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Cold blooded swamp dwellers and their allies, enemies of the cavemen of the valley. These creatures are ruled by a king and by a caste of shamen. They live in the water but have no problem campaigning on dry land for extended periods of time. On occasion, to clinch victory they will lure the Great Swamp Lizard or a sea monster to the battlefield in the hopes it will rampage across enemy lines -- for these enormous creatures are fearless, ravenous and nearly indestructible.

Note to HotT players -- we recommend that a Salaman army use the Great Swamp Lizard as a "God." A young Salaman brave would bait the creature and then lead him to the battlefield; instead of representing prayer, the expenditures of the pips can represent the Salamen tribe standing entirely motionless upon his appearance ... so that the enemy attracts his attention instead! The Sea Monster is probably fine as a "Behemoth."

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
GREAT-SWAMP-LIZARDThe Great Swamp Lizard (x 1, mixed resin and pewter kit, can be depicted with mouth open or closed)$11.99
SEA-MONSTERSea Monster (x1 resin model)$8.99
WILD-SALAMANDERSSalamen Wild Giant Salamanders (x 2)$15.99
ONE-WILD-SALAMANDERSINGLE Salamen Wild Giant Salamander (one random model)$11.99
SALAMANDERS-HOWDAHSSalamen Giant Salamanders with Howdahs (x 2 giant salamanders (both poses), with howdahs, which come without the occupants of the howdah shown in the image)$29.99
ONE-SALAMANDER-HOWDAHSINGLE Salamen Giant Salamander with Howdah (one random model)$17.99
SALAMAN-KING-ON-SALAMANDERSalaman King on Throne Howdah mounted on Giant Salamander (x 1, includes Beast, Howdah, King and Throne)$19.99
BULLNEWT-KNIGHTSSalaman Bullnewt Knights on Stampedosaurs (x 6)$17.99
BULLNEWT-KNIGHT-COMMANDERSalaman Bullnewt Knight Commander on Stampedosaur (x 1)$2.99
WILD-STAMPEDOSAURSSalaman Wild Stampedosaurs (x 6, beasts only)$12.99
MYST-700Salamander Javelinmen (x 8)$4.99
MYST-701Salamander Archers (x 8)$4.99
SALAMAN-MOUNTED-ARCHERSSalamander Braves Mounted on Killer Crocs (x 4 riders plus landcroc mounts)$5.99
MYST-703Salamander Shaman (x 1)$.99

The Mighty Hobgoblin Army

The most formidable army in the Old World is the Mighty Hobgoblin Army of the Emperor of the Hobgoblins. These creatures are massive, much taller and stronger than a man. Like Orcs and Goblins they are pitiless and cruel, but unlike them they are disciplined and brave, follow orders and fight in close formations using sophisticated strategy. They are members of established regiments, the foot marching in step to drums, the mounted responding to signals on horns. Hobgoblins are truly soldiers, not mere warriors.

The army is made up on both foot and mounted troops. The foot are either armed with pikes, longswords, or bows. These have two main infantry tactics. One method is to form a single huge attack column of the soldiers armed with long pikes, supporting its wings with longswords and then bows. The other is to spread the longswords out in small, flexible formations and, positioned behind them, a second tier with archers, who are backed by a rear rank of pikemen mixed in the same formation, to stop any breakthroughs by the enemy. Hobgoblin archers use very light bows (a bow "only" as strong as a human longbow) because they shower-shoot huge volumes of arrows at the enemy, and the pull of the bow is kept relatively light (again, for a Hobgoblin) to prevent exhaustion..

On the extreme wings of the army are the Hellhog Riders, who are mounted on these enormous, carnivorous creatures, large numbers of which are purchased from the Beastmen. The Hellhog itself is the primary weapon, a sort of living battering ram, but the riders will hew any enemy not ridden down or cut to pieces in the massive jaws of the Hellhogs. The Hellhog Riders will attack the enemy mounted and then, once these are driven off, wheel in on the flanks and rear of its infantry force.

