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15mm Sci Fi

Sepulvedan Control Forces

Overlord Jellina
Jo-li I painted by
Jennifer Haley.
Dominating ore-rich Sepulveda 7 is the ruthless egomaniac Jellina Jo-eli I, overlord of the Jo-eli Freehold situated on the edge of Federal space. When the tough, freedom-loving citizens of that planet refused to meet her wildly unrealistic demands, this genocidal overlord unleashed a series of aliens unpon them, culminating in the fearsome Control Battalions, transhuman warriors bred with a mixture of human DNA and something far, far more sinister. These creatures need to keep their helmets forever bolted on or they would go utterly mad on a murederous rampage, but, when controlled by means of helmet-mounted chemical mood dampeners, make awesome soldiers. They use the pulse rifle as their standard infantry weapon, and also have a Squad Assault Pulser and a heavy combat drone attached to each squad, the drone controlled by a remote operator. Patrols and nighttime arrests are often made by the sinister Locust Patrol Trucks, symbols of oppression on Sepulveda. In large scale operation the Control Battalion previously employed a motley array of vehicles, from pre-trade embargo Federal vehicles, to MDMS vehicles in various states of repair such as the Cane Toad, Goanna and Taipan, to -- first and foremost -- the refurbished Nova Respublik Red Banner and Yozhik AFVs that are so easily obtained in Federal space. However, supply shortages forced the Control forces to develop their own armoured vehicles, the Cyclops, a surprisingly effective vehicle which for simplicity's sake had a swappable rear compartment to either mount a heavy beam weapon in AFV mode, or a personnel-carrying pod with a smaller rapid-fire beam weapon for APC mode.

And to wipe out the leading lights of the Resistance (as well as opposition in her own ranks), Jellina has hired, at enormous expense, her own Hesha Assassin, the finest of them all, Lily6. The most dreaded and expert killers in all known space, these adepts are trained from infancy by the Old Man of the Rock, an ancient droid who sits on a hover platform and has compiled all knowledge in the galaxy on the subject of expunging life. For the right fee he will loan out one of his trained killers to pentrate the safest santuary and snuff out the most heavily guarded or tenacious victim. Their power daggers and heterostasis pistols are deadly, but nothing can match the letality of the body of the Hesha Assassin herself, each motion perfectly calculated to sever the functions of life in any organism. Will Lily6 wipe out the brave leaders of the Sepulvedan Resistance? Sepulvedan Villains sculpted by Tom Meier and painted by Jennifer Haley. Locust Patrol Truck is mostly resin and comes with three roof options.

The Mako Gun Systems of the Control Battalions can either be mounted on the gun carriage or, for static use, on a cruciform carriage.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-1901Villains of the Sepulvedan Control Forces (Jellina and Lily6)$3.99
CONTROL-RIFLESControl Battalion Infantry Riflethings (ten poses with pulse rifle)$6.99
CONTROL-COMMANDControl Battalion Infantry Command (three poses: commander, second in command, comms, plus heavy drone with HMG and grenadelauncher, flight stand)$3.99
CONTROL-SQUAD-WEAPONSControl Battalion Infantry Squad-Weaponthings (seven poses, four RAM-propelled grenade launcher, and three portable pulse cannon poses)$4.99
CONTROL-CANNONControl Battalion Pulse Cannon Teams, two teams (each team with one cannon and two cannonthing crew)$5.99
CONTROL-MORTARControl Battalion Mortar Teams, two teams (each team with one weapon and two mortarthing crew)$4.99
CYCLOPSControl Battalion Cyclops MAV (Modular Armoured Vehicle) (each kit has drop-in rear compartments to use as beam tank or APC version)$18.99
TTC-1906Control Battalion Locust Patrol Truck (resin kit with three top-position options: hatch, smooth plate or pewter autocannon turret)$8.99
TTC-1907Control Battalion Tank Crew Halves, four in two poses (designed for Nova Respublik vehicles but should fit any open-hatch vehicle)$1.29
MAKO-CONTROL15mm KWI Mako Autocannon and Heavy Mortar with Control Battalion Crew (two weapons – cruciform carriage and gun tractor not included)$3.99
MAKO-TRACTOR15mm KWI Mako Gun Tractor (one complete vehicle – gun on deck not included)$7.99
MAKO-CRUCIFORM15mm KWI Mako Cruciform Carriage for Weapon Static Deployment (one complete base – gun is not included)$.99

Armies of the Molch-Vornid War Part 1: The Molch

A Molch, painted by Steve Dean
The Molch Vornid War is a local conflict on a world far away from the Federation, between psychic and telekinetic creatures, the peacful but unbearably hideous Molch, and weird, ruthless botanoids, the Vornids. The Vornids have invaded the Molch homeworld and are hellbent on exterminating the inhabitants, but whilst the Molch may be peaceful and intellectual creatures, they have no intention on allowing themselves to be exterminated.

The Molch that most sentients experience strolling the surface of the planet are actually extensions of one (or a few) vast subterranean beings, generated by the Molch Essence as living "probes" to gather experience, although the individual extensions are very much alive, and each has its own unique personality. To assist themselves in seeking human help, they have generated vaguelyhumanoid extensions of the Molch corporate entity, the Molch Emissaries. These act as liaisons between the Molch and the humans who are their staunchest allies, for the Molch are so hideous that exposure to them is invariably madness-inducing. The Molch also have their mighty stone goliaths, the enormous Defender-constructs, to assist them in close combat.

To read more about the Molch and the war, please read this blog entry. The Molch and their Defenders were sculpted by PF.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-210015mm Molch extensions (x7)$6.99
TTC-210115mm Molch Emissaries (x2)$1.49
TTC-210215mm Molch Defender-constructs (x4, 28mm tall)$7.99

Armies of the Molch-Vornid War Part 2: The Vornid Pirates

A vornid squad heavy gunner,
painted by Artmaster Studio
Mysterious and inscrutable, the Vornids are motile botanoids, plant-like sentients capable of rapid movement, and advanced technological development. They are relentless pirates and fanatical crusaders in the destruction of the peace-loving Molch, for some strange reason perhaps relating to their spiritual beliefs.

Larger than humans, Vornids often use similar tactics, fighting in squads, with commanders and varying numbers of heavy weapons specialists in each squad. Their weapons are very powerful, and while the Vornids themselves are not as agile as humans, they are extremely tough and utterly relentless in combat.

Each pack of Vornids comes with separate mouthpieces with opened and closed mouths, which are easily attached to the bodies. The packs also come with accessory sprues that can be attached to the bodies of the Vornids, such as flowers or leaves, to give the models some more individuality, or may be left off at the gamer's preference.

There's more about the Vornids in this blog entry. The Vornids were sculpted by Phil Lewis.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-230015mm Vornid pirate battleteam (x8, including accessories)$6.99
TTC-230115mm Vornid pirate heavy weapons specialists (x4, including accessories)$4.99
TTC-230215mm Vornid pirate commanders and high commander (x3, including accessories)$4.69

Armies of the Molch-Vornid War Part 3: Ursid Warriors

An Ursid, painted by Chris Yaro
These phelegmatic, seven foot tall bear creatures were driven from their home world by paranoid planetary governer Kohl-Behr, and now wander the universe, seeking adventure and high quality cigars (not necessarily in that order), and they find it aplenty in the Molch Vornid War (and it doesn't hurt that fighting for the Molch is a good cause). Their powerful BPFGs (bear-portable fusion guns) lend their Molch employers some heavy hitting long-range firepower.

The background for the Ursids may be found here. The Ursids were sculpted by Bob Olley.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
URSID-TROOPS15mm Ursid mercenaries with heavy fusion guns (x4)$5.99
URSID-WEP-COMM15mm Ursid mercenary commander and Ur-Cannon with two crew (x4 parts)$5.99

15mm Sci Fi Buildings and Terrain Parts

Small Federation pre-fab -- rooftop accessories coming soon.
Items to enhance your 15mm sci fi tabletop. This range now contains 15mm sci fi buildings representing common human building design in the Federation.

Some pieces, such as the HVAC unit, will be suitable for different scales, the HVAC also being suitable as a smaller 28mm scale unit, or even as a 6mm scale structure.

The bench on the righthand side wall of the food shack were added by the painter and are not part of the kit.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
SMALL-SCIFI-BUILDING15mm Small Sci-Fi Building (one-part, solid resin, 82mm by 82mm by 35mm, or approx. 3.25" by 3.25" by 1.33")$11.99
MEDIUM-SCIFI-BUILDING15mm Medium Sci-Fi Building (one-part, solid resin, 107mm by 82mm by 35mm, or approx. 4.25" by 3.25" by 1.33")$14.99
FOOD-SHACK15mm Food Shack (all resin)$15.99
TR-2715mm Modern, NF or Sci Fi vending machines (x2)$4.99
TR-2615mm NF or Sci Fi street benches and streetcleaner bot (x4 benches and x1 bot)$2.19
TR-2815mm NF to Sci Fi Neo-Crates (x8, two types)$4.29
TR-2515mm Modern to Sci Fi Neo-Barrels (x10, two types)$2.99
TR-2215mm Control Room/Starship Bridge Seat and Command Console (one set, pewter casting)$2.49
TR-22H15mm Control Room/Starship Bridge Seat and Command Console (four sets, pewter castings)$8.99
TR-2315mm Sci Fi Cryo-Pod "Freezer" for One Human-sized Person (one cryo-pod, pewter casting)$2.99
TR-23H15mm Cryo-Pod "Freezer" Position for Four Human-Sized Persons (four cryo-pods, pewter casting)$9.99
TR-2415mm Modern to Sci Fi Street Light (one light, pewter casting)$.79
TR-5Street trash receptable$1.99
TR-6Steel drums (x4)$1.99
TR-8Stone wall section (1 x 40mm length)$2.49
BUILD-9Modular Sci Fi Terrain -- Large HVAC Unit$4.39

15mm Huntarr Aliens

Huntarr Royal Army
Towering, lanky aliens from another dimension, the Huntarr live by a code of honour and bravery that knows no parallel in any other race. They crave the glory of the hunt and kill above all things, and travel the galaxy, in their dimension and in others as well, far and wide seeking triumph at arms ... or death. Above all else they seek combat with the Space Demons, that fiercest of all hand to hand foes, and this is why they come to our dimension, for there are many infestations here.

A Huntarr raid can be carried out by just a single scout, or a lone warrior seeking trophies, or a large band seeking mass slaughter. These war parties advance in a central mass of veterans who are armed with the mighty shock lance. These warriors fight in formations called Shock Phalanxes, and this advance is indeed a horrifying sight to behold. On their flanks are younger adult warriors, keen to prove themselves by some extraordinary feat of arms. The most mature and steady of all raiders are the Tank Hunters, who are gifted with the massive Plasma Cannon, which though portable by one Huntarr can nonetheless blow a hole straight through the heaviest armour. Commanding all is a venerable Huntarr Chieftain whose cloak indicates his experience and wisdom on the battlefield. Only the Chieftain and Tank Hunters have shed the energy weapon -- every other Huntarr raider has this, and it provides them with awesome firepower to augment their incredible close combat skills.

When the Huntarr Royal Army goes to war, as opposed to on raids, the Huntarr wear full armour and carry heavy energy weapons, ride in the nearly impregnable Zenegg grav IFV, and are supported by the mighty Sseventur grav tank. Supporting the infantry are heavy troopers carrying a plasma cannon even more powerful than those used by the tank hunters on raids. Chieftains command these forces as well, still wearing their regalia of command, to show their fearlessness and terrifying visage to the enemy.

The Huntarr are towering, sinewy creatures, a full head taller than humans. The models are on average 21mm tall. The flying bases for the grav tanks are not provided with the kit but are offered separately. They are smaller in diameter than the bases used by the painter in the images in the listings below.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
huntarr-zenegg-ifv15mm Huntarr Zenegg IFV (one resin vehicle model)$22.99
huntarr-sseventur-tank15mm Huntarr Sseventur Tank (one resin vehicle model)$22.99
HUNTARR-BASEPewter Flying Base for Huntarr grav vehicles$1.49
huntarr-royal-army-troops15mm Huntarr Royal Army Troops in full battle array$8.99
huntarr-royal-army-heavies15mm Huntarr Royal Army Heavy Weapons Specialists in full battle array (x6 in two poses)$7.99
huntarr-shock15mm Huntarr Shock Phalanx (x10 in five poses with shock lances and separate energy weapons)$8.99
huntarr-scouts15mm Huntarr Scouts (x8 in four poses with separate energy weapons)$7.29
huntarr-tank-hunters15mm Huntarr Venerable Tank hunters (x6 in two poses with plasma cannons)$5.39
huntarr-chieftain15mm Huntarr Venerable Chieftain (x1)$.99

15mm Hauk

Hauk soldiers
The Hauk are Accipitrid aliens who had developed space travel within their solar system when they were attacked by the xenophobic Meso-Nai, who intended to obliterate the Hauk race by inducing a nova reaction in the star at the centre of the Hauk system. Only by great planetary effort were the Hauk able to forestall this effort, forcing the Meso-Nai to invade the home world of the Hauk and destroy that planet by cooling its core. At this they failed as well, for the resourceful Hauk were able to rapidly develop new weapons technology based on captured Meso-Nai hardware. As a result of this life and death struggle with the Meso-Nai, the Hauk have become a force to reckon with.

All Hauk tactics and strategy have been forged by the existential struggle with the Meso-Nai, and their weapons and strategy reflect this. Faced with the immense armour of the Meso-Nai forces, the Hauk focused on fielding powerful weaponry to penetrate it. Hauk infantry squads are made up of four teams, each with a paired rifleman and heavy cannoneer -- humorously nicknamed the "newt-cracker" by Federal forces, the plasma cannon is capable of breaking open the heavy protection of the Meso-Nai power armoured infantry. The riflemen keeps up a steady suppressing fire whilst the heavy cannon is recharging. In command of the four teams is a ninth squad member, the squad leader. Likewise, the Hauk Aerie Grav Transport carries very heavy weaponry for an infantry carrier, including a main armament of either a missile launcher or a twin plasma gun, as well as a variety of secondary weapons -- rotary guns or missile pods -- that mount under its chin.

Heavy armour is sacrificed, because Meso-Nai weaponry was so powerful that protection was almost beside the point. The Hauk prefer to use extreme mobility as their best defence, and as the battles for Pandion, the Hauk homeworld, proved, this was a wise strategy.

