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Anglo-Saxons of the Late Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Danish Periods, 9-12th C. AD

Great Fyrd Spearman and Huscarl standardbearer, as painted and based by Raven Painting.
Anglo-Saxon England grew increasingly influenced by Norse warfare methods until the crowning achievement of Norse arms, the conquest of England by the Danes in the eleventh century AD, after which Anglo-Saxon armies are often referred to as "Anglo-Danish," even though the kingdom again came under native rule around the mid eleventh century. The kings and other great men had retinues of elite warriors called Huscarls who were often armed with the fearsome Norse axe. Alongside these men fought the shieldwall of Saxon Fyrd, better equipped spearmen as well as the mass of men -- steady and dependable despite their inability to afford metal body armour, and even poorly equipped peasants who undoubtedly took up position in the back of the great shield walls these warriors formed.

These models are suitable for the armies of later Anglo-Saxon England as well as the Anglo-Danish kingdom that was eventually conquered by the Norman Duke William. In accord with fashions of the period, they are available with either round shields or newer kite shields. The models represent the appearance of Saxon warriors in art of the period, such as the wrinkly sleeves seen in several period sources, and the tight leggings. In fact, many continental warriors would have looked quite similar and these models can often be used for them with no sacrifice to accuracy. They can of course also be used for Anglo-Norman armies of the late 11th or very early 12th centuries as well, in conjunction with the models available in the 11th Century Frankish line; archers for the Anglo-Danes may be drawn from the Frankish or Viking line as well.

Sculpted by Mike Broadbent; models in the images below painted by "Neldoreth" except the Huscarl cavalry, which was painted by Carl Robson.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
KM-1800RSaxon heavy cavalry, round shields (x 6)$6.99
KM-1800KSaxon heavy cavalry, kite shields (x 6)$6.99
KM-1801RSaxon Huscarls, round shields (x 12)$6.99
KM-1801KSaxon Huscarls, kite shields (x 12)$6.99
KM-1802RSaxon Select Fyrd, round shields (x 12)$6.99
KM-1802KSaxon Select Fyrd, kite shields (x 12)$6.99
KM-1803RSaxon great Fyrd, round shields (x 12)$6.99
KM-1803KSaxon great Fyrd, kite shields (x 12)$6.99
KM-1804Saxon Fyrd dregs (ill-equipped peasants) (x 20)$10.99
KM-1805Anglo-Saxon Subordinate Command set (sub-general, standardbearer, hornplayer) (x 3)$1.99
KM-1806Anglo-Saxon High Command Set (high commander, standardbearer, hornplayer) (x 3)$1.99
TR-8Stone wall section (1 x 40mm length)$2.49
TR-4Dark Ages Wedge Tent (x 1)$2.99
TR-7Supply Ox Cart$4.49