Behind the army are huge bolt shooters which shoot at enemy behemoths or close order formations, which have a range of many hundreds of meters. Conversely, in front of the entire army are often suicide squads of enraged monsters driven directly into the enemy ranks by Hobglblins armed with scourges. Sometimes captured civilians are so abused, but more often the Hobgoblins use either wild Hellhogs, or, much more terrifying, captured gigantic carnivorous apes, which can literally tear a phalanx to pieces -- and then devour it.

No enemy other than the Lizardmen can see the blood banners of the Mighty Hobgoblin Army and not feel dread at what is about to happen....

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
HOBGOBLIN-BOLTSHOOTER15mm Hobgoblin Boltshooter (giant crossbow style) with crew$4.99
HOBGOBLIN-SLAVEDRIVERS15mm Hobgoblin Slavedrivers with steel scourges (set of two)$2.29
GIGANTIC-CARNIVOROUS-APE15mm Gigantic Carnivorous Ape$9.99
CARNIVOROUS-APE-DEAL15mm Gigantic Carnivorous Ape Deal, with Hobgoblin Slavedrivers$11.49
WILD-HELLHOGS15mm Wild Hellhogs (x2, same as the mounts but lacking any tack or saddle)$2.99
WILD-HELLHOG-DEAL15mm Wild Hellhog Deal, four (two sets of) Hellhogs with two (one set of) Hobgoblin Slavedrivers$7.99
HOBGOBLIN-SWORDS15mm Hobgoblin Longsword Infantry with separate shields (set of six)$6.59
HOBGOBLIN-PIKES15mm Hobgoblin Pike Infantry with separate shields (set of six)$6.59
HOBGOBLIN-ARCHERS15mm Hobgoblin Archers (set of eight in four poses)$8.79
HOBGOBLIN-INF-COMM15mm Hobgoblin Infantry Command, with separate shields (set of three)$3.29
HOBGOBLIN-CAV15mm Hobgoblin Hellhog Riders (set of three)$6.99
HOBGOBLIN-CAV-COMM15mm Hobgoblin Hellhog Command (set of three)$6.99

Army of the Savage Forest Witch

The Savage Forest Witch is a powerful creature, protecting and expanding her domain at the expense of others in the woodland realms. In her thrall are all manners of creatures, but typically when she sends her forces to war, their hard core is made up of the halberd armed Gremlin Guard, smaller than humans but fierce and bound to her from infancy, like Ghulams or Janissaries. These uniformed warriors draw up in close order in the center, whilst on the flanks the Witch's Wolf Broods surge forward, seeking out vulnerabilities. Most terrifying of all are the Winged Apes, strong and fierce enough to fight in the front ranks but preferring to fly into position behind engaged troops, tearing them to pieces from the rear with long fangs and mighty arms.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
SAVAGE-WITCHThe Savage Forest Witch$2.99
WITCH-WOLF-BROODSThe Witch's Wolf Broods (x6 in three poses)$3.99
GREMLIN-GUARDSWitch's Gremlin Guards with halberds (x6 in three poses)$4.99
WINGED-APESWinged Apes (x6 in three poses -- wings are separate and fit onto all the poses)$8.99
HOTT BOXED SAVAGE WITCHHordes of the Things or similar boxed Army -- Army of the Savage Forest Witch (following packs: x1 Witch (1 model), x4 Gremlin Guard (24 figurines), x1 wolves (6 figurines), x1 winged apes (6 figurines))$33.99

Dwarven Kingdoms

The Dwarven Kingdoms have formidable heavy infantry forces second to none. The several kingdoms are all organised similarly, with kings ruling over Jarls, who in turn rule over Free-Dwarves. Any of the above could own slaves, sometimes dwarves but more often humans or other foes.

The heart of any Dwarf army are the Huscarls, chosen warriors of the Jarls, who are kept permanently ready is his household and embodied for war. The King’s Huscarls are an elite called the Hird -- they are the only Dwarf warriors other than the Jarls and kings themselves who are permitted to wear full armour covering their faces and legs, in addition to the chainmail hauberk all Dwarves are required to wear to battle. The Free-Dwarves are also required to take to arms when the kingdom is invaded, or can be called to serve outside the kingdom for 40 days a year. Their forces are called the Leidang -- unlike the elite Hird and Huscarls, who use doublehanded axes in battle, they carry whatever weapons they have at their disposal. These are typically spears or one-handed weapons so that the Leidang may protect themselves with their shields, and form a shieldwall to resist enemy penetration. Most Dwarves serve as close combat warriors but those who are hunters or otherwise prefer the use of the bow are strongly encouraged to do so, and this small group of archers may be found mixed in any Dwarven formations, or serving on their own as skirmishers of massed shooters as needed. The archers are the only Dwarf warriors who may go to war without a helmet, which is seen as interfering with shooting.