As the Pandion Campaign extended and the Hauk got off their heels and back on their toes, they sent out emissaries using the new-found Einstein-Rosen Bridges, and had the good fortune to make contact with the Federation, which came to the assistance of the Hauk. Together with the other great stellar empires, and the Hauk themselves, the Federation eventually rolled the Meso-Nai back to their home world where they were quarantined.

The Hauk Weapons and Command set includes two platform heavy weapons teams and then four inserts, two heavy plasma cannons, and two RAM mortars -- so you can build them as a battery of mortars or a battery of heavy plasma cannons. If you magnetize them, you can switch as the game requires.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
HAUK-INFANTRY115mm Hauk Infantry Squad (squad leader, four riflemen, and four "newt-cracker" weapons specialists with plasma guns)$5.99
HAUK-WEP-COMM15mm Hauk Infantry Weapons and Command (Platoon leader and senior NCO, marksHauk, casualty, and two teams of platform heavy weapons with two heavy plasma cannon and two mortar inserts)(bases not included)
mortar insert shown >here
HAUK-TRANSPORT115mm Hauk Aerie Grav Transport (with choice of main gun mounts, and with gatling guns and missile pods for the chin mounts)$11.99
HAUK-AIRMOBILE-PLATOON 15mm Hauk Airmobile Platoon -- two Hauk Infantry sets, one Hauk Weapons and Command set, and three Aerie Grav Transports$54.99

15mm Space Demon Hive

Space Demon Assault Warrior and Hammerhead, and a Space Demon Troll with an Assault Warrior
Horrific extragalactic hive creatures to infest your 15mm science fiction or fantasy gaming table as they implacably advance toward close assault with the foe. Man-size Warriors come in two different sets of four different body poses and two different separate heads for maximum pose variation (Assault and Infiltrator Warriors -- the Hammerheads only have the one head type). The much larger and more powerful command creatures (King and Queen Demons) come with separate heads and back spines, which are interchangable. The gigantic Colossus, a kind of living tank, unleashing a blob of bio-plasma from its mouth that can penetrate tanks and dissolve infantry. Other huge creatures exist for battle with organised civilisations, such as the horrifying Space Demon Trolls, which, unlike the Colossus, are primed for close combat and are able to blast a hole through the thickest enemy defences with sheer physical strength. Bigger than a terran Tyrannosaur are Giganotomorphus rex, another assault creature that combines the close combat power of the Trolls and the acid spitting power of the Colossus. Greatest and most terrifying of all is the gigantic Great Queen, also called a Demon Dragon, which can spray a corrosive stream of acid for over 80 meters, and can pick up a battle tank as if it were a toy.

And behind them all are the hulking demonic hellions from another dimension, the Timonids, who stand at least two heads taller than a human and carry enormous assault cannons capable of taking out a light tank! Their special Shockforce space demons are more like troopers than creatures and carry potent bio-rifles to mow down the enemy as the Timonids implacably advance. Ready to swarm across your battlescape.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
giganotomorphus-rex15mm Space Demon Giganotomorphus rex assault beast (x1)$10.99
SPACE-DEMON-PARASITES15mm Space Demon Parasites (x12 in three poses)$6.99
TTC-91315mm Space Demon Vampire Warriors (x4 with wings)$6.99
TTC-91215mm Space Demon Trolls (x2)$16.99
TTC-91115mm Space Demon Great Queen, the Demon Dragon (resin kit with pewter arms and legs)
Compared to 15mm Space Demon and 28mm figure
TTC-90115mm Space Demon Assault Warriors (twelve models, four pose variants and two head variants)$9.99
TTC-901A15mm Space Demon Assault Warriors, Second Pose Set (twelve models, four pose variants and two head variants)$9.99
TTC-90215mm Space Demon Hammerhead Warriors (twelve models, four pose variants and one head variant)$9.99
TTC-90315mm Space Demon Infiltrator Warriors (twelve models, four pose variants and two head variants)$9.99
TTC-903A15mm Space Demon Infiltrator Warriors, Second Pose Set (twelve models, four pose variants and two head variants)$9.99
TTC-90415mm Space Demon Queen (one model)$3.99
TTC-90515mm Space Demon King (one model)$3.99
TTC-90615mm Space Demon Nymphs (eight models, two poses)$3.99
TTC-90715mm Space Demon Colossus (one model)$11.99
TTC-90815mm Space Demon Nymph Hosts (x 12, six poses)$6.99
TTC-90915mm Space Demon Shockforce with Bio-rifles (x 10, five body poses and two different heads)$11.99
TTC-91015mm Timonid Black Tigers (x 6 in six different poses)$9.99
TR-115mm Space Demon Burrow$1.99
TR-215mm Space Demon Lair (abandoned mineshaft)$2.39

15mm Federal Police, Civilians, and Utility Bots

Federal Security Forces
Across the galaxy are human civilians, on the ground and in space, colonists, freighter crews, scientists and similar. Always nearby are robot helpers, sometimes companions on adventures as well. Guarding them, to the extent possible, are a variety of security and police forces, including the largely female crews of Federal Navy Grav-Monitors. These models represent a selction of such types, civilians requiring protection or being huntered by a nightmarish creature in the claustrophobic confines of an underground lab or a ship's corridors, or law enforcement or security forces -- the first line of defence against enemy invasion, the guardians of research facilities, and so on. Perhaps most sinister of all are the PNHE Teams, dressing like urban punks to root out the aliens who hide in the poor neighborhoods of sprawling supercities....

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
GOVT-NEWS-SET15mm Info-Corp News Team and Federal government officials set (Kylii Mendozah reporting live, cameraman and news producer, Federal Minister and Aide)$3.99
STANDING-SCIENTISTS15mm Standing Federal Scientists (scientists set 2)$2.49
FLEEING-SCIENTISTS15mm Federal Scientists (three fleeing/running and one casualty)$2.99
PNHE-TEAM15mm PNHE Cyborg Agents -- Prohibited Non-Human Eradication (four agents)$3.59
TTC-300015mm Local Police or Security Guards x 11 (ten active officers in five poses (two with pulse rifles and eight with pistols), one officer casualty, and separate holsters)$7.99
TTC-300215mm Federal Citizens or Commercial Freighter Crew, Male and Female (x6 in six poses)$3.99
TTC-300315mm Federal Citizen Dependents (elderly civilian, pregnant woman, and two children)$2.99
UTILITY-BOTS15mm Utility Robots, Performing Various Essential Functions (x7)$5.99
TTC-300515mm Federal Police Bots (six models in six different poses)$3.99
TTC-300615mm Federal Cyborg Supercop (x1)$.99
TTC-300715mm Federal Security Force Troopers x 11 (ten active officers in five poses (two with pulse rifles and eight with smartpistols), and one officer casualty)$7.99
TTC-300815mm Federal Navy Grav-Monitor Armed Crew (Female) x 5$3.99
DOWNED-PILOTS15mm Downed Flyer or Mecha Pilots/Operators (x2, one male and one female)$1.99
TTC-300915mm Armed Federal Citizens, Male and Female (x6 in six poses)$3.99

15mm Mekanoid War Robots

Mekanoid Fusilier Warbots led by a Dragoon Heavy Warbot
Invaders from beyond the rim of the galaxy, the Mekanoids are intelligent, sentient robots which have been gouging a trench across the Milky Way, building some sort of network of planets through which a mighty channel of data flows, to what end it is presently unknown. When one of the great Mekanoid Sphere-ships materializes in orbit around a planet, it is doomed, for all life ("bio-contaminants") will be systematically destroyed, and the once thriving world will be shaped into nothing more than a node in the Mekanoid Network.

Against organized "bio-contaminant" resistance, the Mekanoids will teleport their mainline war units into the battle: the bipedal Grenadier infantrybot and the centaur-like Dragoon cannonbot. Hovering overhead, supporting these with heavy and mobile firepower, are the dreaded Hatchet gunships, sentient machines that pour firepower into targets from above. Once the initial invasion force has taken enough ground, the Mekanoid lords themselves -- the titanic Dictator war mechs -- may be safely teleported to the battlefield. The arrival of these in force spells doom for the planet's defenders, for of all the combat units that linger on the battlefield, only a Garn GAU can match the firepower of a Dictator and nothing can match its incredible durability. Many a world has ceased to exist as the Dictators stride across its surface, surrounded by Grenadiers and Dragoons whilst Hatchets roar overhead.

Increasingly Mekanoid war forces are replacing the aging Mark 1 chasses with newer and more formidable Mark 2 forms -- the Jaeger Mark 2 carries an energy weapon in each arm, the Fusilier has one energy weapon and a pincer for close action, and the Grenadier mounts two pincers. The Dragoon has been greatly upgraded and the Mark 2 or that warbot is now virtually as powerful as a light tank, and even more durable. Also seen skulking across certain battlefields are the bio constructs made of farmed flesh, with robotics embedded deep within, to confuse the tracking systems of the bio-contaminant resistance.

The Hatchet mounts to the flight stand via a ball mount so that it may be posed at different angles. (The ball is a separate resin piece that attaches to the rod of the flight stand.) The Dragoon pack includes optional arms -- four shock cables, four saw blade arms, and four close range assault cannon arms for close-in shooting. The Dictator is engineered so that the legs and head can move when the kit is assembled. The Dictator and Hatchet are resin kits and require some cleanup and assembly. Mark 2 infantrybots do not have bases and are two-part -- the upper and lower body parts, which provides virtually limitless posing options. Mark 2 Dragoons come with multiple legs to represent standing and firing or advancing, and arm options as well (heavy energy weapons and pincers).

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
New-Mek-Fusiliers15mm Mekanoid MARK 2 Fusilier Warbots (each with one energy weapon arm and one pincer arm -- x6 upper bodies and lower bodies attaching via a ball mount, no integral bases)$5.99
New-Mek-Jaegers15mm Mekanoid MARK 2 Jaeger Warbots (each with two energy weapon arms -- x6 upper bodies and lower bodies attaching via a ball mount, no integral bases)$5.99
New-Mek-Grenadiers15mm Mekanoid MARK 2 Grenadier Warbots (each with two pincer arms -- x6 upper bodies and lower bodies attaching via a ball mount, no integral bases)$5.99
New-Mek-Dragoon15mm Mekanoid MARK 2 Dragoon Heavy Warbot (with pincer and heavy energy weapon arm options -- x1 upper body and one lower body, with separate legs in multiple poses)$5.99
LEGACY-mek-grenadiers15mm MARK 1 Mekanoid Grenadier Meleebots (eight models in four poses) $5.99
LEGACY-Mek-jaegers15mm MARK 1 Mekanoid Jaeger Riflebots (x8 in four poses)$5.99
LEGACY-Mek-dragoons15mm MARK 1 Mekanoid Dragoon Gunbots (x6 multipose models)$8.99
TTC-160315mm Mekanoid Dictator Superheavy Battlemech (resin and white metal kit)$59.99
TTC-160315mm Mekanoid Hatchet Gunshipbot (resin and white metal kit, includes multipose flight base)$14.99

15mm Itu'a Swarm

A Myriad led by a Plasmyn in its Satrap personal biomecha armour
The Itu'a are close allies and associates of the Stikks, and periodically travel into our dimension for reasons presently unknown, usually to make war on the various interstellar empires, but occasionally, and equally inexplicably, to assist them in ongoing wars. Their motives in both cases are unknown.

They appear to be entomalian in biology, with multiple eyes and mandibles. Most of their technology is biomechanical but is no less effective for that. Leaders, apparently called "Plasmyn" (one of the few words in Itu'an that the Federation has been able to decipher), are cunning but physically shrivelled, piloting the massive Satrap bio-mecha on the battlefield to lead and support the main troops. This suit is actually a living entity and can perform basic functions on its own, without the pilot.

By far the most numerous troops in a Itu'a force are the Myriads, who are smaller than humans but armed with long biorifles and a set of pincers with which they can more than hold their own in close assault. Myriad sections are split into two fireteams, each with several rifle-bugs and a weapons-worm, a different species of Itu'a with a more powerful weapon mounted in its back. The two fireteams of the section are led by a section commander. Massive, three-meter-tall Kalat warbeasts lumber amongst the myriads, one type providing even heavier fire support from arm cannons, another deadly close combat power with massive crab-like claws. A third type of massive Kalat deploys further to the rear, in bio-batteries of three, breeding toxic bio-mortar bombs in an egg chamber mounted on their carapace -- from these they feed the bombs into their arm mortars to launch toward enemy lines. Higher level command is exercised by Plasmyn in their Satrap bioarmour.

A noble caste below the Playmyn are the bulky, physically imposing creatures called the Assault Crabs by Federal Infantry. These are often called in to seize a particularly well defended position by storm, as their carapaces are nearly invulnerable to small arms fire. It is the Assault Crabs that are most often seen as auxiliaries in Stikk forces.

The Myriads are transported into combat in enormous eight legged creatures called Rukh, which vomit the sections, and even Satrap biomecha, out of their vast mouths. Witnessing this is the stuff of nightmares. The Rukh make incredibly formidable fighters as well, generally focusing on charging and overturning enemy armoured vehicles after they regurgitate their passengers.

Most of the stellar empires dread the appearance of the Itu'a, which is unexpected and brings about a campaign with no discernable purpose, making it hard to anticipate Itu'a strategy. Only the Garn enjoy their appearance, because they give an enjoyable fight and their flesh is very appealing to the Garn palate, catching a high price in Garn fleshmarkets.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
ITUA-MYRIAD15mm Itu'a Myriad Section of two fire teams plus leader (11 figures -- two each of four different riflebug poses, two different poses of weapons-worms, and a section leader)$7.99
ITUA-TARKHAN15mm Itu'a Tarkhan Heroes, aka Assault Crabs (six pieces in three poses)$4.99
ITUA-KALAT-CLAWS15mm Itu'a Kalat Weaponsbeasts with Claws (three Kalat weaponsbeasts)$5.99
ITUA-KALAT-CANNONS15mm Itu'a Kalat Weaponsbeasts with Bio-cannons (three Kalat weaponsbeasts)$5.99
ITUA-KALAT-MORTARS15mm Itu'a Kalat Weaponsbeasts with Arm Mortars and Breeding Chambers (three Kalat weaponsbeasts)$5.99
ITUA-SATRAP15mm Itu'a Plasmyn commander and Satrap personal biomecha suit$4.99
ITUA-RUHK15mm Itu'a Ruhk Transport/Assaultbeast (resin kit)$TBD Future release

15mm Soriog Empire

Magnate's War Harness, piloted version
The Soriog Empire is the greatest alien threat to the Federation. Having blasted their way through Four Nations space, they are now on the Federal frontier and have begun launching incursions into border systems.

