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AWAY TEAM -- Space Empires Explore Foreign Worlds

The great stellar empires have cruisers out in all directions, exploring, making contact with alien life forms and civilisations, and fighting each other. This range will feature away teams from various spacefaring races, starting with marines/security details. If the ranges prove popular personalities (a captain, chief medical officer, and science officer, perhaps) will be made for them as well, as will alien civilians and wild creatures to fight. We may even make shuttles for them!

Each race is rated for five key attributes -- Diplomacy, Cunning, Constitution, Aggression, and Military Proficiency. Each is rated from 2 (lowest) to 12. These are offered as a general guide to wargamers. For a gauge of the values, humans are a 7 at each of the ratings.

Naturally these may be used in generic sci-fi gaming as well, which is why the security/marine forces are being released first.


The Tahey evolved from flying Reptilian creatures but are incapable of anything but a short glide -- their wings are mostly vestigial. They send their cruisers to the far reaches of space in search of allies against the horrible Thunder Worms, and for trade in the many raw materials which they long ago depleted from their home systems. They are forceful but charismatic, making allies easily.

The Tahey use blasters -- the small number of marines on board each cruiser are armed with heavy blasters. Tahey security and military forces wear a liquid-armour vest which self-repairs.

Diplomacy 9, Cunning 6, Constitution 6, Aggression 8, and Military Proficiency 6.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TAHEY-SECURITYTahey Security Crew (x5)$4.99
TAHEY-COMMTahey Sec Officer and two Marines with Heavy Blasters (x3)$2.99
TAHEY-SHUTTLETahey Raptor Ship's Boat$TBD Coming in 2016