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Ordering Information

By ordering you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions on this page.


Not a Disclaimer but almost as important
All models are provided unassembled and unpainted.

Delivery times
The official delivery time really has to change because these days it's not uncommon to take three-four weeks or so to get more complicated orders shipped. The reason is, I offer a ton of product and get a lot of orders, but it's just me packing them, and can only pack them at night and on the weekend, so I often fall behind. There's also the fact that all casting is outsourced and if I have shortages I have to wait for restocks -- which often take a month or more to come in, even longer for resin restocks.

But the goal is always to get an order shipped within 72 hours of placement. As said above, this often doesn't happen, but many times it does. What? Yes, I know that's confusing. It's complicated, but I have to do "triage" when processing orders. What I mean is, orders that will take a very long time to pack sometimes get bumped in favour of orders that can be shipped right away. So, if I get a single order that will take longer to process than four other orders, I will pack the four orders first. I'm sorry if that sounds unfair, but I'm just trying to be honest here.

Why does an order take a long time to pack, as opposed to other orders? That's another complicated question, because stock shortages may set things back, but assuming good stock, here are some general guidelines:

1) an order for 20 of one item will take a lot less time to pack than an order for one pack each of 20 different things
2) orders for huge numbers of codes, one pack of each, invariably go to the end of the line
3) orders within one to three different ranges take less time to pack than orders placed from many different ranges
4) the more codes you order, the more likely that a few might be out of stock

The sheer volume of the ranges available and limited time to process them often results in substantial delays, but if you want to avoid that, the best thing to do is keep the number of different items relatively low, and try to order within one or two ranges. As an example, if you order three federal medium tanks, three APCs, and eight packs of various federal infantry, chances are your order will ship within a week. If you order sixty different codes, one pack of each, from ten different lines, it could take a month or more to process the order.

This isn't smoothtalking customer relations here, this is honesty! What I hope isn't lost in all this is our honest desire to get the models into your hands as soon as is possible under the circumstances.

Order confirmation

When we get an order, we send you a confirmation. We do not send confirmations of delivery, and usually do not send messages if an order gets delayed. We're very happy to check on your order, however, so feel free to drop us a line if you are curious how it's going. We would please ask that you wait about two weeks before inquiring though (one week for us to work up to it in the queue and one week for delivery time).

15mm Size Comparison
To see a scale comparison with some other 15mm ranges, go HERE.)

Pose mixtures
Every effort is made to make the selection of poses in every pack as varied as possible -- this is why we pay for multiple poses to be sculted. That said, due to the policies of the casters this is not always possible and at times a random mix of poses will have to be included in the pack rather than a strictly proportionate number of each pose. We regret that there is nothing we can do about that.

I accept payment through PayPal only. Donít worry, if you donít have a PayPal account, you can still use your credit card to make the payment through PayPal. If you donít have a credit card or a PayPal account, enlist someone who does to help you order!

Orders are gladly taken from all over the world -- my prices are in USD, but don't worry about exchange rates, PayPal will take care of this for you, and convert your payment from the US dollar to your currency when it is taken from your bank account (or credit card).

How to order
As you will see, there is a button next to each available item type. Just click the ones you want, and (as if by magic) PayPal registers the order for ONE pack of such item. Once you have all the items you want chosen, simply increase the pack quantities in PayPal using the cart update. Then process the order as you would normally using PayPal. If you are using a credit card, PayPal will prompt you on how to do that.

If there is no PayPal button next to the item, it is not yet available. The box should instead indicate what stage in development the pack has reached for those who are curious.

Orders within the USA ship via first class or priority mail, with delivery confirmation to make sure you get your package. Shipping is a flat $6.00 for orders up to $79.00, and $12.00 for orders over $79.00.

International orders (other than one sample pack) ship by normal air mail. My mailers are only a certain size, so if you place a large order it may come in several small installments. Postage is not affected by this. Shipping costs to all non-US destinations are based on the amount of the order and are as follows. Please note that our rates had to go up on January 28, 2013, due to a substantial increase in international shipping rates by the USPS:

From $0.01 to $16.00 is $8.00
From $16.01 to $36.00 is $12.00
From $36.01 to $56.00 is $18.00
From $56.01 to $86.00 is $25.00
$86.01 and up is $29.00

Tax issues
Orders to be shipped to New York State will need to include the state and local tax. NYS residents be advised that, if your order does not include a NYS tax rate when it is calculated, I will need to separately invoice you for the tax before I ship the models.

For those receiving shipping outside the USA, you will be responsible for any tax or other duty payable on the shipment or the models when they arrive at your destination (or at your taxing authority). Please do not ask me to misrepresent the price of your delivery as this is against the law in the US (and probably in your country as well) and would subject me (and you) to liability.

Lost or damaged packages
I cannot accept responsibility for packages that are lost or damaged in the hands of the delivery service. If the shipper is required to assert a claim for lost or damaged packages, I will do so to the full extent possible. I will provide you with the customs number (if it is an overseas shipment) or the delivery confirmation number (if it is a shipment in the States) to confirm that the package was sent out.

If this is not satisfactory to you, but you'd still like to order, you may want to consider purchasing insurance for your package, or upgrading it to a more secure shipping method. Please contact me and I will let you know what insurance prices or alternate shipping fees are for your package.

Returns and Replacements
All sales are final. However, if you wish to return a product within 30 days of shipment of the order, please contac me and we can discuss a restocking, which I will usually do at 75% of price of the items. I do not consider this to be unreasonable as images are available of all items on the site, and I need to be compensated for the time spent processing and shipping your order.

If anything is miscast, please let me know. After contacting me by e-mail so we can discuss, you can return the miscast piece to me, or scan all the miscast pieces, and I will replace pieces that are miscast. Please understand that I cannot check every piece to see if it is a perfect casting, although it is our intention to provide only perfect castings, and use the top casters in the industry to assure you get clean castings.