the 16th century. The armoured hussars have a variety of protection, wearing at the least a breastplate, and could also be used as Polish Hussars by gamers who don't believe the wings were worn in battle (yes, both of you). This is the line for the Kuruc Rebellion!

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
L17TH-HUNGARIAN-LIGHT-HUSSARS17th Century Hungarian Light Hussars with pistols, swords or lance (lance can also be used as a standard) (x 12 in four poses -- eight pistols, three sword, and one lance/standard)$15.99
L17TH-HUNGARIAN-ARMOURED-HUSSARS17th Century Armoured Hussars with lance (also suitable for other 17th century Eastern European lancers) (x 12 in three poses)$15.99
L17TH-HUNGARIAN-MUSKET17th Century Haiduks or other Musketeers (x 12 in three poses)$7.99
L17TH-HUNGARIAN-COMMANDER17th Century Hungarian Commander in Winged Helmet (x 3)$3.99