The rulers of this empire, the Soriogs themselves, are impressive in many ways. Much larger and stronger than humans, their technology is also more advanced, and indeed the first grav tech that the Federation developed was actually reverse-engineered from Soriog drives provided to the Federation by the Four Nations. Adult male Soriogs themselves are almost two and a half meters tall, their biology and physical appearance being akin in some ways to Terran snakes and birds. They are cunning and fearless warriors.

The Soriogs are driven by their spiritual faith, which is at the centre of their lives and is the root of their drive to conquer and govern. This religion has startlingly real manifestations, for their priests can be seen to faith heal on the battlefield, function as medics – whether this is accomplished by advanced psionic power has yet to be determined, but it is every bit as effective as Federal medical technology. Some of the War Harness battlesuits are said to be driven by the spirits of dead magnates; precisely how this works has not been confirmed, but it’s clear that the Spirit-Driven War Harness is too small to accommodate a living Soriog pilot.

The Soriogs have an aristocracy, their leadership being a many-tiered caste of magnates. These magnates are treated with great reverence by Soriog commoners. The eldest male son in a magnate family will usually join one of the religious military orders as a magnate-officer, dedicating himself to strategy and tactics, the second oldest usually taking up the cloth and becoming a priest, dedicating himself to the spirit world, healing, and the transferal of the spirit to a holder vessel so that deceased Soriog officers may continue to serve the Empire.

The Soriogs rule over a vast interstellar empire, ruling many alien species, some of whom provide soldiers for the empire – in fact, the most commonly encountered Imperial soldier is not a Soriog at all, but rather the Raug Ceepay (soldier) who serve in their tens of millions. These are brave and tenacious, and come from a warlike predatory culture that makes them pefect rank and file soldiers. A section of Raug is made up of four triads, each of three Raug (two with an autogun and one with a heavy support weapon). Two such sections typically make up a platoon, commanded by two Soriogs, and usually accompanies by a Windhowler (a Raug mystic with healing powers) and between two and four Soriog Gundogs, which provide the platoon heavier organic fire support.

However, it is without question that the Soriog Imperial Regiments are the most powerful in the empire and the core of Imperial strength.

Infantry sculpted by Mike Broadbent. Vehicles painted by dwartist, infantry by Tengu.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
RAUG-PLATOON-DEAL15mm Raug Ceepay Platoon Deal (two packs of Ceepays with autoguns and one pack of Ceepays with section support weapons) $19.99
RAUG-INF115mm Raug Ceepays with autoguns (eight models in eight poses, including one section leader)$6.99
RAUG-INF215mm Raug Ceepays with Section Support Weapons (heavy autoguns and grenade-guns) (eight models in four poses)$6.99
RAUG-INF315mm Raug Platoon Command (Soriog magnate-officer, officer's veteran Soriog assistant, prostrate Raug Ceepay runner, and Raug Windhowler) (four models in four poses)$3.99
SORIOG-GUNDOGS15mm Soriog "Gundog" Armoured Hex-Cannon Robots (x2) (two models in two poses)

Gundogs compared to 15mm scale Raug

Gundogs compared to 28mm Federal rifleman
SORIOG-INF115mm Soriog Infantry with energy rifles (eight models in eight poses, including one veteran leader)$8.99
SORIOG-INF215mm Soriog Infantry with squad heavy weapons (eight models in four poses, two poses of rotary multi-laser and two poses of "heater" armour-piercing gun)$8.99
SORIOG-INF315mm Soriog Infantry Command (four models in four poses, magnate-officer, officer's veteran assistant, kneeling Soriog runner, and Soriog magnate-priest healer)$4.49

15mm Kingdom of the Jasmine Throne

A Vulk alien of the JTFB
The so-called Kingdom of the Jasmine Throne is a freehold in Federation space inhabited largely by humans, settlers primarily from the former Terran Central Asia, and their young queen, Roxann Diamunda, is a just and humane ruler. However, there has always been a great deal of intrigue, rivalry and dissension in the military and ruling caste of the Jasmine Throne, and assassinations and military coups were all too common in the past. This led the queen's great grandfather, the mighty Shapur the Wise, to raise four battalions of aliens to serve as his bodyguard, titled the Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalions, or JTFB.

The force has gradually been expanded and there now exist twelve battalions of JTFB as well as four armoured battalions. Each infantry squad member and vehicle crewman is a different alien species to prevent collusion in the ranks.

This system has worked well and there have been no successful coups since Shapur's time.

Aliens come from around the galaxy to serve in the JTFB, for many different motives. They may all look different but they wear uniform armour (modified to suit varying body shapes, of course) and use weapons of standard design (similarly modified by your friends at Mercanto-Dett Military Solutions). All must know at least rudimentary words in Federal Standard in order to obey simple commands. The training regimen is gruelling and many candidates fail, but those who succeed are members of an elite, hallowed formation indeed. In fact, it was Roxann's decision to send six battalions of the JTFB to Molch that turned the tide in the Molch/Vornid War.

Their battle cry is "to the queen!" which is a reminder that their most important role is to protect the queen and rally to her in case of a coup attempt.

The JTFB and the Asvaran nobles in their grav chariots (the elite troops of the Satrapal (Planetary) Governers) may get all the glory, but throughout the Jasmine Throne hundreds of thousands of Jasmine Throne Satrapal Levies do much of the fighting. Poor peasants by and large, they are conscripted into the army for life by the planetary governers called Satraps, one conscript for every 24 souls in the village, and when they are the villages where they live hold a funeral for him, because as far as they are concerned the new conscript is dead, for they will never see him again, and most die in battle or of disease.

They are not of the same quality as the first rate line troops of the Federal Army or the Guards in the Nova Respublik forces, but by and large they are far from terrible troops, being stoic defenders and doggedly methodical on the attack, but without much initiative and with tactical doctrine that leaves something to be desired.

That said, all Satrapal Levies wear the same armour, a mixture of carapace and mesh armour, and there are several elite forces, drawn from tough barbarous mountaineers. These troops are virtually of guard level in elan. So when enemies confront a force of Satrapal Levies, they never know what's in store for them.

The JTFB uses conventional vehicles, which include Federal Army armour, as well as vehicles purchased from the good people at MDMS – their own line of inexpensive AFVs, and, even cheaper, refurbished Nova Respublik vehicles or Karkpanzers.

The Mako Gun Systems of the JTFB and Satrapal levies can either be mounted on the gun carriage or, for static use, on a cruciform carriage.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
JTFB-PLATOON15mm Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalion Platoon Deal -- one each of sets 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and one Portable Crewed Anti-Matter Cannon$25.99
JTFB-COMMAND15mm Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalion Officer, Major Histar$1.99
JTFB115mm Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalion Team 1 (five troopers: two with anti-matter carbines, one with anti-matter carbine with dark energy grenade-launcher attachment, with one anti-matter sniper rifle, and one with heavy missile launcher; plus one sergeant with anti-matter carbine)$4.99
JTFB215mm Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalion Team 2 (five troopers: two with anti-matter carbines, one with anti-matter carbine with dark energy grenade-launcher attachment, with one rapidfire light anti-matter cannon, and one with heavy missile launcher)$4.99
JTFB315mm Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalion Team 3 (five troopers: four with anti-matter carbines, and one with heavy missile launcher)$4.99
JTFB415mm Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalion Team 4 (five troopers: two with anti-matter carbines, one with anti-matter carbine with dark energy grenade-launcher attachment, one with rapidfire light anti-matter cannon, and one with heavy missile launcher)$4.99
JTFB515mm Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalion Team 5 (four troopers: two with anti-matter carbines, one with heavy missile launcher, and one with rapidfire light anti-matter cannon, plus one sergeant with anti-matter carbine)$4.99
JTFB-MG15mm Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalion Portable Heavy Anti-Matter Cannon with Crew of 2$3.99
JTFB-TNKRS15mm Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalion Tank Crew Halves (four in two poses)$1.99
JASMINE-SATRAP115mm Jasmine Throne Satrapal Levy Section (six models -- five troopers: three with anti-matter carbines, one with anti-matter carbine with dark energy grenade-launcher attachment, and one with rapidfire light anti-matter cannon; and one section leader with anti-matter carbine)$4.99
MAKO-JTFB15mm KWI Mako Autocannon and Heavy Mortar with JTFB Crew (two weapons – cruciform carriage and gun tractor not included)$3.99
MAKO-SATRAP15mm KWI Mako Autocannon and Heavy Mortar with Satrapal Levy Crew (two weapons – cruciform carriage and gun tractor not included)$3.99
MAKO-TRACTOR15mm KWI Mako Gun Tractor (one complete vehicle – gun on deck not included)$7.99
MAKO-CRUCIFORM15mm KWI Mako Cruciform Carriage for Weapon Static Deployment (one complete base – gun is not included)$.99

15mm Terran Federal Experimental Battalion (ExBat)

At a secret research facility, Federal scientists and military contractors are exploiting captured Soriog technology to design of dedicated full-grav vehicles, which are being clandestinely deployed with the 1st Research Battalion, also known as the Experimental Battalion or ExBat. For several years the tech was tested in the first vehicle to be fielded, the XM-6 Superheavy Advanced Grav Tank, the next generation replacement of the Siler, which is capable of being deployed from orbit and speeds of hundreds of kilometers an hour. Armed with either a gigantic fusion cannon or an even larger railgun, the vehicle is staggeringly powerful.

But now a full combined arms force has been deployed, with devastating, game-changing results. The XM-51 Superheavy Advanced Grav APC carries a squad of infantry-drones or elite human special forces known as "Treaty Troops" into battle, right beside the XM-6 tank, to send combat forces into areas where the huge tank cannot operate. Deploying their infantry assets using individual grav pods, the APC can return to the orbiting fleet or can lend support to the infantry with a pair of laser turrets.

The robotic rank and file carried by the XM-51s are called Buccaneer Infantry-Drones (or Buccs for short) because of the way they swarm out of the APC when deployed, are actually self-aware robots armed with an advanced combat rifle, some carrying a heavy rifle instead. Some Buccs have at times remained mounted on their grav pods to operate with their squad for recon or patrol purposes.

Each XM-51 carries a human technician to maintain the Buccaneers, but that is not enough of a human presence in the formation to satisfy the Treaty of Jakarta (2416) and so between a squad and a platoon of human infantry, called for that reason the ExBat Treaty Troops, are attached to each battalion. At first deployed in the battalion with reluctance by the technicians of the ExBat on the theory that an extensive human presence would make the unit too vulnerable, these elite squads are now considered to be essential to the operations of the ExBat, and are consistently better than the Buccaneers at carrying out unconventional tactics and techniques. The performance requirements of the troopers is so high that the Treaty Troops are the best soldiers operating in any Federal unit other than the CROWS of the SPAR teams, and as a result there is great rivalry between those two units.

Note: Grav vehicles and Buccannner pod-riders and provided without a flight base and the gamer will need to build their own.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
XM-6-ADVANCED-GRAVTANK15mm Federal Army XM-6 Advanced Superheavy Grav Tank (one vehicle kit, resin with choice of heavy fusion cannon or superheavy railgun)$18.99
XM-51-ADVANCED-GRAVAPC15mm Federal Army XM-51 Advanced Superheavy Grav APC (one vehicle kit, in resin)$18.99
TREATY-TROOPS-RIFLES15mm Federal Army ExBat Treaty Troops with Rifles (x7 in seven poses)$5.99
TREATY-TROOPS-WEP-COMM15mm Federal Army ExBat Treaty Troops, Weapons and Command (x5 in five poses -- one sergeant, one corporal, one fleet liaison, one marksman and one heavy rifle)$5.99
BUCCANEER-INF-DRONES15mm Federal Army Buccaneer Infantry-Drone Squad (x9 in nine poses -- with energy rifle and with heavy energy rifle)$7.99
BUCCANEER-RIFLE-PODRIDERS15mm Federal Army Buccaneer Infantry-Drone Pod-Riders With Rifle (x2 in one pose, with grav-pod)$3.99
BUCCANEER-HEAVY-PODRIDERS15mm Federal Army Buccaneer Infantry-Drone Pod-Riders With Heavy Rifle (x2 in one pose, with grav-pod)$3.99

15mm Terran Federal Army

Federal military assets
The Federal Marine Corp. may be the elite strike force of humanity, but the Federation’s big battles are fought and won by the tanks and infantry of the Federal Army. Millions strong, this mixed formation of conscripts and long service veterans garrisons a thousand worlds and brings irresistible force to bear against the mightiest foes.

Army infantry fight in a squad of twelve with three teams – an assault team of troopers with photon grenades and assault rifles, a weapons team with a missile launcher and Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), and a command team with the squad leader and a medic. Each of the two main teams also has a grenadier attached whose assault rifle mounts an underslung micro-grenade launcher for reaching those hostiles who are sheltered from direct fire.

The most common vehicle in Army service is the Atlas Armoured Prime Mover, which can either carry a truck body for patrol or light transport work, or can tow a variety of trailers. The most numerous vehicles deployed for front line armoured combat are the Samson Medium Tank and the Crusader Heavy APC. Both are heavily armed with plasma and other weapons, and the Crusader can carry eleven men in full body armour straight to the fight in relative safety and comfort. The Seydlitz Medium Tank is lower priced version of the Samson, armed with a CPR cannon and a different turret, but employing the same hull as the Samson.

The awesome Federal heavy tank, the M5A3EPS Siler, fights in platoons of three, organized into independent heavy tank battalions. These venerable and sometimes cantankerous machines are often older than the troops who serve in them, but few alien weapon systems can match the power of its plasma cannon or two close-in-defense rotary cannons.

The Federal Army Shrike is a low cost and very fast light vehicle for scouting and carrying a few personnel, and when armed with an autocannon ir a heavy missile launcher can add considerable bite to an infantry or recon force at low cost. For more mundane use the Federal Army's Polecat Armoured Light Utility Vehicle fulfills a thousand tasks on a thousand worlds., with better protection and greater carriage capacity than the Shrike.

