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15mm Alien Invasion: Now


For many centuries a tiny handful of people experienced the probing of our world by aliens. These extraterrestrial visitors, usually small grey figures, became part of human folklore, not so much because people believed in them but because people thought it was funny that others believed in them, or, bored, they wanted to believe in them.

But it wasn't funny, and there was no need to yearn for their existence -- the aliens were real.

For millennia mankind was one of many sentient species being evaluated by the Science Caste, the oldest and most powerful, but least numerous by far, caste of this alien race. They traveled across the galaxy, watching as sentient races developed, determining whether they should be exterminated as a threat, allowed to continue to develop, or fostered as potential allies in governing the galaxy.

For so long, the contact was discrete. Few of the observed species even believed that the aliens were real, that they were under evaluation. (The humans did not, or at least, few chose to believe it and were called crackpots when they did.) And while this state of ignorance reigned, the species being evaluated had no idea just how powerful these aliens were, particularly if they passed from Evaluation Mode to Eradication Mode....


On earth this has finally happened. For the first time in millennia, the Science Caste was split over the danger posed by an observed species, and the potential offered by it -- our own human species. Some in the Science Caste advocated extermination, others elevation of the species to a greater consciousness, but most preferring continued discrete observation. However, the extermination advocates were able to persuade the War Caste, the military faction of the aliens, to eradicate the human species. The War Caste placed an eradication force upon the planet's surface and the process began.

But some of the Science Caste protested. A unique occurrence in the history of the alien civilisation, some dissidents actually rebelled, and placed themselves in opposition to the War Caste and the pro-eradication Science Caste (PESC). The Dissidents provided advice and technological support to the overwhelmed human forces, who were waging a losing fight against crushingly overwhelming odds. But could their help stem the tide?

The War Caste

The rank and file of the War Caste's species eradication forces are the Kalinekt Warborgs, legions of war robots. These are both machines and living things -- implanted with the brain of a hunting animal long ago discovered and domesticated by the War Caste. Like earth's sheepdogs, these creatures are relentless in encirclement and pursuit, and keen for the approval of their masters. Brains now housed in a complex chassis constructed of titanium alloy, plastic and other materials, and using advanced weaponry, they are formidable foes. Certain Kalinekts, called Heavies, have weaponry powerful enough to destroy a tank using gatling lasers. All Kalinekts can manufacture a form of globular energy grenade inside their chassis, but this requires a great expenditure of energy, so Heavies are somewhat less likely to do so.

Also present in any War Caste eradication force will be the War Caste Combat Teams themselves. When aliens are first born they are a greenish colour and faintly reptilian in appearance. They are highly aggressive in this stage of their existence, although as they age they become less impulsive and more reflective. They are utterly fearless from birth, and remain so until they enter the Change, a cocooning of approximately 1,000 earth years, from which they emerge changed, now greyish in colour, as a member of the Science Caste. During their time in the War Caste, when deemed ready for battle they will receive their war harness, a suit of armour emanating a shield and fitted with advanced weaponry and enhanced sensors. Compared the human weapons and tech the War Caste combat teams are vastly more potent -- but not invincible.

These forces deploy to root out the sentient life forms -- their goal is eradication, but with minimal effect on the "life force" of the planet in question. (The survival of this planetary "life force" is considered essential although the Dissident greys have not yet been able to adequately explain to humans why this is -- the human brain appears to lack the capacity to understand the concept.)

Carrying the War Caste into battle and gaining ascendancy over any war machines of the sentient species are the great Manoeuvre Elements -- colossal, heavily-armed craft that systematically destroy built up areas, wiping out population centers and the most powerful enemy resistance, striding across the surface of the planet on four flexible legs.

Some notes on the models

Aliens are about 10mm tall, Warborgs about 20mm. Please note that the Kalinekt Warborgs do not have bases, but can be attached directly to the base you use to mount the figurines -- their feet have broad attachment points making this easy.

A further note on the Element. This resin model is quite large. The parts fit is excellent but some skill with assembling large models is still required due to the sheer size of the model. Note that, for transportation, you may wish to attach the legs using rare earth magnets, and there are tubs inside each part to make that possible, but the magnets are not included, and some way to lock the leg is so that it doesn't rotate in the joint would need to be added.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
science-caste-evaluation15mm Science Caste (Greys) in Evaluation Mode$3.99
science-caste-conflict15mm Science Caste (Greys) in Conflict Mode$3.39
war-caste-troopers15mm War Caste Combat Team Troopers$3.99
war-caste-heavy-comm15mm War Caste Combat Team Heavy Weapons and Command$2.99
kalinekt-warborgs15mm Kalinekt Warborgs$7.99
kalinekt-heavies15mm Kalinekt Warborg Heavies with Gatling Lasers$7.99
manoeuvre-element-four-crouching15mm War Caste Manoeuvre Element, four crouching legs (T-62 model sold separately)$119.99
manoeuvre-element-two-and-two15mm War Caste Manoeuvre Element, two straight and two crouching legs$119.99
manoeuvre-element-four-straight15mm War Caste Manoeuvre Element, four straight legs$119.99