Smaller Dwarf armies are often entirely composed of elite Huscarls or Hird, only the largest armies needing to raise the Leidang, but the Southern Dwarf kings can rely on their vaunted Leidang of the South, who are the equals of any Huscarl in bravery, although a tumultuous force.

All Dwarf figurines with shields (and almost all of them have them) have a very broad, flat attachment point for the shield to make attachment very simple. The close order troops below (all but the command and archers) are mounted on a 60mm wide base to demonstrate how they will look on the 10mm wide base frontage most commonly used.


Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
DWARF-YULE-FORCEDwarf Yuletide War Force -- following packs: 1xCommand, 1xArchers, 2xHird, 4xHuscarls, 4xLeidang$54.99
DWARF-HUSCARLSDwarf Huscarls with two handed axes (x6 in six poses)$4.99
DWARF-HIRDDwarf Hird in complete armour with two-handed axes (x6 in six poses)$4.99
DWARF-LEIDANGDwarf Leidang with mixed weapons (x6 in six poses -- two swords, two spears, one mace, one mattock)$4.99
DWARF-ARCHERSDwarf Archers$4.99
DWARF-COMMANDDwarf Command (x6 is four poses, two standardbearers, two musicians, one jarl, and one king)$4.99

The Beastmen Forest Tribes

Horrible goatheaded humanoids lurking silently in the deepest woods, the Beastmen move silently, encircling their foes in the night forest, careful to avoid contact or suspicion, not launching the attack until the enemy is surrounded. Once they attack there is a terrible din, from all sides, from the pitch black night. Most beastmen charge fiercely, armed with side arms and a small shield, but some have throwing weapons they use to shower the enemy with missiles before the ranks close.

The fiercest of the beastmen are the boarserkers, insane mutants kept chained by the warlord until the very moment of attack, when they are loosed and hurl themselves on the foe heedless of pain or injury.

Once the enemy's strong point of resistance is identified, the commander of the tribes will send in the Minotaurs -- bellowing, bloodthirsty titans which need no introduction -- often flanked by tribal chiefs riding in war-wains. These latter are drawn by huge ugly hellhogs, vastly stronger and fiercer than any horse. Beastman chiefs, who rule the tribes by fear and intimidation, usually wear bits of steel armour looted from dead human warriors. The warlord is the only Beastman to wear armour made specially for him, usually made by some evil craftsman to gain the warlord's favour, and ensorcelled to endow its wearer with the protection of the Dark Gods. (If another chief has armour made specially for him, the warlord will see this as a challenge to his overlordship, kill that chief, ritually defecate on the armour, and throw it in the bone heap.)

If cunning and brute force cannot overcome the enemy, the warlord will call upon a beastman witchdoctor to confuse or terrify the enemy, with magic so black it fills even chaos sorcerors with dread.

Note that the personality figurines in the command set fit perfectly well in the War Wains, and the chiefs that come with the War Wain set can then be used to lead the warriors on foot.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
BEASTMAN-HORDEBeastman Horde, packs as follows -- 1 Command, 1 War wain, 1 Minotaur, 1 Boarserker, 3 Warriors hand weapons, 3 Warriors heavy throwing weapons -- 10% DISCOUNT from buying sets separately$44.99
BEASTMAN-COMMANDBeastmen Command -- Warlord and Witch Doctor (x2)$1.99
BEASTMAN-WARWAINSBeastmen War-Wains (two complete wains -- two cars, four hellhogs, two different drivers and two different armoured chiefs)$11.99
BEASTMAN-SINGLE-WARWAINSingle Beastman War-Wain (one of the two wains shown in the above code, RANDOMLY SUPPLIED)$6.99
MINOTAURSMinotaurs (x3)$5.99
BOARSERKERSBeastmen Boarserker Fanatics (x3)$2.99
BEASTMEN-WARRIORSBeastmen warriors with mixed hand weapons (x6)$4.99
BEASTMEN-HTWBeastmen warriors with heavy throwing weapons (x5)$3.99

