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Heroic 15mm Early Imperial Romans (Trajanic), 98AD-180AD

These are the classic ancient miniatures force -- Early Imperial Romans in lorica segmentata! This is the army of Trajan, the greatest conqueror of the imperial period, but the models are suitable from at least Nerva (and possibly earlier) until Marcus Aurelius (and possibly later). These are made in a "heroic" style -- this does not refer to height, but rather to bodily proportions. They are sturdier and stand out more to the eye at normal wargaming viewing distances. They are also much easier to paint. Part of the attraction of heroic-proportioned models is they are stronger castings so don't have the same need to be multipart as do slimmer models -- the infantry are almost invariably one-piece castings, the cavalry two -- horse and rider.

The models fit on the typical bases for 15mm wargaming -- the Roman legionaries are shown in their six poses in the image below on a 60mm base, so 10mm frontage per model as required by most rules sets.

Mighty HERCULES, son of JUPITER, joins the Romans in this range -- as befits the son of a God, he is 23mm tall to the top of his lion skin!

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
Heroic15mm-LegionariesHeroic 15mm Trajanic Legionaries (twelve figurines in six poses)$9.99
Heroic15mm-AuxiliaHeroic 15mm Trajanic Auxilia with lancea (twelve figurines in six poses)$9.99
Heroic15mm-East-ArchersHeroic 15mm Trajanic Eastern Auxilia Archers (twelve figurines in four poses)$9.99
Heroic15mm-Trajanic-Inf-CommHeroic 15mm Trajanic Infantry Command (six figurines in five poses -- one command set for legionaries, and one for auxilia)$5.49
Heroic15mm-Trajanic-PrimusHeroic 15mm Trajanic Primus Pilus and Aquilifer (four figurines in two poses, to be used as subgenerals on foot, or for the first cohort of a legion)$3.99
Heroic15mm-Trajanic-Inf-VexellationHeroic 15mm Trajanic Infantry Vexellation -- three packs of legionaries, three packs of auxilia, one pack of infantry command, and one FREE mule cart artillery piece$64.99
Heroic15mm-Roman-CavHeroic 15mm Trajanic Roman Cavalry (six figurines in three poses, plus six horses in three poses)$10.99
Heroic15mm-Roman-Cav-CommHeroic 15mm Trajanic Roman Cavalry Command (two figurines in two poses, plus two horses in two poses)$3.99
Heroic15mm-Roman-High-CommHeroic 15mm Trajanic Roman High Command (Trajan, a Legatus, an optio, and a vexillarius)$5.69