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15mm Central Asian City States, 6th-11th Centuries AD


This list covers the Sogdian city-states and the cities of the Tarim basin. These powerful cities sat on the trade routes linking east and west and had an important role as middlemen in trade. In particular Sogdian merchants traveled far and wide, as far east as China (where Sogdians were also renowned as warriors and administrators) and as far west as the Byzantine Empire. As a result the city-states were vastly wealthy. At various times they were in the orbit of greater powers (most notably Sassanid Persia), but often maintained independent armies and were formidable regional players.

The Sogdian city-states such as Samarkand and Bukhara were eventually conquered by Arab armies after epic struggles, often prominently featuring the Chakar, heroic slave-soldier contingents of the great magnates and merchant rulers. These fearsome warriors made a profound impression on those who experienced them firsthand. A Chinese Buddhist monk, Xuanzhuang, wrote of them,"there are in Samarkand brave warriors whose character is brave and who are likely to struggle to death, so there are no enemy who can fight with them in front of them."

These city states linked Persia and the Turks and often their appearance, weapons and military tactics were an admixture of the two great cultures.

Notes on the range:
Note that the command set has a king and some replacement parts to make Chakar models into either standardbearers or sub-generals. There is a standard and several ceremonial maces, symbols of rank, which can be added to the hands of Chakar models. The chakar models shown in the image for that set are for illustrative purposes only, and are not in the set -- they need to be purchased separately from the command set.

Chakar models are provided with separate shields, because they at times are depicted in period art without shields. Others were depicted riding armoured horses, and so we offer a set with the Turkish armoured horses -- we recommend that you file off the slotted manes on the horse models if you use them for the Chakar.

The Sogdian horse archers can be used in early Arab armies as well, as these continued to be fielded after the Arab conquest -- they are often called "Khurasanian horse archers" in army lists, so our models seem especially appropriate! The Diqhan are also perfect for nobility in Central Asian Turkish armies of the same period, and may be suitable for the earliest Turkish Ghulams as well (before widespread use of chainmail).

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
cacs-command15mm Central Asian City States Mounted High Command (1 king and 1 drummer on armoured horses, plus two separate maces and three separate windsock standards to convert Chakar models to commanders or standardbearers (Chakar not included in this pack))$5.99
cacs-chakar-unarmoured15mm Central Asian City States Chakar slave cavalry on unarmoured horses with basket bits (x12 in four poses)$18.99
cacs-chakar-armoured15mm Central Asian City States Chakar slave cavalry on Turkish armoured horses (x12 in four poses, same horses as shown in the Diqhan set)$18.99
cacs-dighan-armoured15mm Central Asian City States Diqhan Nobles on armoured Turkish-style horses (x12 in five poses, some breakwaist)$17.99
cacs-dighan-unarmoured15mm Central Asian City States Diqhan Nobles on unarmoured Turkish-style horses (x12 in five poses, some breakwaist, same horses as shown in the horse archer set)$17.99
cacs-horse-archers15mm Central Asian City States Horse Archers on unarmoured Turkish-style horses (x12 in three poses, most breakwaist)$17.99
cacs-infantry-archers15mm Central Asian City States Infantry Archers (x12 in three poses)$8.99
cacs-levy-spearmen15mm Central Asian City States levy spearmen (x12 in three poses, with separate shields)$9.99