Ape-Man Tribes

Not human, not apes, but somewhere in between, these different species sometimes coalesce to raid rival settlements or defend their territory. At other times they fight each other. The Wildmen of the Savannah are of roughly human size and strength, but are the most intelligent of the tribes, and have have learned to use animal bones as crude weapons. Much bigger and fiercer, but only fighting with tooth, claw and sinew, are THE APES, who are led by the strongest and most brutal of the tribe. At times they are joined by a gigantic forest ape that can toss a horse and rider as if they were playthings.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
WILDMEN-SAVANNAH15mm Wildmen of the Savannah (hominids, set of ten)$7.99
THE-APESTHE APES, brutal ape-men of the jungle$6.99
THE-APES-ALPHATHE APES, even more brutal ape-man alpha male (x1)$1.29
GIANT-APEMystri Island Giant Ape$4.99

Cavemen, Savages of the Lost World

In a valley cut off from the progress of the world dwell these men, who scratch out a hunter-gatherer living and combat other tribes for scant resources. If not for their organisation, cunning and tool use, they would be outclassed by the great beasts who share the valley with them, but they more than hold their own.

Occasionally bands of orcs or other creatures violate the sanctuary of the valley, but these are not easy pickings -- the youth of the tribes fight as skirmishers, fleet of foot and often hurling missiles to disrupt the enemy, using speed to outflank them. In the centre of the caveman formation are the married adults, doughty spearmen (with the occasional brave woman who will fight in the ranks as well). On the wings of these are impetuous Headhunters, unmarried adult males who cannot take a partner until they have killed an enemy in battle, and the Rhino Riders, adult men who have managed to train the huge beasts to the extent that they can ride them straight at the enemy, to devastating effect. A mighty hero usually serves as the tribe's chieftain, fighting with a huge club, and accompanied by a shaman casting spells of doom on the enemy. The chieftain generally has the choice of women of the tribe, and the most beautiful woman will generally be by his side. Finally, but certainly not least, the hunting dogs of the cavemen will often mass on the flanks, trained to encircle the enemy and lunge at his rear when the time is right. Few who invade the valley survive to tell the tale.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
CAVE-MAMMOTHCavemen War Mammoth -- Steppe Mammoth with driver and two riders with javelins (mammoth is mixed resin and pewter)$12.99
CAVE-COMMANDCavemen command -- hero, hero's woman, and shaman$2.99
CAVE-RHINORIDERSCavemen Rhino Riders (x6 in three poses, riding wooly rhinos)$12.99
CAVE-HEADHUNTERSCavemen Headhunters (unmarried adults with various weapons, x9 in seven poses)$6.99
CAVE-SPEARSCavemen adults with spears (x7 in seven poses)$5.99
CAVE-YOUTHSCavemen youths skirmishing (x4 in four poses)$3.29
CAVE-DOGSCavemen hunting dogs (x6 in three poses)$4.99

Empire of the Dead

After his dark slumber for aeons, the Liche-Emperor, a mortal ruler of a long forgotten empire, has awoken and is building an irresistable army of the Dead in the north.