Due to the sheer size of the Army, until recently the Federal Army has not provided its regiments with the same tech as the Marines bring into battle – their tanks and trucks rolled rather than soared or strode. However, recent enemy advances in technology have caused the Mobility Enhancement Programme (MEP) to be initiated, a retrofitting of simple anti-grav drive trains onto existing vehicles. The MEP versions of the Samson and the Crusader are the Samaritan and the Chasseur, respectively, whereas the Siler with MEP upgrade is simply referred to as the Siler MEP. MEP tech greatly improves the mobility of the vehicles, but it is a first-generation anti-grav drive system and as a result the vehicles can only move at a low hover. Even the Shrike has also been upgraded with four anti-grav thrusters, but only the most intrepid crew man the Shrike Gravs!

Other than the DIMOGS and the Shrikes, which are entirely white metal, the vehicles are mixed resin and white metal kits which require some assembly and basic knowledge of resin cleanup.

The scout Shrikes and the Shrikes armed with missile launcher can be seen unpainted and loosely assembled HERE, and we will be adding painted versions of them in due course. Please note the roll bars, which require some consutruction of small parts. It's not complicated for most 15mm miniature wargamers I would assume, but if you have issues with small part construction, the Shrike might not be for you!

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
ARMY SHRIKE SCOUT WHEELED15mm Federal Army Shrike Scout Vehicle, Wheeled (with driver and armed passenger)$5.99
ARMY SHRIKE SCOUT GRAV15mm Federal Army Shrike Scout Vehicle, Grav Upgrade (with driver and armed passenger, comes with wheels also)$6.99
ARMY SHRIKE ARMED WHEELED15mm Federal Army Shrike Armed Raider, Wheeled (with driver, weapons mount, autocannon and gunner, and (not shown) missile launcher and missileman)$7.99
ARMY SHRIKE ARMED GRAV15mm Federal Army Shrike Armed Raider, Grav Upgrade (with driver, weapons mount, autocannon and gunner, and (not shown) missile launcher and missileman, also comes with wheels)$8.99
FEDERAL SET 115mm Federal Army Riflemen Set (x10)$5.99
FEDERAL SET 215mm Federal Army Squad Heavy Weapons Set (x8, four models with SAW, two rocketeers, and two rocket loaders)$4.99
FEDERAL SET 315mm Federal Army Platoon Heavy Weapons Set (two plasma gunners, one sniper, one SHMG team and one Heavy Missile Launcher team)$6.99
FEDERAL SET 415mm Federal Army Platoon Command and Control Set (Command Team, Satellite Comms Specialist, and K9 Team)$4.99
FEDERAL SET 515mm Federal Army Recon/Drone Controllers (team of three)$1.99
TTC-200715mm Federal Army Smartmortar Team (mortar, two gun crew, artillery mini-drone, and drone operator)$3.59
TTC-200815mm Federal Army DIMOG Armoursuit Mark 1 (Light Armoured Walker Chassis, with crewman, gun (two autocannons and one missile launcher) and leg options)$6.49
TTC-200915mm Federal Army DIMOG Armoursuit Mark 2 (Full-Armoured Walker Chassis, with crewman, gun (two autocannons and one missile launcher) and leg options)$6.99
TTC-2010AHercules civilian powered loader (complete kit)$6.99
TTC-2010B DIMOG 3 "Berserker" robot, complete kit)$6.99
TTC-2011Federal Army Medical Diorama (one Army casualty and two medics)$2.29
TTC-201215mm Federal Army vehicle crew (four partial body crewmen in two poses for hatches, etc)$1.99
TTC-201315mm Federal Army M5A3EPS Siler Heavy Tank$17.99
TTC-2013A15mm Federal Army M5A3EPS Siler Heavy Tank Platoon (three tanks)$51.99
TTC-201415mm Federal Army Siler MEP Anti-Grav plates (conversion pieces to Siler for anti-grav drive)$4.99
TTC-201515mm Federal Army Atlas Armoured Prime Mover/Guntruck (tractor, drop-in rear guntruck body, two robot rotary gun turrets, and two manned laser stations, and two plugs for the turret rings)$12.99
TTC-2017Federal Army M3918 Polecat Armoured Light Utility Vehicle$9.99
TTC-2017HFederal Army M3918 Polecat ALUV Squadron (four complete vehicle kits)$35.99
15mm-sabre-tracked15mm Federal Army Sabre Light-Medium Tracked Tank with medium plasma gun and pintle-mounted LMG (one vehicle kit, mixed resin and pewter)$12.99
15mm-sabre-tracked-platoon15mm Federal Army Sabre Light-Medium Tracked Tank Platoon (x4 kits)$48.99
15mm-sabre-grav15mm Federal Army Sabre Light-Medium Grav Tank with medium plasma gun and pintle-mounted LMG (one vehicle kit, mixed resin and pewter)$12.99
15mm-sabre-grav-platoon15mm Federal Army Sabre Light-Medium Grav Tank Platoon (x4 kits)$48.99
TTC-201815mm Federal Army Samson Medium Tracked Tank with medium plasma gun, coaxial HMG, and autotrack gatling gun (one vehicle kit, mixed resin and pewter)$13.99
TTC-2018H15mm Federal Army Samson Medium Tracked Tank Platoon (four vehicle kits)$51.99
SEYDLITZ15mm Federal Army Seydlitz Medium Tracked Tank with medium cannon (one vehicle kit, mixed resin and pewter)$13.99
SEYDLITZ-PLATOON15mm Federal Army Seydlitz Medium Tracked Tank Platoon (four vehicle kits)$51.99
TTC-201915mm Federal Army Samaritan Medium Anti-Grav Tank with medium plasma gun, coaxial HMG, and autotrack gatling gun (one vehicle kit, mixed resin and pewter)$13.99
TTC-2019H15mm Federal Army Samaritan Medium Anti-Grav Tank Platoon (four vehicle kits)$51.99
TTC-202015mm Federal Army Crusader Heavy Tracked APC with rapid-fire light plasma gun, eight heavy anti material missiles, and autotrack gatling gun (one vehicle kit, mixed resin and pewter)$12.99
TTC-2020H15mm Federal Army Crusader Heavy Tracked APC platoon (four vehicle kits)$47.99
TTC-202115mm Federal Army Chasseur Heavy Anti-Grav APC with rapid-fire light plasma gun, eight heavy anti material missiles, and autotrack gatling gun (one vehicle kit, mixed resin and pewter)$12.99
TTC-2021H15mm Federal Army Chasseur Heavy Anti-Grav APC platoon (four vehicle kits)$47.99
TTC-202215mm Federal Army XM-6 Advanced Superheavy Grav Tank (one vehicle kit, resin with choice of heavy fusion cannon or superheavy railgun)$18.99
DOWNED-PILOTS15mm Downed Flyer or Mecha Pilots/Operators (x2, one male and one female)$1.99

15mm Sci Fi Cars

A KVM Gazelle pursuit cruiser
Around Federal space vehicles like these drive the highways and grav slots of the great population centers. So far we offer vehicular solutions from two different major manufacturers.

The KVM (Kurasa Vectored Mobility) gravs are one piece castings and are available individually. They do not come with flight stands, but can rest square on the tabletop without one. Each kit comes with an optional light strip so that the car can be used as a police or other security vehicle -- this is shown on the images of the Gazelle sports grav but also comes with the grav limo and the economy grav.

KVM Gazelles are widely used as pursuit cruisers by the Federal Security Service as well as planetary police forces. The massive Proton limousine is widely used by the Federal Army as a staff car for high ranking officers, and is also prized by intergalactic criminal organisations as a symbol of power and affluence.

The RAS (Remi Automotive Solutions) vehicles are one-piece car bodies with plug-in swappable drives. Each set comes with a roadster and a sedan, and two drive plugs -- one set has two drive plugs with wheels, a three wheeled drive and a four wheeled drive; the other set has two grav drive plugs, one in high hover, the other in park/low hover. The drive parts are made of pewter and fit into a slot on the bottom of the car.

The KVM vehicles have many tromp l'oeil effects painted on and these are not part of the castings.

The Runabouts are meant to carry only a single person -- they are one piece pewter castings.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
GAZELLE-GRAV15mm KVM Gazelle Grav Sports Car (with optional light strip for pursuit cruiser variant)$3.99
NORIKO-GRAV15mm KVM Noriko Grav Compact Car (with optional light strip for security vehicle variant)$3.99
PROTON-GRAV15mm KVM Proton Grav Limousine (with optional light strip for heavy pursuit cruiser variant)$5.99
SF-cars-wheeled15mm RAS Sci Fi Cars, Wheeled (two cars, a roadster and a sedan, with one three wheeled drive insert and one four wheelend drive insert)$6.99
SF-cars-grav15mm RAS Sci Fi Cars, Grav (two cars, a roadster and a sedan, with one low hover grav insert and one high hover grav insert) -- figurine in photo is for comparison only and is sold separately)$6.99
SF-sporty-cars-wheeled15mm RAS Sci Fi Sporty Cars, Wheeled (two cars, with one three wheeled drive insert and one four wheelend drive insert)$6.99
SF-sporty-cars-grav15mm RAS Sci Fi Sporty Cars, Grav (two cars, with one low hover grav insert and one high hover grav insert)$6.99
SF-runabouts-wheeled15mm Sci Fi Single Passenger Runabouts, Wheeled (two cars)$4.99
SF-runabouts-grav15mm Sci Fi Single Passenger Runabouts, Grav (two cars)$4.99

Federal Army/Navy VTOL Gunships, Attack Craft and Landers

Some of the most common Federal VTOLs
The Federal Army and Navy jointly operate many different VTOL craft, some of which are (or may be configured to) enter a planet's orbit from space for insertion or strike missions. When the Navy operates gunships it is generally in support of SPAR teams.

The chief heavy gunship of Federal forces is the Phalanx Gunship. This craft is the opposite number of the Nova Respublik DOE and carries a very heavy armament -- two rapid fire pulse cannons, a dozen superheavy anti-material missiles, and, for anti-personnel purposes, seeker micromissile boxes. For patrol or close support in low intensity combat zones the side panels of the Phalanx's passenger compartment can be removed and additional weapons can be mounted, either medium pulse weapons or rotary cannons. This is referred to as the Phalanx "A" configuration. Both the Army and Navy SPAR teams use the Phalanx "A" in low intensity combat, where the arrival of the craft overhead can avert disaster for a platoon pinned down by insurgents or space demons.

The Phalanx has a rear passenger compartment and, with the side panels installed (the Phalanx "B" configuration) is capable of carrying up to eight passengers into combat. This is the most common method of inserting SPAR teams into enemy territory.

Many Phalanx Gunships have been upgraded with anti-grav VTOL drives, but some units continue to operate Phalanxes with their original ducted-fan engines -- drive parts for both are included in the set.

The medium lander used by the Federal forces is the Cormorant Lander. This craft is able to insert several squads of infantry directly into battle, as it is heavily armoured and also defended with two CIDS. Its unarmed version -- designated the Heron Yacht -- is used by both the armed forces and by private owners, replacing its two close-in defence systems with viewing stations. Both variants have powerful rear and VTOL direct thrusters. The passenger pod may be uncoupled and replaced with a variety of other specialised inserts for various functions.

The Kestrel light gunship is manufactured by MDMS and is such an excellent design, and so inexpensive, it is widely deployed by the Federal military as a scout and light gunship for low intensity conflicts ... where it occasionally meets itself on the battlefield deployed by the enemy as well!

Phalanx-A and Cormorant models painted by dwartist, Phalanx B by Tim Rich.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
KESTREL15mm MDMS Kestrel Light Gunship (flight base not included)$11.99
CORMORANT-LANDER15mm Federal Navy Cormorant Medium Lander/Heron unarmed yacht (transport pod included, as are optional weapons for the Cormorant or viewing stations for the Heron)

View of the transport pod
PHALANX-A-ARMY15mm Federal Army Phalanx "A" Heavy Gunship with side panels removed and Army door gunners (with both medium pulsers and rotary cannons)$33.99
PHALANX-A-SPAR15mm Federal Navy Phalanx "A" Heavy Gunship with side panels removed and SPAR team door gunners (with both medium pulsers and rotary cannons)$33.99
PHALANX-B15mm Federal Army/Navy Phalanx "B" Heavy Gunship (buttoned up)$31.99
PHALANX-BASEPewter Flying Base for Phalanx Heavy Gunship$1.49
DOWNED-PILOTS15mm Downed Flyer or Mecha Pilots/Operators (x2, one male and one female)$1.99

15mm Vespulid Swarm

The huge Vespulid Drone
Vespulid warriors are predatory hive entomalians who evolved from a species nearly identical to the earth wasp, and have reached sentience. Capable now of sophisticated technology, they hunt using enhancements such as permanently installed rocket packs which replace the wings of the warrior for greater flight power, and ion weapons to stun even the toughest foe so it may be carried back to the larva in the hive, as food for these ravenous Vespulid Maggots.

At the center of every swarm (unit) is a Vespulid Drone, the only males in the hive. Upon reaching sentience the Vespulids understood the military value of these huge creatures and they provide greater firepower and an awesome close combat ability. In addition to using two ion shotguns at the same time, each Drone has an ion mortar mounted on his rocket pack which is loaded with one massive ion charge that can short out a tank or incapacitate an entire squad of prey. And a Drone can effortlessly snip off the head of the toughest enemy with one great slam of its massive mandibles. The Drone's imperious nature permits it to control the Warriors of the swarm using pheromones.

Not suited temperamentally to anything but a fierce onrush, the Vespulids rely on a furious rocket pack assault to get right in amongst their prey and shock them using massive ion blasts. Each warrior retains her stinger and mandibles, making her a redoubtable close combat foe. Vespulids do not use vehicles, but two of each swarm carries a tank controller, a sophisticated device which will adhere to any surface and permits the Vespulid to take control of the weapons system, much as non-sentient wasps will take control of a much larger host's body.

The only support these fierce onrushes will get will be from the Heavy Ion Mortar, carried by each swarm into battle and then carefully placed by the Drone, who controls it pheromonically as the swarm buzzes into the fray. Each Heavy Ion Mortar is capable of firing seven Ion Cannisters at a high trajectory, seeding huge crackling gouts of ion energy amongst the enemy, shocking many to death outright, shorting out electronics and blinding those caught in its considerable blast radius.

When large formations of Vespulids advance into battle they are sometimes accompanied by that most fearsome of all Vespulids, the Heirarch Queen, who alone is capable of maneuvering her Swarms into battle with more subtlety than a head-down charge, and for fire support she wields a Shock Cannon of such dreadful power that no enemy weapons system is safe from its effects.

