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DARK DOMINION -- 15mm Gothic/Cyberpunk Sci Fi

Earth is the headquarters of a syndicate of galactic mega-corporations, and is ruled by the Dominion, a government elected by the corporations and the citizens. Each person, as long as they earn any income or have a net value, gets a vote, or more precisely, votes, their voting power based on their income -- these are termed gov credits or "gee-cees." Corporations are persons so vote as well, their trillions of credits holding sway. As "persons," corporations can also be elected to government - and typically are.

Each megacorporation has a mandate to govern sectors of the MWG (Milky Way Galaxy) and is granted wide-ranging power. All planets within the Dominion have at least some military presence, typically provided by the Colonial Guard on all planets except Earth, but occasionally by corporate security forces. In many sectors, the corporations or the Colonial Guard ward off human insurrection or piracy, and, in some places, alien invasion. The Earth, the Moon and Mars are the garrisons of the Special Landing Legions, the elite military formation of the Dominion, made up of genetically modified super-soldiers in power armour, carrying the most advanced weaponry.


There are thirty Special Landing Legions, each a thousand fighting-men strong. Each legion has five Junior Cohorts and five Senior Cohorts, each of 100 men --- the Junior Cohorts are recruited from the countless trillions of the Outer Colonies, Senior Cohorts from the population of Earth, the Moon and Mars. All are removed from their families when four years old, and heavily genetically treated to reach great height and physical strength and endurance. They are also implanted with cybernetic enhancements.

Training constantly, equipped with power-assisted heavy combat armour, and armed with weapons more powerful than a 21st century tank's main armament, the SLL are the apex warriors in the galaxy. Precious few are the aliens who can approach them in combat on equal terms.

For heavy armoured support the Legions employ the brutal GOAD assault walker, sentient war robots armed with a variety of weapons options. The central body of the GOAD is referred to as the "CPU" and is essentially indestructible, surviving under the heaviest firepower, even with arms and legs shot away. It is gloss black and must be left that way, as paint will not adhere to its surface. Within the CPU is a nuclear reactor providing essentially limitless power.

Product notes: The first releases focus on the fighting style which type of SLL Cohort prefers -- the Senior Cohorts are equipped with long weapons for the application of overwhelming firepower, the Junior Cohorts, typically raised from fierce marauder tribes, preferring pistols and energy swords. The Junior Cohorts are marked by their barbarous plumes and skull-faced helmets, on which they paint white death masks before battle, as is the custom of the Marauder. A separate set of fusion gunners for both Junior and Senior Cohorts is also available, and legionary sets may be upgraded to have flightpacks. Each legionary figurine is two part, an upper and lower body, and this gives great posability and variation. The GOAD war robots parts are interchangeable, so the retro rockets of the insertion mode robot may be used with the fusion cannon arms and so on.

SLL legionaries are massive -- to see a comparison to unenhanced humans, click HERE

SLL GOAD War Robots are more massive still -- and solid pewter; to see a comparison to SLL Legionaries and a normal human, click HERE

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
SLL-GOAD-ASSAULTDark Dominion SLL GOAD War Robot in Assault Mode -- fusion cannon arms and back mounted missile launchers$12.99
SLL-GOAD-INSERTIONDark Dominion SLL GOAD War Robot in Insertion Mode -- missile launcher arms and back mounted retro rockets$12.99
SLL-SENIOR-RIFLEDark Dominion SLL Senior Cohorts with Particle Beam Rifles and separate unengaged energy swords (x6, six different lower and upper bodies)$7.49
SLL-SENIOR-RIFLE-PAKDark Dominion SLL Senior Cohorts with Particle Beam Rifles and separate unengaged energy swords (above set with separate flight packs)$8.99
SLL-JUNIOR-SWORDSDark Dominion SLL Junior Cohorts with Pistols and engaged energy swords (x6, six different lower and upper bodies)$7.49
SLL-JUNIOR-SWORDS-PAKDark Dominion SLL Junior Cohorts with Pistols and engaged energy swords (above set with flight packs)$8.99
SLL-FUSIONDark Dominion SLL Junior and Senior Cohort specialists with fusion guns and separate unengaged energy swords (x6, six different lower and four different poses of upper bodies)$7.49
SLL-FUSION-PAKDark Dominion SLL Junior and Senior Cohort specialists with fusion guns and separate unengaged energy swords (above set with flight packs)$8.99


The Core Systems Ghulams are an artificial species created by a master race millenia ago, as a race of slave soldiers, When the Core Systems were attacked and the master race destroyed, the Ghulams fled in the warships and transports, and now travel the galaxy, serving as mercenary armies. They are often employed by Parana, the galactic mega-corporation, to "provide force application solutions," as the corporate memos put it.

The Ghulams use smaller vehicles that are often employed by other species, due to living on ships in space rather than having a planetary home base. They are tall and slender, but the small size and cramped quarters of the vehicles mean nothing to them, as they were bred to endure precisely these conditions. Humans are typically fit snugly inside the vehicles, which are widely sold by the Ghulams as export items and are very popular as reliable, well-armed and protected.

This range will be released gradually, the first model being the scout car, which is solid pewter!

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
15MM-CORE-SYSTEMS-SCOUTDark Dominion 15mm Core Systems Scout Car$10.99
15MM-CORE-SYSTEMS-SCOUT-PLATOONDark Dominion 15mm Core Systems Scout Car Platoon (x4 complete vehicles)$39.99