Amongst his legions are nimble skeletons; shambling hordes of zombies -- the recently undead still weighed down by rotting flesh; foul ghouls; zombie wolves; and monstrous scorpions. Allied to their black crusade are vampires and evil wizards. And at the pinnacle of this force is the Liche-Emperor himself, casting spells of death. Doing his bidding are Wraiths, evil spirits of terrible power.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
LICHEThe Liche Emperor, Lord of the Undead$3.99
WRAITHSWraiths, Dark Captains of the Liche-Emperor (x 3)$3.99
skeleton-set1Skeleton Warriors, Set 1 -- Elite Warriors in Armour (x 5)$2.99
skeleton-set2Skeleton Warriors, Set 2 -- Basic Warriors (x5)$2.99
skeleton-archersSkeleton Archers (x4)$2.49
skeleton-inf-commSkeleton Infantry Command -- hero, standardbearer and skin drummer (x3)$1.99
skeleton-knightsSkeleton Knights with Lances (x3)$4.49
skeleton-sergeantsSkeleton Sergeants with assorted weapons (x3)$4.49
skeleton-mtd-commSkeleton Mounted Command -- Undead Duke and Banneret (x2)$2.99
fantasy-zombies15mm Zombies (set of seven)$4.99
zombie-wolves15mm Zombie Wolves (set of six)$4.99
MYST-20315mm Werewolf$1.19
vampires15mm Vampires (set of two)$2.49
giant-scorpionTomb Defender (Giant Scorpion)$2.99

Fantasy Ne'er-Do-Wells

Living on the fringes of society, dabbling in the dark arts, these are sorcerers and witches, often in the company of horrifying creatures, typically conspiring with more organized evil forces toward their own nefarious ends.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
EVIL-FANTASY1Evil wizards -- Necromancer, Chaos Sorcerer, and Hag$2.99
EVIL-FANTASY2Octopus-headed Grand Wizard and his thralls -- giant beetle ogre and man-headed python$2.99

15mm Hill Trolls

Hill Trolls are very different creatures from the armoured, disciplined trolls of the Great Enemy range, which were created by that dark power solely for war. These selfish beasts are monsters of the night, also huge but more interested in stealing and eating than making war. That said, they certainly have been known to ally with Orcs or other fell creatures out of self interest, fighting for money, booty or food. They are immensely strong and very tough, so are dreaded opponents.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
HILL-TROLLS15mm Hill Trolls (x3)$7.99

15mm Fantasy Adventurer Master Pack: Sets 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
FANTASY-ADVEN-MASTER-PACK15mm Fantasy Adventurer Master Pack: Fantasy Adventurer Sets 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5$23.99

15mm Fantasy Adventurers 1: Ranger and Elf Mage

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
FANTASY-ADVEN115mm Fantasy Adventurers 1: Ranger and Elf Mage$3.99

15mm Fantasy Adventurers 2: Cleric and Dwarf Fighter

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
FANTASY-ADVEN215mm Fantasy Adventurers 2: Cleric and Dwarf Fighter$3.99

15mm Fantasy Adventurers 3: Paladin, Barbarian and Halfing Rogue

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
FANTASY-ADVEN315mm Fantasy Adventurers 3: Paladin, Barbarian and Halfing Rogue$5.99

15mm Fantasy Adventurers 4: Human Monk, Gnome Illusionist and Elf Fighter

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
FANTASY-ADVEN415mm Fantasy Adventurers 4: Human Monk, Gnome Illusionist and Elf Fighter$5.99

15mm Fantasy Adventurers 5: Halfling Thief, Human Rogue, and Human Wizard

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
FANTASY-ADVEN515mm Fantasy Adventurers 5: Halfling Thief, Human Rogue, and Human Wizard$5.99

The Drakon Empire

The Drakon Empire once ruled over all of the lands under the sun, but is now greatly diminished by time and fortune to be just one power of many. Still, the Drakons are unmatched for their martial strength, and their armies are dreaded. Larger and stronger than humans, Drakons are at least as cunning and disciplined. At the same time, they possess the strength of a lizardman or hobgoblin, and forge armour and weapons as hard and finely crafted as those of the Dwarves, making them redoubtable foes.

After a Drakon is born and grows to adulthood (which takes about a dozen years' time) it joins the army and fights as best suits its temperament, aiming to live long enough, about five centuries, to grow the functioning wings that mark the Warrior Priest caste. As Drakons grow throughout their lives, Warrior Priests may be recognized as being larger than the rank-and-file Drakons as well as by their wings. Amongst their duties, Warrior Priests lead forces of Drakons into battle, serving as an officer class. Those very few Warrior Priests who live to a thousand years are huge, and their enormous wings are large enough to carry them on self-powered flight. These are known as Chosen Speakers, for they fly into the pit of the world to seek the counsel of the World Serpent, then return to the surface to give counsel to the Warrior Priests, who in turn spread the word to all the Drakons. After another thousand years, a now-vast Chosen Speaker may make a final journey -- one last flight into the Pit of the World, to replace a dying World Serpent.