Since the introduction of the Space Demons to our dimension, the Vespulids have grown greatly in numbers in the galaxy, as Space Demons have proven to be the perfect host species for the Vespulid hives. (It is an awesome sight indeed to witness a swarm of Vespulids buzzing around even such mighty creatures as a Space Demon Colossus, incapacitating it with a blizzard of bliding white ion blasts.) The Vespulid menace, formerly localized, is now present all over the galaxy.

Each swarm comes with eight poses of Warriors and one of two randomly chosen poses of the massive Drone swarmleader, which is substantially taller than a normal 15mm model. For multiple-pack orders every effort will be made to assure that a mix of drones is sent.

Flight stands are not provided for the flying poses, but we heartily recommend the acrylic flight rods and bases made by Litko Aerosystems. The little "three prong flight peg topper" is particularly useful to use as a base in conjunction with the various clear flight rods they make.

Vespulids sculpted by Mike Broadbent.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
VESP-QUEEN15mm Vespulid Hierarch Queen$8.99
TTC-150015mm Vespulid Warriors (eight warriors with ion shotguns -- drone shown in image is available separately and IS NOT IN THIS SET)$6.29
TTC-150115mm Vespulid Drones (two large Vespulids with ion shotguns and ion mortars -- SET CONTAINS ONLY TWO DIFFERENT POSES OF THE LARGE VESPULID SHOWN IN THE IMAGE)$3.99
VESPUL-MAGGOTS15mm Vespulid Maggots (x6 in three different poses, with separate mouth parts)$4.99
TTC-150415mm Vespulid Eggs (x8)$3.99
TTC-150515mm Vespulid Heavy Ion Mortar$3.99

15mm Four Nations

The Four Nations are human colonists from the former British Isles who established a coalition of republics of numerous star systems until they were overrun by the Soriog Empire. Fighting for over twenty years to maintain their republic, they gained vital information about Soriog society, motives, tactics and technology, and when they finally had to flee, and sought asylum in the Federation, they provided this information to humanity.

Having fled their home systems in a fleet made up largely of light cruisers, the majority class of ship remaining in their devestated navy, the Four Nations refugees were not able to carry much military hardware. Now that they serve as border guards for the Federation on the Soriog frontier, they are provided with military hardware by the Federal Army, especially armoured vehicles. The Sword Hovertank design, a development of the Seydlitz tracked tank, was evaluated by the Federal Army and found to be a good vehicle, but was put into reserve without deployment when grav tech was developed. The accompanying APC, the Challenger, met a smiliar fate. When it was discovered that the Four Nations' armoured vehicles had been hover types, the Federal Army considered their warehoused hover designs to be a perfect match and provided their new allies with Swords and Challengers. These were put into full-scale production and proved so successful the Federation fielded several armoured brigades using them as well. The scout vehicle of the Four Nations, the Alliance, was designed in conjunction with the mercenary fleet of the Core System, and uses shared technology from both forces.

Crewmen depicted in the vehicle buildups are Federal tankers, code TTC-2012, shown for scale purposes only -- they are not included with the kits (but of course are available separately).

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
SWORD-HOVERTANK15mm Sword Hovertank (Federal/Four Nations Service)$15.99
CHALLENGER-HOVERAPC15mm Challenger HoverAPC (Federal/Four Nations Service)$14.99
ALLIANCE-HOVERSCOUT15mm Alliance HoverScout (Four Nations/Core Systems Service)$12.99

15mm Garn Alien Warriors

Garn Flesheater, Hegemon and Warrior in the field
15mm versions of our popular Garn Warriors, first released in 28mm, these are a sentient reptilian species that evolved from a race similar to the great Tyrannosaurs of old Earth. Hulking and powerful, the exclusively carnivorous Garn are driven by two hearts and a relentless appetite for flesh and booty. The lead a force of various alien races which is called the Carnivoran Hegemony but it is not a federation of races -- it is in substance an empire dominated by the Garn. Subject races in this hegemony include the Felids, Torans and M'stellids.

Garn warriors need little protection other than their own thick, scaly skin as each wears an advanced-technology force-field generator on its back, and they carry large weapons of considerable power. In short, a normal Garn squaddie is easily a match for an elite power-armoured Terran soldier, and is possessed of an irresistible will to conquer.

The basic Garn Warrior Squad can be built from three packs: Garn Warriors with the basic infantry arm, the 20mm assault cannon; Warriors with squad heavy weapons (a plasma gun, a laser cannon, a missile launcher and a flamethrower); and a command set with squad leaders and comms specialists, as well as a single casualty. Garn squad leaders are veterans who wear a single powerful force weapon on their left fist and mount a monocular-sighted energy weapon on their shoulder.

Leading Garn forces into battle are the Hegemons, born into the aristocratic caste, who are powerfully armed for war and lead their forces with reptilian cunning and cruelty. They wear two huge force weapons, one on each fist, and a much larger and more powerful shoulder-mounted energy weapon than do the unit leaders. Hegemons are from a select caste and are considerably larger than normal Garn, but the most physically imposing of all are the terrible Flesheater Giant Heroes -- all Garn are of course flesh eaters but only these heroes, who heft the largest weapons into battle, are so-designated. Treated with deference by all but the Hegemon class, the gigantic Flesheaters are allowed to join whichever unit they think most aggressive so that they may always be present at the hottest places on the battlefield.

All Garn models are two piece -- the model itself and a back mounted force field projector (if the gamer prefers his reptilians not to have this, the hole is of course very easily filled). The Garn are a perfect addition to any 15mm science fiction collection, big strong, brave and ferocious, they will put an elite force of mercenaries or redoubtable enemies on your tabletop, implacably advancing across open ground protected by their force field generators.

To see a comparison of a Garn Flesh Eater, Hegemon, Warrior and a human, click HERE. (The Garn Warrior shown in this image is the one missing from the image below.)

Figurines painted by "Spacejacker." Please note that these models are a complete re-sculpting of the 15mm Garn range.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
GARN-WARRIORS 15mm Garn Alien Warriors (six models with assault cannons, sixth pose is shown in the comparison image above) $6.99
GARN-HEAVY-WEAPONS15mm Garn Aliens With Heavy Weapons (four models with plasma gun, laser cannon, flamethrower and missile launcher)$5.99
GARN-COMMAND15mm Garn Alien Commanders (five models in three poses – two unit commanders, two comms warriors, and one casualty)$6.99
GARN-FLESHEATERS15mm Garn Flesheater Giant Heroes (two models – one with plasma cannon, one with superheavy flamethrower)$5.99
GARN-HEGEMON15mm Garn Hegemon Warlord (one model)$1.99

The Thrainites

Soldiers of the Thrainite Lething
The Thrainites are the descendents of a colony of humans from earth who were sent through a wormhole to the Canis Majoris system, almost 4,000 light years away, during the first wave of interstellar migration in the 22nd Century. The colony was never heard from again, as was indeed expected to happen, but after the Awakening, when humans were taught to fully exploit wormhole travel, one of the first missions was to seek out the seed colonists, including the CM Seed. They were found to have survived and built a new civilization for themselves, calling themselves Thrainites, living in several neighboring star systems, and governing themselves by monarchy. Living for centuries on planets slightly larger than earth, they have gradually mutated to a shorter, stockier stature than Terra humans. Many millions have migrated closer to the Federation since contact was reestablished, but even then tend to live amongst themselves.

Thrainites are by disposition a somber people with a serious attitude toward war and conquest. They can be aggressive and expansionist, especially toward aliens, but generally prefer commerce to hostilities and export a series of rare minerals throughout the galaxy. They can be paid to fight for a cause they can support, as they did in the Molch Vornid War, turning the tide in that conflict.

The Thrainites are close assault specialists, preferring automatic slugthrowers to energy weapons. Thrainite combat forces are built around the Lething, a body of freemen who serve their local Stewards. Lethings are their equivalent of a squad or section, but can vary in size from 8 Thrainites to over 20, depending on the resources and prestige of the Steward. The basic building block of a Lething is the Clutch, closely equivalent to a fire team, made up of a veteran leading three other freemen. To these can be added heavy weapons specialists using such weapons as missile launchers, heavy anti-material rifles and knee mortars. A Lething can be the size of a platoon, but are more commonly 14-18 soldiers total, including the Steward and his heavy slug-thrower House Man. Nobles of higher rank than Steward fight when young in Assisted Carapace Armour assault squads of six Thrainites, and upon achieving veteran status are often given higher commands, culminating in Force Commander rank, an officer leading a Leid (company) or larger formation.

Since they have renewed contact with Terra, the Thrainites have bought large quantities of MDMS Vehicles and greatly prefer these simple, rugged designs to the more complex Federal Army vehicles, although they have bought limited quantities of those as well. They also employ the MAKO tractor and gun system to provide the Lethings with mobile heavy firepower.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
Thrainite-Troopers15mm Thrainite Lething Troopers (x8 -- two Lethings in five poses, two different veterans and three trooper poses)$5.99
Thrainite-Heavy-Weapons15mm Thrainite Heavy Weapons Troopers (x6 -- two each of knee mortars, heavy anti-material rifles, and missile launchers)$4.49
Thrainite-Lething-Command15mm Thrainite Lething Command Set (x2 – one Steward and one House Man with heavy slugthrower)$1.49
Thrainite-Noble-Team15mm Thrainite Young Noble Team in Assisted Carapace Armour (x6 in six poses)$4.49
Thrainite-Force-Commander15mm Thrainite Force Commander in Command Power Armour Suit (x1)$.99
Thrainite-Tank-Crew15mm Thrainite Vehicle Crew Halves (to fit in MDMS tank hatches) (x2 in two poses)$1.39
MAKO-THRAINITE15mm KWI Mako Autocannon and Heavy Mortar with THRAINITE Crew (two weapons – cruciform carriage and gun tractor NOT INCLUDED)$3.99
MAKO-TRACTOR15mm KWI Mako Gun Tractor (one complete vehicle – gun on deck not included)$7.99
MAKO-CRUCIFORM15mm KWI Mako Cruciform Carriage for Weapon Static Deployment (one complete base – gun is not included)$.99
MDMS-TANK 15mm MDMS Goanna/Taipan Tank (one vehicle with two turrets for crewed and robotic options, three main guns – railgun, laser and rotary cannon, and two secondary armament choices – twin laser and missile pod)
Kit Components
MDMS-TANK-PLATOON15mm MDMS Goanna/Taipan Tank Platoon (three of above tank kits)$53.99
MDMS-APC15mm MDMS Cane Toad Heavy APC (one vehicle with two secondary armament choices – twin laser turrets and missile pods)$16.99
MDMS-APC-PLATOON15mm MDMS Cane Toad Heavy APC Platoon (three of above APC kits)$47.99

15mm Nova Respublik Crimson Army

Drakon tank and Nova infantry
Rising from the ashes of the oppressive Romantoff Freehold, Nova Respublik, also known as the UPSR (Union of Planetary Socialist Republics), is spreading popular revolution throughout the human colonies of the galaxy. As Gallopovich, that war leader of the early days, said (before he was purged), "War is the locomotive of history, and the engine of that locomotive is the battle tank." Following his diktats, the armies of Nova Respublik heavily employ medium tanks, which swarm across the battlefield into the furnace of battle, the clanking of their treads a deafening sound as they literally roll over all opposition.

These tanks have progressed along with the cause of peoples' revolution. Although now quite outdated, the basic tank model, People's Objekt 2536, usually called the Red Banner, is still in use in third line garrisons, as well as in back-of-beyond republics, guerilla movements, and interplanetary drug cartels across the spiral. To keep up with the times, the Red Banner was upgraded with force-field radiating blocks, and designated the Red Banner-U. Many UPSR second-rate divisions and third-tier human settlements are armed with this upgraded vehicle. To further protect the tank, the next major upgrade, the Red Eagle, added much more substantial force field radiators to the turret front, and more sophisticated electronics were added to a larger bin in the rear turret. Red Eagles serve as the main tank of the first line and Guards tank shock divisions. The final evolution of the Red Banner series is the Red Lightning, an upgraded Red Eagle mounting an experimental laser cannon of great power (and dangerous instability). Favoured first-line units receive one such supertank per platoon.

Supplementing the millions of Red Banner-generation tanks in service around the galaxy are (initially) small numbers of Drakon-T and Drakon-G main battle tanks, Nova Respublik's "great leap forward" in tank tech. Capable of mounting either a railgun or a plasma cannon, the Drakon is an even deadlier foe than the Red Banner, but is so far being fielded only by the best-connected Guards Shock Divisions, and the inner bodyguard of client states. Using a combination of captured Federal tech and their own research, Nova scientists have developed the first practical grav drive for their armoured vehicles as well, permitting the Guards an entirely new level of mobility on the battlefield. Reverse engineering of the Federal gatling gun has resulted in a similar weapon for the Drakon's turret, capable of anti-personnel or anti-air defence.

Not to be content with their new tank, the Vehicle Design Bureau have also developed an advanced-tech heavy IFV, the Grifon-T and Grifon-G APCs. The Grifon mounts a small, rapid-fire railgun to defend itself against enemy armour or personnel. It may also be provided with add-on micro-missile packs to give it the ability to fight off heavy enemy elements. Like the Drakon, it can be propelled by either tracks or grav drive.

Not to leave the people out of the peoples' revolution, the infantry of Nova Respublik support the tanks in their onslaughts, and slug it out with counterrevolutionary humans as well as bourgeois alien oppressors in builtup areas and other rough terrain. Although many walk in lower tier divisions, those in first line and Guards formations ride into battle inside the Yozhik (Hedgehog) Heavy APC, a modified Red Banner hull capable of carrying a squad of infantry. Other motorised infantry use the ubiquitous BTR-3000, a large wheeled APC, which can carry as armament either the same effective suite of weapons as the Yozhik or, for export or less politically connected divisions, the same Streletz heavy infantry laser as the Cossack. There is also an unarmed variant of the BTR-3000 which performs a wide variety of tasks, such as staff vehicle or ambulance, and is often used by the UPSR as an all-terrain vehicle for non-military governmental functions. Infantry have intrinsic heavy weapons, but for heavier firepower they are accompanied into battle by the Darling Little Robot series, semi-sentient vehicles which faithfully support social transformation using multiple rocket launchers, large anti-material missiles, or heavy autocannons, and by the Python Power Armoured Suit, which is heavily armoured and mounts four 20mm autocannons as well as two heavy anti-material missiles.

