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15mm (1/100th scale) Prehistoric Animals

This is a collection of prehistoric animal models from our other ranges. All have been designed with the latest scientific research in mind.

The models are all in scale with each other, being a consistent 1/100th scale (so a human being who is about 1.5m tall from the sole of the foot to eye level would be 15mm tall, hence the reference to them being "15mm miniatures").

The first large batch depicts the dinosaurs of the Hell Creek formation at the very end of the Mesozoic Era, and features some of the most well-known dinosaur species, such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops. The Tyrannosaurus is depicted without feathers, as recent scientific conclusions on this animal seem to support. Optional display feather parts are provided for the animal's vestigial forelimbs. The Triceratops adults have separate swappable heads, and they attaché via a ball mount so there's lots of pose options possible. The Edmontosaurus is depicted with the comb on top of its head, as recent evidence suggests. It's a simple matter to remove it with wirecutters and then file in down if you prefer the more traditional look for this most famous of the "duck bill dinosaurs" (formerly called Trachodon). Deinonychus is not actually situated in the Hell Creek, but there are enough findings of teeth of Dromaeosaurids in the Hell Creek matrix to support the idea of a very similar species. Ankylosaurus was a formidably armed and protected dinosaur as can be seen from the image!

For the larger herd animals, it's possible to make even more pose variation with such minor revisions as bending tails and heads slightly -- we've had these cast in white metal to make that possible, but care must still be taken when bending and we can't accept returns if you break the parts when bending them. The Tyrannosaurus is pewter (to keep the weight down and increase ankle strength) so we don't recommend bending it. Juvenile sets are provided for realism and to require protection from the herd, and as an objective for predators.

We have also released the first sets of dinosaurs from the Morrison Formation in the Late Jurassic Period in North America, for the greatest predator of that biota, Allosaurus. We have also released an even bigger model to represent Epanterias, which may have been a separate genus altogether or, as many believe, just a very large alpha Allosaurus.

Below the Dinosaurs are some more recent animals -- Sabertoothed Tigers and Wooly Rhinos. We intend eventually to expand the prehistoric mammals, and also to add the Morrison formation, probably the second most famous formation after Hell Creek.

Models are supplied unpainted and are not for children as they have small sharp pieces and may present a choking risk. Some minor assembly may be required. Bases not included except on the Tyrannosaurus.

Deinosuchus is in this range as well, although technically not a Hell Creek find. This enormous, dinosaur-eating alligatoroid lived in the same regions as the Hell Creek animals very shortly before that time period, and it would not be a shock to see it in Hell Creek as well (or a close relative).



Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
EDMONTOSAURUS-HERDEdmontosaurus herd (three adult dinosaur models)$23.99
EDMONTOSAURUS-JUVENILESEdmontosaurus juveniles (two juvenile dinosaur models)$2.99
STRUTHIOMIMUS-HERDStruthiomimus herd (three models in three poses, two females and a male)$3.99
DINOSAURS-OF-HELL-CREEKDinosaurs of Hell Creek Set -- assorted smaller dinosaurs (Stygimoloch, Leptoceratops, Thescelosaurus, and Anzu)$5.99
Deinonychus PackDeinonychus pack (six models in six poses)$5.99
TRICERATOPSTriceratops (two models in two poses with two different heads)$11.99
TRICERATOPS-JUVENILESTriceratops juveniles (two juvenile dinosaur models, a hatchling and a yearling)$2.99
MYST-10Tyrannosaurus rex, optional arm plumes, and base with optional log for support$18.99
DAKOTARAPTORDakotaraptor pair, Hell Creek gigantic dromaeosaur$4.99
DEINOSUCHUSDeinosuchus, 40-foot-long dinosaur eating alligatoroid$14.99


Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
ALLOSAURUS-PAIRAllosaurus hunting pair (two dinosaur models)$11.99
EPANTERIASAlpha Allosaurus or Epanterias (one dinosaur model)$7.99
ALLOSAUR-PACK-X3Allosaurus pack, one alpha Allosaur and two smaller (three dinosaur models)$18.99


Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
BRONTORNISBrontornis, huge terror birds; three poses$7.99
KAPROSUCHUSKaprosuchus, 16 foot long, high-speed land crocodiles; three poses$6.99
SHORT-FACED-BEARShort-Faced Bear, 14-foot tall bear of Pleistocene North America$5.99
EMBOLOTHERIUMEmbolotherium, gigantic two ton prehistoric mammal; two poses with interchangeable heads$7.99
SAUROSUCHUS-1515mm Saurosuchus, Triassic period ultra-alpha predator$4.99
GIANT-MEGALANIAGiant Megalania, the "Bruce the Shark" of all Megalanias$5.99
DAEODONDaeodon (pigs from hell) pair (x2 in two poses)$2.99
BEARDOGSBear Dog (Amphicyon) pack (x3 in three poses)$3.99
MYST-5Wooly Rhinoceros (two models in two poses)$2.99
MYST-8Sabretooth Tigers, Smilodon fatalis (three models in three poses)$2.99