Older Drakons have the ability to breathe fire -- Warrior Priests can do so for a meter or so, Chosen Speakers for about five meters. It has been millenia since a World Serpent has emerged from the earth to join the Drakons in war, but legend has it that when it breathes fire, thousands of foes may be engulfed in flame.

Young Drakons join one of four different military forces. Most join the Phalanx, a deep, close order square armed with long spears. This keeps steady ranks and its frontal push is almost irresistible. The most reliable join the Flankers, who protect the exposed sides of the phalanxes, or if a phalanx is stalled by enemy resistance, will envelop the enemy flank. The Flankers fight in looser order than the Phalanx because their huge two handed swords require a great deal of room to swing freely. Some Drakons are too tempestuous and aggressive for their own good, as from an early age they have foresight that they will never live to be Warrior Priests. Knowing that they will likely die at a young age, they wish to make their death as memorable as possible, and so join the Berserkers, a forlorn hope armed with two swords, fighting with no regard for their own safety. Because the Drakon armies have a narrow frontage, the Berserkers will often force-march to a far-off position to attack a distant wing of the enemy army, to slow and distract it so that the Drakon main force may assault the enemy without being flanked. When properly launched, their frenzied attacks tie up huge numbers of enemies. Finally, there are those who are physically stronger than the rest, and these typically join the Linebreakers, and are armed with axes to cut down enemy field fortifications. Field defences are very common for Drakons to face, because they scorn missile fire and choose to decide battles solely in hand to hand combat, at which they excel. As a result enemies will typically attempt to slow down their attack as much as possible. If there are no field defences to hack down, the Linebreakers will take their place as a second line behind the phalanxes or on the wings, to further defend against flanking or to exploit openings in the enemy line.

World Serpents have mysterious powers, and, through great mental exertion, can send small bands of younger Drakons forward and back in time. Through these powers the Drakons have benefitted greatly from knowledge from the future, and these time travelers will sometimes join the armies in the field, using advanced weaponry capable of slaying vast numbers of enemy soldiers. Drakons who volunteer to travel into the future are the most intrepid of their race, the Warp Drakes -- rebels for whom the use of a ranged weapon is no disgrace.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
DRAKON-PHALANXDrakon Phalanx Warriors with long spears (x4)$3.99
DRAKON-FLANKERSDrakon Flankers with two-handed swords (x4)$3.99
DRAKON-LINEBREAKERSDrakon Linebreakers with axes (x4)$3.99
DRAKON-BERSERKERSDrakon Berserkers with two swords (x4)$3.99
DRAKON-CHOSEN-SPEAKERDrakon Chosen Speaker, winged high commander$6.99
DRAKON-WARRIOR-PRIESTS Drakon Warrior Priests, winged leaders (x2)$6.99 Future release
DRAKON-WARPDRAKESDrakon Warpdrakes with advanced armour and weaponryTBD Future release (multiple sets)

The Fungal Legion

Deep within the forest, the Fungal Legion prepares its assault on the outside world. Led by a powerful Fungoid king, the Fungoid warriors fight fiercely in close combat, supported by poisonous Spore Casters which shoot deadly spores for great distances. Most terrifying of all is the Ooze-hemoth, an enormous moving glob of corrosive mold. This thing has incredible strength and the capability to rise up like a living wave and crash through ranked-up soldiers, and consumes animals by dissolving them within its gelatinous mass.

Suggested HotT classification for troop types: Fungoid king: Hero or Wizard; Fungoid warriors: Warband; Spore Casters: Shooters; Ooze-hemoth: Behemoth.

Ooze-hemoth painted by Mickey's Minis.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
FUNGOID-KINGFungoid King$1.49
FUNGOIDSFungoid Warriors (six models between 12-25mm tall)$4.99
SPORE-CASTERSSpore-casters (x3)$2.99
OOZEHEMOTHOoze-hemoth, gigantic mold monster (shown on a 40mmx40mm base)$6.99

The Great Enemy

In a heroic past, the ultimate evil -- a fallen angel whose black heart covets all -- conjures up nightmares to make war on the noble creations of the Gods.