Found in large numbers in all Nova Respublik forces, fulfilling a variety of roles, is the Cossack armoured transport. This simple, rugged vehicle is used as a light APC, a recon and patrol car, and, with the roofed command pod installed, as a command car for company or higher level officers. It mounts the Strelets light laser, which was invented to give this small vehicle an effective rapidfire support weapon. (The Strelets can be seen increasingly in favoured Guard divisions as well, supplementing the standard heavy pulser as a squad support weapon.)

Hovering over the Nova Respublik regiments, ready to strike in force, is the formidable DOE Gunship, huge and heavily armoured, and mounting a virtual arsenal of weaponry. These craft (called Jastreb, Hawk, in their own armies) can also carry eight soldiers into battle, making them a double threat.

Infantry sculpted by Mike Broadbent.

To read more about the design variants of the Red Banner series, check out this forum post. For some assembly hunts on the DOE, check out this blog post.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
DRAKON-T15mm Drakon-T Advanced Tracked Tank (one vehicle kit with both plasma and rail cannon options supplied)$18.99
DRAKON-T-PLATOON15mm Drakon-T Advanced Tracked Tank Platoon (three complete Drakon-T kits)$53.99
DRAKON-G15mm Drakon-G Advanced Grav Tank (one vehicle kit with both plasma and rail cannon options supplied)$18.99
DRAKON-G-PLATOON15mm Drakon-G Advanced Grav Tank Platoon (three complete Drakon-G kits)$53.99
GRIFON-T15mm Grifon-T Advanced Tracked APC (one vehicle kit)$14.99
GRIFON-T-PLATOON15mm Grifon-T Advanced Tracked APC Platoon (three complete Grifon-T kits)$41.99
GRIFON-G15mm Grifon-G Advanced Grav APC (one vehicle kit)$14.99
GRIFON-G-PLATOON15mm Grifon-G Advanced Grav APC Platoon (three complete Grifon-G kits)$41.99
TTC-240015mm Red Banner/Eagle/Lightning Medium Tank (with pieces to make one vehicle of any of the variants)$14.99
TTC-2400H15mm Red Banner/Eagle/Lightning Medium Tank Platoon (x3 vehicle kits)$42.99
TTC-240115mm Yozhik (Hedgehog) Heavy APC/ICV$11.99
TTC-2401H15mm Nova Respublik Yozhik (Hedgehog) Heavy APC/ICV Platoon (x3 vehicles)$35.99
BTR300015mm Nova Respublik BTR3000 wheeled APC (with options for heavy armed with heavy laser and missile launchers, light armed with anti-personnel laser, or unarmed)$10.99
BTR3000-PLATOON15mm Nova Respublik BTR3000 Wheeled APC Platoon (three complete vehicle kits)$31.99
TTC-240215mm Nova Respublik Cossack Light APC/Scout/Command Car with choice of manned and unmanned Stelets RF Infantry Laser$8.99
TTC-2402RSeated Riders for 15mm Nova Respublik Cossack Light APC (two strips of four riders)$1.99
TTC-2402-OBS15mm Nova Respublik Forward Observer Team for Cossack Scout/Patrol Car or as dismounted (x4)$2.99
TTC-240315mm Nova Respublik DOE Gunship
Exploded view for assembly
TTC-240415mm Nova Respublik "Darling Little" Series Direct Fire Support Infantry Robot (includes weapons loads for three different types)$8.99
TTC-2404HRobot Section of three 15mm Nova Respublik "Darling Little" Series Direct Fire Support Infantry Robots (three complete kits)$23.99
TTC-2404TSpare Turret for 15mm Nova Respublik "Darling Little" Series Infantry Robot (to utilise the spare weapons in the main pack)$1.39
TTC-240515mm Nova Respublik Infantry Squad with three teams (one command team with sergeant, comms trooper, and heavy missile crew, and two fire teams, each with a plasma grenade launcher, a heavy pulser, and three riflemen)$8.49
TTC-2405H15mm Nova Respublik Infantry Platoon Set (3 x TTC-2405, 2 x TTC-2406, and 1 x TTC-2407)$36.99
TTC-240615mm Nova Respublik Heavy Infantry Weapons Section (1 superheavy pulser with crew, 1 mortar with crew, 1 sniper in poncho)$5.29
TTC-240715mm Nova Respublik Infantry High Command Set (officer, political officer, officer's driver, holomap projector with holomap, and medic)$3.19
TTC-240815mm Nova Respublik Tank Crewmen (hatch halves)$.99
TTC-240915mm Nova Respublik PA-3 Python Power Armoured Suit (set of two complete suits, with two different leg poses, four different arm poses, two cockpits and two missile launchers, all pieces are pewter)$9.99

Alien Crime Wave

Traveling in the hold of a freighter from one star system to the next, it often seems that the passenger compartments are filled with bounty hunters, but just as often it's the fugitives they are hunting who are the passengers (although hopefully not at the same time!).

Many inter-system criminals are aliens -- fugitives from their own strange civilisations and illegals in ours, living on the verges, stealing or killing to get by or get rich. Likewise, many of bounty hunters who pursue them are aliens, hunting down fugitives for trial (or, depending on the Freehold, summary execution), depositing the bound bailjumper with the authorities in exchange for cold hard credits. It's the rare human who will pursue alien ne'er-do-wells into the slums or shantytowns where they hide out, but there are an intrepid few -- often disillusioned law enforcement officials who would rather work alone, with no company other than a faithful droid.

At times these aliens will band together and take over an area, and then it's up to law enforcement or even the Army to root them out....

Models sculpted by PF and Iain Colwell.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-250215mm Human Bounty Hunters -- Jaka Walsh and Duke$1.99
TTC-2503Alien Bounty Hunters$3.99
TTC-250415mm Shady Alien Characters 1 (Kenny the Klak, Angry Zhun, and a Nuuuur Ronin)$2.99
TTC-250515mm Shady Alien Characters 2 (VITRO renegade; Core Systems Ghulam Bodyguard; Antlon extortionist; Hi-I'm-Harold, robot terrorist; and Ghel shapeshifter)$4.99
TTC-250615mm Alien Crime Syndicate (one each of Shady Alien Characters sets 1 and 2)$6.99

TRIBAL Class DPLS (Dual Purpose Light Spacecraft) and its passengers

Tribal Class DPLS painted by Neldoreth
The Tribal Class DPLS (dual purpose light spacecraft) is the most widely used light interstellar spacecraft in the galaxy. With little effort, the "Bulldog" (the popular nickname of the spacecraft due to the appearance of the cabin) can be configured to perform an impressive variety of roles. It is used by the Federal Navy as a strike craft for fleet combat as well as ground attack, as a dropship to land grunts in the action, as a resupply craft or as a transport for fleet dignitaries, the DPLS is just as often used commercially as a freighter or passenger shuttle, and in the clutches of pirates it is a formidable threat to the shipping lanes. Even when its wingtip heavy laser cannons are dismounted, the craft still has some residual firepower from its missile turret.

The Tribal-class DPLS is a 15mm (1/100th) scale model spacecraft -- with a wingspan of 170mm, it's the largest single 15mm scale wargaming miniature we have ever made and, we suspect, one of the largest anyone has! It can be assembled in a number or different configurations. The wingtip heavy laser cannons can be installed, or left off with wingtip covers installed instead (both are included). It has a flight stand and landing gear that can be depicted either up or down, and the vessel can be removed from the flight stand. It also comes with both a smooth belly insert for strike craft, passenger transport or dropship service, or a standard cargo pod which is used when the vessel operates as a freighter or for combat resupply, and this can be attached or left off. The flight stand plugs into either the belly insert or the cargo pod. The exit ramp can also be depicted opened or closed.

Also available is a typical DPLS spaceship crew in commercial service -- the famous crew of the DPLS UFS Samnite IV. The captain is the charismatic Gary Benko, a decorated veteran and adventurer, who is inseperable from his co-pilot, First Officer Katherine Kym, an exiled princess from the Khanate of Kym. These flyers are assisted by the engineer, Violet, and security officer, a Bubalid named Bhas. As a Bubalid he is an SNH (sanctioned non-human), and as such is permitted on the ship when in commercial service. Rounding out the crew is Cosmo, an Anaconda Industries 386 series in civilian configuration, who serves a variety of purposes onboard.

DPLS crews aren't especially choosy about who they transport between star systems, usually only requiring that DPLS passengers refrain from gunfire within the confines of the ship. With the motley crew of foreigners often carried, sometimes even that is asking too much. Often to be found in the passenger holds are bounty hunters, searching for this or that fugitive from justice. Also commonly carried, but hopefully not on the same flight, are the fugitives themselves, trying to stay one step ahead of retribution, or simply looking for a new venue in which to misbehave.

To read more about the DPLS, and see more photos, please read this blog entry.

DPLS designed and rendered by Mark Mondragon, physical kit painted by "Neldoreth."

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-250015mm Tribal Class DPLS (Dual Purpose Light Spacecraft) with Flight Base and Cargo Pod$69.95
TTC-250115mm DPLS Crew (captain, first officer, security officer, engineer and server robot)$4.99
DOWNED-PILOTS15mm Downed Flyer or Mecha Pilots/Operators (x2, one male and one female)$1.99

Federal Army VITRO clone soldiers

Vitros are human clone soldiers who are organised into platoons and then attached to Federal divisions at the company level as needed before or during battle. They are folded into the company’s command structure, usually one platoon being added to bolster the company.

Vitros are the best infantry in the Federal Army – they have enhanced senses and are physically superior to in uteros, and are trained for combat virtually from the day they separate. They are provided with distinctive armour and weapons to take advantage of their exceptional performance (and to clearly indicate that they are Vitros), the most unusual feature being the multi-lens combat helmet which gives the Vitro warrior a somewhat strange, alien appearance.

Vitro platoons are very small, just two squads of seven soldiers. The first squad is led by a sergeant, the second squad by a corporal. Each squad has the leader, a heavy pulser trooper, a missile launcher, a plasma pistol specialist, and three troopers with rifles. Unlike in squads of in utero troopers, which are mostly male, Vitro squads are made up of about equal numbers of males and females.

The Federal Army VITROs were sculpted by PF. To read more about the VITROs, please read this blog post.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
VITRO115mm Federal Army VITRO Squad 1 (x7 figures)$5.99
VITRO215mm Federal Army VITRO Squad 2 (x7 figures)$5.99

15mm Cult of Andromeda

Human renegade cultist
with a plasma gun
On the lawless fringes of Federal space, a cult of terrible power is spreading. Led by a female human with immensely strong psionic and psychic power, the shunned dregs of galactic society have converged around this "witch," as some term her. The Cultists call her Andromeda but it is known that is not her given name, just one of many pseudonyms she has used.

What is known is that she has collected regiments of Andromeda Cultists -- mostly outcast, reviled alien species -- around her as a form of regular army, supplementing them with huge numbers of Brunt mercenaries. These latter are carnivorous savages who generally serve for money and meat but -- superstitious halfwits that they are -- worship Andromeda as a shamaness.

There are four main types of "regular" cultist -- the Naga, Vilg, Thuloids and renegade humans. Naga are reptilian, poisonous, and inscrutable, always seeming shrouded in black dreams until they suddenly strike with terrible speed and precision. Vilg resemble wild boars but are covered in quills like porcupines. They are methodical and cunning, and always malicious. Thuloids are the strangest and most terrifying of all the cultists, coming, some say, from another dimension, determined to annihilate everything in our space/time. Finally there are some fallen human renegades, generally criminally insane, who migrate to the edges of Federal space to escape justice and carry out wickedness as sanctioned by the Cult.

Cultists are given the option of arming themselves with simple blasters or with a deadly power axe which mounts on its blade a smaller pistol-like blaster for very short ranged fire. Those most skilled with a blaster are soon provided with a heavier multi-blaster, or with a plasma gun for anti-tank work.

Brunt Mercenaries are seen as mere cannon fodder by the committed cultists, and indeed they are deployed far forward in the battle line, but the Brunts themselves would have it no other way. Their herds wander the galaxy in huge creaking hulks, seeking war, and in battle they hurtle forward in huge mobs, blazing away with heavy, clumsy blaster pistols and swinging huge cleavers. Once a herd gets moving it is difficult for anyone to stop it, friend or foe, although their commanders attempt some measure of control by shouting orders into bullhorns. The few Brunts who survive long enough to become veterans, less impetuous than the rest, are given heavier weapons to provide a measure of fire support to the stampeding herds.

Revered by all Brunts is The Chosen, a Brunt champion selected by Andromeda herself to fight at the forefront of the next assault. He is picked out by her and whisked away for a time, and when she returns the creature to the herd it is strangely silent, its fur has turned white as bone and it has shed its filthy tattered "uniform." Re-armed with a double-blade power sword with which it can deflect incoming enemy fire, The Chosen will scythe a bloody gash through the opposing ranks. Invariably the Chosen dies during the battle, either due to enemy action or to exhaustion, whereupon Andromeda will choose another Brunt for her "blessing."

Soaring above the rampaging Brunts and devious cultists, a select few Cultists ride the Demon Skimmers brought into our dimension by Andromeda herself. More machine than creature, the skimmers generally mount a deck gun, although Andromeda herself, and occasionally the Chosen, fights from atop a demon skimmer without a deck gun. Seemingly everywhere at once, always in the forefront of battle, Andromeda's power armour and uncanny prescience protect her from injury as she conjures creatures from other dimensions. Some of these are huge and terrifying, others dancing plasma spirits called "Andromeda's sparks" -- plasma spirits conjured from the material being of enemy soldiers. She is also an incredibly dangerous foe in close combat, for one touch from her as she utters an incantation can cause explosive and horrific spontaneous mutation.

This doom cult has destroyed many settlements on the Federal fringe. Their preferred tactic is to cause strife on an inhabited world, which attracts malevolent entities from other dimensions. Andromeda is then able to open a portal to let these horrors into our space/time, usually spelling the end of that world. Why the cult is doing this, no one can truly say.

Please note that the cultist models come with separate heads, which are in hoods so are quite simple to attach. Each pack of cultists (except the Cultist-crewed Demon Skimmer and plasma gunner body) comes with six heads -- two with hood pulled far over, two with face emerging more from the hood, and two with the hood down. The plasma gunner figure comes without a head but as there are extra heads in each cutlist pack the appropriate heads can be obtained from those. The Demon Skimmer with cultist crewing the deck gun comes with a Naga head and a Thuloid head but the bod can take any of the separate cultist heads (Vilg or Human Renegades, etc).

Thanks to the Spacejacker for his help with painting most of these models for display.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
andromeda-on-skimmer15mm Andromeda on Demon Skimmer$4.99
andromedas-sparks15mm Andromeda Cult "Sparks of Andromeda" (flaming plasma salamander-men) (x5 in five running poses)$3.99
andromeda-cultist-skimmer15mm Andromeda Cultist on Demon Skimmer with Deck Gun$4.99
andromeda-plasma-gunner15mm Andromeda Cultist Plasma Gunner Body (x1, body only -- head shown here is not provided, and a head must be supplied from one of the cultist codes)$.79
andromeda-naga-power-axe15mm Andromeda Cult Naga Cultists with Power Axes (x4 -- four poses with separate Naga heads)$3.79
andromeda-naga-blaster15mm Andromeda Cult Naga Cultists with Blasters (x5 -- four poses with blaster, one with a multi-blaster, with separate Naga heads)$4.79
andromeda-thuloid-power-axe15mm Andromeda Cult Thuloid Cultists with Power Axes (x4 -- four poses with separate Thuloid heads)$3.79
andromeda-thuloid-blaster15mm Andromeda Cult Thuloid Cultists with Blasters (x5 -- four poses with blaster, one with a multi-blaster, with separate Thuloid heads)$4.79
andromeda-vilg-power-axe15mm Andromeda Cult Vilg Cultists with Power Axes (x4 -- four poses with separate Vilg heads)$3.79
andromeda-vilg-blaster15mm Andromeda Cult Vilg Cultists with Blasters (x5 -- four poses with blaster, one with a multi-blaster, with separate Vilg heads)$4.79
andromeda-renegade-power-axe15mm Andromeda Cult Human Renegade Cultists with Power Axes (x4 -- four poses with separate Human Renegade heads)$3.79
andromeda-renegade-blaster15mm Andromeda Cult Human Renegade Cultists with Blasters (x5 -- four poses with blaster, one with a multi-blaster, with separate Human Renegade heads)$4.79
andromeda-brunt-herd15mm Andromeda Cult Brunt Herd Warriors with blaster pistols and cleavers (x6 in six poses)
Brunt size comparison
andromeda-brunt-characters15mm Andromeda Cult Brunt Heavy Weapons, Command and Chosen Champion (x7 -- two each of the heavy weapons and commander poses, and one Chosen)$7.99

15mm Federal Defence Force "Exterminators"

Two FDF "Exterminators"
The militia of the Federal Army is called the Federal Defence Forces, and protects far-flung worlds from alien attack or infestation, and preserves government control on planets subject to unrest or separatism. They wear some body armour, though less extensive than in the first-line Federal Army divisions, and it is of simpler design and tech. Their weapons are the older rifles firing caseless CPR but each one mounts a grenade launcher and this affords the FDF troops with considerable close range firepower. Due to infestation either by Space Demons or Parasachnids, units of the FDF stationed in infested zones have become proficient at eradicating such "xeno-hazards." These units are called, with some dark humour, "Exterminators," and they are the only units of the FDF to be actively posted to foreign worlds, but only long enough to put in place a programme of eradication (POE) so that the local forces can then maintain the xeno-hazard.

The squad pack is a typical squad, split into two four-soldier fireteams and led by a sergeant. Each fireteam has a MLMG (mobile light machine gunner); one team has three riflemen as support for the MLMG, the other team having two riflemen and a flamethrower operator. The platoon support set provides a lieutenant, sniper in ghillie suit, as well as plasma rifle and missile launchers for a multi-tiered firepower array.

Exterminator squads are always at risk of being outflanked or surrounded by overwhelming numbers of xeno-hazards, and so their best friend is the Robotic Machine Gun (RMG), a weapon that can be set to fire on all motion in a certain cone of fire or, with a light delay in shooting time, to fire using their onboard IFF system. These weapons are light but are slightly bulky, and one -- or even two -- will be carried into action by the squad, two Exterminators to each carry-crate, until they need to be deployed.

As they are reserve formations, the Exterminators make heavy use of older Federal armoured vehicles, such as the Polecat Armoured Light Utility Vehicle, a fast wheeled vehicle used for scouting and various light-carrying duties. But they are expecially famous for retaining the older-generation but still splendidly useful Caiman Infantry Combat Vehicle, a heavily armed and armoured wheeled infantry carrier that many regular Army soldiers wish they had access to. Lending the Exterminators extremely useful armoured support are the Sabre light-medium tanks, an older model also heavily used by export buyers, and available bot tracked and with the first-gen “MEP” grav upgrade.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-270015mm Federal Defence Force Exterminator Squad (x9: sergeant, two SAW gunners, five riflemen marines, and a flamethrower)$5.99
TTC-270115mm Federal Defence Force Exterminator Platoon Support (x6: lieutenant, sniper in ghillie suit, two missile launchers and two plasma riflemen)$3.99
TTC-270515mm Federal Defence Force Exterminator Platoon Set #2 (x5: two smartgunners, two medics, one casualty)$3.49
TTC-270615mm Federal Defence Force Exterminator Company Set #1 (x6: mortar team and mortar, SOW portable anti-mega-xeno weapon, company commander and executive officer)$3.99
TTC-270215mm Federal Defence Force Exterminator Robotic Machine Gun (RMG) (two guns plus two carry-crates)$3.99
TTC-270315mm Federal Defence Force Exterminator Squad in Extreme Environment Suits (x9: sergeant, two SAW gunners and six rifles)$6.99
TTC-270415mm Federal Defence Force M2189 Caiman Heavy Infantry Combat Vehicle (resin and pewter kit)$19.99
TTC-2017Federal Defence Force M3918 Polecat Armoured Light Utility Vehicle$9.99
TTC-2017HFederal Army M3918 Polecat ALUV Squadron (four complete vehicle kits)$35.99
15mm-sabre-tracked15mm Federal Army Sabre Light-Medium Tracked Tank with medium plasma gun and pintle-mounted LMG (one vehicle kit, mixed resin and pewter)$12.99
15mm-sabre-tracked-platoon15mm Federal Army Sabre Light-Medium Tracked Tank Platoon (x4 kits)$48.99
15mm-sabre-grav15mm Federal Army Sabre Light-Medium Grav Tank with medium plasma gun and pintle-mounted LMG (one vehicle kit, mixed resin and pewter)$12.99
15mm-sabre-grav-platoon15mm Federal Army Sabre Light-Medium Grav Tank Platoon (x4 kits)$48.99
DOWNED-PILOTS15mm Downed Flyer or Mecha Pilots/Operators (x2, one male and one female)$1.99

15mm Explorer/Iguana All Terrain Trucks

A Stannis Iguana in Exterminator
Service on a hostile world
Manufactured by Federal corporation Stannis Ground Systems, Explorer/Iguana all-terrain trucks are the ideal vehicles for transport, patrol or combat in extremely inhospitable environments such as deserts or rocky terrain. Four variable-height suspension arms raise the truck at clearances which may be set based on terrain needs, each arm mounting a bogie with two large wheels for maximum stability over difficult ground. The suspension arms are solid steel and very rugged, but the basic Explorer truck itself is fairly lightly protected. The cabin, however, is self-contained to protect the passengers from the hostile environments which are so often part of life on the more rustic colonies. Explorers are employed in the colonies for a variety of tasks as diverse as cargo transport, mapping, and even as school buses.

The Charger, the police cruiser variant of the Explorer, is externally similar to the commercial version but mounts a light pulser in place of the observation bubble on the roof of the vehicle. In the rough environment of the colonies, the Stannis Charger is often the first line of defence against hostiles threatening the colony from without or within, and is expecially popular with the Federal Security Service.

On many colonies, Stannis ATTs were pressed into service as military vehicles until proper assets could be deployed, and proved so useful that Stannis developed a military version, the Iguana All-Terrain Combat Vehicle, which mounts twin DECs in a turret and, in a chin mount, the same light pulser that equips the Charger police cruiser. The front of the Iguana has been extensively modified to armour the cabin, although only lighter armour has been installed in the rear of the vehicle. Substantial orders have been placed by the Federal Army to equip light infantry divisions and the vehicle is also popular with “exterminator” units of the defence forces which are stationed in Code Yellow or lower threat level environments. Iguanas are also available to Freeholds that are in compliance with Federal regulations. (As non-military vehicles, Explorers and Chargers may be sold anywhere in Federal space.)

These models are supplied with white metal suspension arms which may be set at various heights, from close to ground level to extreme elevation. The bogeys may also be swiveled at their base to show the vehicle in the midst of a turn. The model's suspension is in fact completely posable and it may be built crawling over very inhospitable terrain on a very striking diorama base if the gamer chooses!

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
IGUANA-TRUCK15mm Stannis Iguana all terrain combat vehicle$16.99
EXPLORER-TRUCK15mm Stannis Explorer all terrain truck (has swappable parts for Charger police cruiser)$16.99

15mm Warriors of Sepulveda 7

Sepulvedan resistance
fighters and Sponk.
The seventh planet in the Sepulveda star system, Sepulveda 7 is part of the Jo-el Freehold, and as such lays outside direct Federal control. From an economic perspective it is an incredibly valuable world due to its plentiful angravium deposits, which are mined for the fuel used to drive anti-grav engines. Its stolid miners and other residents have the misfortune of being under the thumb of the tyrannical and ruthless Jellina Jo-el I, who squeezes the planet and its people for the wealth that the angravium brings. Jellina has employed a rogue's gallery of alien mercenaries to oppress the locals and impose her will.

Some resist. Longing for the freedom and representative government of Federal membership, an effective planetwide insurgency has established an underground government. The Sepulvedan Resistance Fighters have fought off the depredations of Jellina's savage Lhurgg mercenaries, and also effectively resisted the great Kark mercenary regiments which took the place of the erratic and ill-disciplined Lhurggs. Armed with captured pulse rifles and other weaponry from the Jo-el Freehold's own arsenals, and using the Arkon Heavy Industries "Rockjumper" pickup crawler to launch lightning strikes, these fighters are rallied by the inspirational and seriousminded Desiree Kim, whose youth and slight frame belie her toughness and tactical genius, and the heroic Dave Rimmer, a scientist who conducted experiments for Jellina until he comprehended the horror of her fiendish transhuman constructs and fled to Sepulveda, the epicentre of resistance to her rule, to undo the ghastly work he had unwittingly done. Later they are joined by Teacup Tornado, a tweenaged girl with unbelievable combat skills, the orphaned daughter of a Federal secret agent who had been sent to Sepulveda to help organize the Resistance, and then by Camilla Bathurst, a federal xenobiologist studying the fearsome Sponk who escapes capture by the sinister Control Battalions and joins the resistance. Can these Heroes of the Sepulvedan Resistance, each a virtual one-person army, bring freedom to these beleaguered people?

Eventually Dave Rimmer rose to lead the resistance and formed the Sepulvedan Provisional Army, forged from hardbitten veterans of the Resistance. Properly equipped and trained, this highly motivated militia force will help to liberate the planet.

Deep within the jungles on the Sepulvedan equator dwell the PFLS, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Sepulveda, who were once allied to Nova Respublik in an effort to bring the Worker's Paradise to the planet. Now, dire need has required that they ally with the Resistance, and these insurgents are experts at jungle fighting, extremely well organised, and fanatically devoted to their cause.

Humans are an introduced species on Sepulveda 7, and most of the native creatures are xeno-crustaceans. One of the most formidable of these is the hulking, heavily armoured Sponk, a toxic blend of trapdoor spider, crab, and bear, much feared and respected by all on the planet. Stumbling upon a Sponk hole in the wild is a challenge for the best-equipped squad.

Heroes of the Resistance sculpted by Tom Meier, and painted by Jennifer Haley and Marike Reimer, Sponk sculpted by Black Crab Studio, Rockjumper pickup designed by John Bear Ross. The Rockjumper pickup is resin, and requires some cleanup and construction, as is normal for resin kits.

To read more about the Sponk, and see a photo of the green, please read this blog entry.

The Mako Gun Systems captured and pressed into service by the Resistance can either be mounted on the gun carriage or, for static use, on a cruciform carriage.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-141915mm Heroes of the Sepulvedan Resistance 3 (Camilla Bathurst, Federal Xenobiologist)$1.99
TTC-140315mm Heroes of the Sepulvedan Resistance 1 (Dave Rimmer and Desiree Kim)$3.99
TTC-140915mm Heroes of the Sepulvedan Resistance 2 (Teacup Tornado)
Early version of sculpt compared to penny and adult 15mm model
TTC-140015mm Sepulvedan Resistance Fighters in flak jackets with Pulse Rifles (x4)$2.39
TTC-140115mm Sepulvedan Truck-borne Resistance Fighters in flak jackets (two complete teams, each team 1 x missile launcher attachment, 1 x heavy pulse gun attachment, 2 x gunners, 1 x fighter riding shotgun, 1 x ammo crate)$3.99
TTC-140715mm Sepulvedan Resistance Fighters Set 2 (eight figures in four poses – three rifle-armed fighter poses and one pose with SAW)$4.99
TTC-140815mm Sepulvedan Resistance Fighters With Liberated Mortars (two teams)$3.99
TTC-140215mm Sepulvedan Resistance Fighter Command in flak jackets (1 x squad leader, 1 x RPG gunner, 1 x medic with SMG)$1.79
TTC-141015mm Sepulvedan Jungle Fighters (PFLS) in flak jackets with pulse rifles (7 models in 7 poses)$4.49
TTC-141115mm Sepulvedan Jungle Fighters (PFLS) in flak jackets, command and weapons (8 models in 4 poses -- commander, medic, RPG and SAW)$4.99
TTC-141215mm Sepulvedan Jungle Fighters (PFLS) in flak jackets, mortar teams (x2 teams)$3.99
TTC-141315mm Sepulvedan Truck-borne Jungle Fighters (PFLS) in flak jackets (two complete teams, each team 1 x missile launcher attachment, 1 x heavy pulse gun attachment, 2 x gunners, 1 x fighter riding shotgun, 1 x ammo crate)$3.99
TTC-141415mm Sepulvedan Provisional Army Regulars (SPA) in helmets and flak jackets with pulse rifles (7 models in 7 poses)$4.49
TTC-141515mm Sepulvedan Provisional Army Regulars (SPA) in helmets and flak jackets, command and weapons (8 models in 4 poses -- commander, medic, RPG and SAW)$4.99
TTC-141615mm Sepulvedan Provisional Army Regulars (SPA) in helmets and flak jackets, mortar teams (x2 teams)$3.99
TTC-141715mm Truck-borne Sepulvedan Provisional Army Regulars (SPA) in helmets and flak jackets (two complete teams, each team 1 x missile launcher attachment, 1 x heavy pulse gun attachment, 2 x gunners, 1 x fighter riding shotgun, 1 x ammo crate)$3.99
TTC-141815mm Sepulvedan Resistance Scouts mounted on horses, in flak jackets with pulse rifles (six horsemen, two different horse poses and three different posable upper torso parts)$7.29
MAKO-RESISTANCE15mm KWI Mako Autocannon and Heavy Mortar with Sepulvedan Resistance Crew (two weapons – cruciform carriage and gun tractor not included)$3.99
MAKO-TRACTOR15mm KWI Mako Gun Tractor (one complete vehicle – gun on deck not included)$7.99
MAKO-CRUCIFORM15mm KWI Mako Cruciform Carriage for Weapon Static Deployment (one complete base – gun is not included)$.99
TTC-140415mm AHI Rockjumper Pickup Crawler, with optional improvised armoured fighting compartment (track parts and fighting compartment are pewter)$7.99
SPONKS15mm Sepulvedan Sponks (crab monsters in three poses)$8.99

15mm Mako Gun/Tractor Suite

The Mako Gun System as
used by the Jasmine Throne
Foreign Battalions (JTFB)
On the fringes of Pelagic Dominate space lies the Prionace System, home to a corporate state, Karkarine War Industries (KWI). Several million Karkarines live in the Prionace System, which is governed by KWI. As KWI is not part of the Pelagic Dominate, it is free to trade with whom it pleases, and sells a variety of military hardware, sometimes licensing the units for alien manufacture.