The evil one's minions include endless columns of vicious Orcs who befoul the earth -- hordes of close combat warriors, supported by pikemen and archers, led by powerful veteran captains and commanded by huge generals wielding cudgels of ironwood, the symbol of Orc domination. Orc commanders will often have picked bands of Great Orcs -- more massive and cruel than the swarms, and these will sometimes serve as the bodyguards in armies commanded by an Orc warlord. All but their great captain are armed with huge scimitars with which they relentlessly hack down all before them. The captain usually wields a great axe and will often challenge the enemy unit commander to personal combat. Wickedly intelligent Pit-wolves course in packs on the flanks of the Orc legions, some ridden by Orcs.

Some men, arrived from the East, have been deluded by the Great Enemy to changes sides and pursue his dark aims. Lied to and enslaved, these Evil Men of the East are shunned by those mannish tribes who remained true to the Children of the Light.

More terrifying still are the Wights, heroes of old buried with armour and weapons in barrows, whose spirits are cruelly manipulated and driven to war by the Great Enemy, for we are told that necromancy is his province.

At the pinnacle of these hordes is the Great Enemy himself, bearing his huge hammer ensorcelled with spells of ruin. His trusted commanders include The Great Flame Demon, terrifying Captain of the Black Tower, standing twice as tall as a man, and that wicked worm The Golden Deceiver, whose armour is thicker than ten shields and whose flame breath can reduce entire units to ash, but whose greatest weapon is a keen, cynical intellect. Scrabbling along in consort with the Golden Deceiver are the Beasts of the Great Enemy, poisonous carapaced montrosities crawling out from the darkest crevices in the underworld.

The Golden Deceiver is a one-piece resin casting. The Great Enemy was sculpted by Tom Meier, is the size of a 28mm figurine and has a spare head and arm so it may be given a flaming sword and the helmet of the First Lieutenant of the Great Enemy, the Lord of Werewolves.

Please note that the Beasts of the Great Enemy are giant scorpions and are cast flat, meaning that their legs and tails can be posed when carefully bent. Please exercise care with the posing as we cannot replace broken pieces. Careful, gradual bending should work fine.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
GREAT-ORCSGreat Orc Elites with heavy chopping scimitar (x 8, four different poses)$6.99
GREAT-ORC-COMMANDGreat Orc Elite Command (x3 -- captain with great axe, standardbearer and drummer)$2.49
FAN-100Orc melee troopers (x 10, five different poses)$5.99
FAN-101Orc melee troopers, set 2 (x 10, five different poses, weapon/helmet variants)$5.99
FAN-102Orc front rankers or attack column with pikes (x 12, three poses)$6.99
FAN-103Orc archers (x 12, three poses)$6.99
FAN-104Orc unit command (x 3, three poses)$1.99
FAN-105Orc general set (x 3, three poses)$1.99
FAN-106Orc Pitwolf Riders (x 3)$4.99
FAN-107Pitwolf riderless pack (x 3)$4.99
FAN-108Wights in Armour (x 5, five poses)$2.99
FAN-109Evil Men of the East, spear warband (x 12)$8.99
FAN-110Evil Men of the East, King, Standardbearer, and Armoured Axe Nobles (x 12)$8.99
FAN-111The Golden Deceiver, wingless fire dragon of the Great Enemy (resin casting)$9.99
FAN-112Beast of the Great Enemy$2.99
FANTASY-ENEMIES1The Great Flame Demon, Captain of the Black Tower$9.99
FAN-114Armoured Trolls of the Great Enemy (x3)$7.99
FAN-ENEMYThe Great Enemy (includes parts for weapons and head swap to make the Great Enemy's chief lieutenant, the Lord of Werewolves)$9.99

Lizardman Savages

Huge, ferocious and carnivorous, the Lizardman savages inhabit the swamps and shores of the old Eastern Empire, making any transit through those areas perilous. They are much stronger than a human and are even a formidable opponent for a Hobgoblin.

Although they usually limit their attacks to raids for captives (food), at times the Lizardman savage tribes will gather in their thousands under a chieftain or a witchdoctor and march to war, usually to take corpses for a horrifying blood feast or to feed the hatchlings during Hatching Season. When they mass on the battlefield it is a fearsome spectacle, charging at breakneck speed, each tribeslizard fighting as an individual with little regard for its own safety. Their onrush, amidst a clamour of hissing and roaring, has been likened to a tidal wave.

Sculpted by Mike Broadbent, painted by Andy Taylor. The spear armed Lizardman savages are all provided with shields, but only one has been depicted with one so as to fully display the poses.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
savage-liz-handweapLizardman Savages with Hand Weapons (x6 with separate shields)$5.99
savage-liz-spearLizardman Savages with Spears (x6 with separate shields)$5.99
savage-liz-commandLizardman Savages Command (x4 -- chieftain, standardbearer, drummer and witchdoctor)$3.99
MYST-300Lizardmen sub-adult skirmishers(set of five different poses)$2.99

Dungeon Adventures

Sets of models for questing in dungeons or other role playing scenarios -- this line will include both adventurers and adversaries.

The first set of adventurers, pictured in the product code below, are:

TOP ROW: Gazenflamme the Wizard; Eäring the female Half-Elven Mage; Thrilmi the Dwarf fighter; Super Nige the hardbitten hireling and his son, Half Nige; BOTTOM ROW: Mildu Shortstuff, Halfling rogue; Muskelberg the Barbarian; Treviloziti the Gnome Illusionist; Inthewë, Elven fighter; Britnee von Spearmaiden, female barbarian; RIGHT SIDE (of course): Sir Eptishus the Knight

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
ADVENTURERS1Fantasy Adventurers Set 1$9.99

High Fantasy

Great warriors and comely lasses, or perhaps even the occasional comely warrior, inspired by the great fantasy fiction of the 20th century. Sculpted by John Winter, painted by Simon Bradley.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
FAN-300The Barbarian O'Brien, and Qu-Ti$3.99

The Unearthly

It's later than you think.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
LC-DOOMEvil Octopus-headed Extragalactic Demon (resin kit)$29.99
LC-203Evil Goat Headed Snake Tailed Demon(resin and metal kit)
Horn options
Size comparison to 15mm models
FAN-20015mm Grim Reaper$1.29


Crazed cannibal women, their bellies swollen to critical mass by gorging on the flesh of their victims.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-100Cannibalettes (set of 19 models plus 3 baskets of heads)$13.99
MYST-100HCrazed Cannibalette Coven (six complete Cannibalette sets)$74.99

Penguin Warriors

Yes, you read that correctly. Approximately 8mm tall.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-500Penguin Icicle Spearmen and Snowballers (1 standard, 11 icicle spears and 24 snowballers)

Rear view
MYST-501Penguin Cavalry Mounted on Leopard Seals (10 Leopard Seals, 18 Penguin Riders with snowballs, 1 standard bearer and one hero with icicle lance

Rear view


Monsters of the Nightmare Realms

Odd, vicious things. Usually slimy, so good for Lovecraftian forces.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
PLA-15Killer Fungoids (six models between 12-25mm tall)$4.99
TTC-210215mm Gigantic Rock Golem Horde (x4, 28mm tall)$7.99
MYST-4Giant Armoured Bloodworm$2.49
MYST-400Bugmen (set of five)$3.49
MYST-400WBugmen Budget Bonus Bag (twenty in four sets of five)$11.99
PLA-2Giant Ants (ten models)$3.99
PLA-1Snail Monster$3.99
PLA-3Submerged Reptilian Monstrosity$4.99
PLA-4Tentacled Cyclopses (three models)$2.49
TTC-1204Giant insects (eight bugs with separate leg pieces)$5.99
TTC-1210Mantis Men (eight stealthy hunters)$5.99


Creatures from Earth's violent past.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-5Wooly Rhinoceros (x2)$2.99
MYST-6Raptor dinosaurs (x6)$5.99
MYST-8Sabretooth Tigers (x3)$2.99
MYST-9Triceratops (two models in two poses with two different heads)$9.99
MYST-10Tyrannosaurus rex, optional arm plumes, and base with optional log for support$19.99