By far the most famous hardware manufactured by KWI is the Mako Suite – a gun tractor, autocannon and heavy field mortar. All three bear the name “Mako” as they were designed to be used together. All are relatively simple, rugged and incredibly reliable. The tractor is lightly armoured and can mount either the autocannon or the field mortar. The autocannon and mortar are easy to maintain, very difficult to damage, and very accurate for weapons of their tech level. As a result, these weapons are widely exported, and are an integral part of Karkarine mercenary forces, Felid Combat Spheres, JTFB battalions, Jasmine Throne Satrapal armies, and Thrainite Strongholds. Not particularly concerned with vetting their purchasers, the KWI also sold to the Jo-Li Freehold, which supplied the Mako units in large numbers to the Control Battalions. From there, captured vehicles also made their way into the hands of the Sepulvedan Resistance.

The Mako gun tractor is supplied independently of the two gun systems – there is a small indentation on the flatbed which accepts the cross base on the bottom of the autocannon and heavy field mortar. These weapons are also commonly mounted on a large cruciform carriage for static duty, and the cruciform bases are available separately as well. Note that the weapons will not stand on their own so will need either the gun tractor or a cruciform base to be fielded.

All pieces, including the tractor, are 100% pewter.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
MAKO-TRACTOR15mm KWI Mako Gun Tractor (one complete vehicle – gun on deck not included)$7.99
MAKO-CRUCIFORM15mm KWI Mako Cruciform Carriage for Weapon Static Deployment (one complete base – gun is not included)$.99
MAKO-FELID15mm KWI Mako Autocannon and Heavy Mortar with Felid Crew (two weapons – cruciform carriage and gun tractor not included)$3.99
MAKO-JTFB15mm KWI Mako Autocannon and Heavy Mortar with JTFB Crew (two weapons – cruciform carriage and gun tractor not included)$3.99
MAKO-CONTROL15mm KWI Mako Autocannon and Heavy Mortar with Control Battalion Crew (two weapons – cruciform carriage and gun tractor not included)$3.99
MAKO-RESISTANCE15mm KWI Mako Autocannon and Heavy Mortar with Sepulvedan Resistance Crew (two weapons – cruciform carriage and gun tractor not included)$3.99
MAKO-SATRAPAL15mm KWI Mako Autocannon and Heavy Mortar with Satrapal Levy Crew (two weapons – cruciform carriage and gun tractor not included)$3.99

15mm Federal Army Autonomous Small Vehicles (ASVs)

Federal soldier shelters behind an ASV
ASVs are unmanned small ground and grav combat vehicles which undertake ground missions, minimizing the risk to human combatants, as well as fulfilling missions beyond human capability. Due to the diversity of terrain surfaces confronting the Army in its deployments throughout the Federation and beyond, ASVs are available with a variety of drive systems -- tracks, wheels, legs and anti-grav drives. Grav ASVs are far and away the most mobile ASVs, but their expense is substantially higher than the other ASV types. All ASVs incorporate a main AI system which makes decisions about propulsion; depending on the payload of the ASV there will be additional AI systems onboard as well.

There are three main types of ASV:

Armed ASVs -- these are robotic combatants, either supporting infantry platoons or, in some forces, making up the majority of combatants themselves. Each AASV mounts one of three types of weapons: a plasma gun, a missile launcher or an advanced heavy machine gun. The weapons system is controlled by a separate AI system, which works with the drive AI system as the ASV pursues its mission.

Utility ASVs -- the payload of this small vehicle is a flatbed, which can carry a variety of burdens, most commonly supplies, packs or the "Eyeball" light recon drone. The flatbed, which has its own very simple AI system, can exert a mild pro-grav field which effectively "sticks" the cargo to the flatbed even if the vehicle rocks or tips during transit. UASVs are at times pressed into service as medevac systems for carrying wounded soldiers, but this is a job more properly done by the dedicated Medevac ASV.

Medevac ASVs -- these are the most complex of the ASVs and incorporate three AI systems -- the propulsion bot, the stasis chamber system and the "RoboDoc." Mounted forward on the ASV is a stasis pod, which retards the process of the soldier's injuries until the soldier is delivered to the closest field hospital. Behind the stasis pod is the RoboDoc, a robot with a dedicated medical AI which can treat injured soldiers in the field or evaluate them for evacuation in the pod. Long extending arms are mounted on the RoboDoc to manipulate or, if necessary, lift the casualty. If a doctor is available at the field hospital, his or her face will appear on the screen mounted atop the RoboDoc, to add a human dimension to the soldier's care, and the doctor will interact with the AI in the RoboDoc to make decisions about treatment. If no doctor is available, the RoboDoc can make these treatment decisions on its own.

The AI of ASVs is self-aware but these systems are not reluctant to sacrifice themselves for the mission. Every effort is made to retrieve the AI system from a destroyed ASV because the AI has the ability to learn and so experienced AI systems are valuable, but also due to Federal Army's ethical commitment to defend and protect the self-aware artificials in Federal service. A human operator can control the ASV altogether, overriding its AI, or can function as a commander to one or more ASVs, much as a team leader would for human riflemen. Federal Army humans popularly refer to each AI system on the ASV as a "bot," although AI techs in the ranks often point out that this is not correct.

The ASVs in the images were painted by "dwartist." The images of the Armed ASVs show all three gun options which are provided, permitting any one of them to be built. Only one ASV is in each pack.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-3800T15mm Federal Army Armed ASV, tracks (one ASV with three weapons options -- plama gun, missile launcher and advanced HMG options)$4.69
TTC-3800W15mm Federal Army Armed ASV, wheeled (one ASV with three weapons options -- plama gun, missile launcher and advanced HMG options)$4.69
TTC-3800L15mm Federal Army Armed ASV, legged (one ASV with three weapons options -- plama gun, missile launcher and advanced HMG options)$4.69
TTC-3800G15mm Federal Army Armed ASV, anti-grav drive (one ASV with three weapons options -- plama gun, missile launcher and advanced HMG options)$4.69
TTC-3801T15mm Federal Army Utility ASV, tracks (pro-grav flatbed)$3.99
TTC-3801W15mm Federal Army Utility ASV, wheeled (pro-grav flatbed)$3.99
TTC-3801L15mm Federal Army Utility ASV, legged (pro-grav flatbed)$3.99
TTC-3801G15mm Federal Army Utility ASV, anti-grav drive (pro-grav flatbed)$3.99
TTC-3802T15mm Federal Army Medevac ASV, tracks (stasis pod and RoboDoc)$4.69
TTC-3802W15mm Federal Army Medevac ASV, wheeled (stasis pod and RoboDoc)$4.69
TTC-3802L15mm Federal Army Medevac ASV, legged (stasis pod and RoboDoc)$4.69
TTC-3802G15mm Federal Army Medevac ASV, anti-grav drive (stasis pod and RoboDoc)$4.69

15mm Stikks, Alien Insectoids

A Stikk assault
Although they are properly called the Entomal, "the Stikks" became the popular name for these beings amongst Federal troops soon after first contact, apparently because the Federal troops who first fought them found them to resemble stick insects. There is indeed some superficial resemblance around the head, but as those Federal soldiers could attest, these are not sluggish or slow moving life forms. In life and in war, they are nimble and aggressive, especially when together in large numbers.

The basic Stikk unit is called by the Federal military a Stikk Rifle Pod, made up of three triads and a leader. Each triad has two Stikk gunbugs and a heavy gunbug. All Stikk soldiers wear a reflective armour array that protects the torso and the lower leg from laser weapons and provides some residual protection against other attacks, the Stikks relying on their tough exoskeleton for further defence.

Each Stikk pod has attached to it a Stikk Weapons Pod, made up of a doublebarrelled heavy gun team, which like all infantry weapons is of the gauss type, and a mortar team, which provides indirect fire to the pod, firing an electroshock round. Both gunteams are commanded by another leader who stays in close contact with the pod leader, and serves as a second in command should the pod leader become a casualty.

Available as hive-level support is the Crikket Infantry Cannon, which will "walk" when activated by its crew and fires either an armour piercing or high explosive round. This and many other Stikk weapons systems shows disturbing signs of biological life and are believed to be a synthetic bioweapons. When the crew are separated from the Crikket it will go to ground or will amble toward the nearest concentration of Stikk soldiers. It will not fire on the enemy unless crewed. All the crewstikks need do is gently nudge it and it will walk where they direct. It has proven to be an extremely useful infantry support weapon.

The heavily armoured creatures called by Federal troops Stikk Assault Crabs seem to be a different species altogether from the rest of the Stikks, but it is unknown whether they are from the Stikks’ homeworld, wherever that might be, or were allied to, or conquered by, the Stikks subsequent to their reach into space. The Assault Crabs have short-range weaponry and claws and spikes best suited for close assault, and their carapaces are so thick that all but the heaviest of infantry weapons will fail to penetrate it. The Assault Crabs are called in when a position is too heavily defended for the Stikks themselves to penetrate, and it is a terrifying sight for the defenders to see these beasts shambling forward toward them, their mandibles flexing opened and closed. Providing potent aerial fire support for the Stikk forces is the Odonate light gunship, popularly called the "Dragonfly" for obvious reasons, another suspected "Synth," although there are unconfirmed reports of Stikk crew evacuating downed gunships. It is small but well armed with a twin heavy gauss cannon, and both anti-personnel rockets and anti-tank missiles. It is arguably the most nimble gunship encountered by the Federal military, its "wings" manouevering it in directions that would be impossible for Federal flyers, and is exceptionally resilient for its size. These craft operate in close cooperation with the infantry pods.

The Stikks also use an armoured vehicles in combat and for transport, the Skuttler Tank, which is legged and segmented. Each segment has its own engine as well as room inside for four Stikks. In the command compartment, the “head,” are mounted two heavy anti-tank gauss rifles. These vehicles generally have three to five middle sections but the modular design allows as many to be attached as is practical and as many as eight middle sections have been seen on some Skuttlers. The legs and segmentation of this vehicle permit it to traverse terrain that no other terrestrial tank can.

Some Stikk soldiers wear backpacks and these are closely guarded. It is theorized that these contain concentrations of pheromones which permit the individual pods to stay in close contact with each other and their hive-level support. Each pod has one pack, worn by the senior heavy gunner in the first triad. Many members of the pod heavy weapons team also wear these backpacks.

The Stikks are virtually impossible to break in combat when their pod is intact, but they seem to key closely into each other, as when the casualties rack up they lose their fanaticism and when only a few Stikks are together it is easy to chase them off, easier than would be the case with other opposing forces. As such it seems likely that they have some form of hive or herd mentality.

The Stikks are often intruders in Federal space, acting as mercenaries for resistance factions or shady local powers. However, they frequently find their own holdings under assault from the Garn, who find the Stikks delicious and nutritious, and conduct massive, well-planned harvesting raids against the Stikks.

The Stikks were sculpted by Mike Lovejoy, except the Skuttler Tank, which was designed by John Bear Ross, and the Assault Crabs, who were sculpted by Ben Siens.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-3700H15mm Stikk Infantry Mega-Pod Deal (three sets of TTC-3700, three sets of TTC-3701, and one set of TTC-3702)$33.99
TTC-370015mm Stikk Infantry Pod (ten bugs in three triads (six gunbugs and three heavy gunbugs) plus one leader)$6.99
TTC-370115mm Stikk Weapons Pod (seven pieces -- four bugs manning a heavy gauss gun and a mortar, plus one leader)$4.99
TTC-370215mm Stikk Crikket Infantry Cannon (three pieces – two bugs plus one infantry cannon)$2.99
TTC-370315mm Stikk Assault Crabs (six pieces in three poses)$4.99
TTC-370415mm Stikk Odonate Light Gunship (all pewter kit)$8.99
TTC-370515mm Stikk Skuttler Legged Tank/Transport (resin parts -- head, tail, tail antennae, two middle body sections, and top shields, plus four pewter leg parts)$14.99
TTC-370615mm Stikk Skuttler Tank/Transport Extra Middle Section (resin parts for one middle body section and top shield, plus two pewter leg parts – this is an expansion set for TTC-3705 and is not a complete kit)$4.29

15mm Meso-Nai

Meso-Nai painted by
Artmaster Studio.
The Meso-Nai are sentients similar in some ways to earth salamanders but of course greatly more advanced – they are a space-faring race and had colonized many star systems in their sector before they were eventually rolled back and quarantined on their home world. That planet, Cripto-Branq, is covered with great cities, both on the land and, more often, under the sea. The Meso-Nai breathe oxygen through their skin, which is very effective at blocking out toxins, and as a result they can thrive under water and in many other environments that would be hostile to humans or other sentients.

The Meso-Nai are the most extreme xenophobes in the known galaxy. Their god, Urodela, has told them that the universe and all its contents belong exclusively to them, and that there are none others made in His likeness as thinking beings. As a result, discovering the first sentient species, the Tunk (a now-extinct race), made their society go utterly insane with distress, leading to crisis and even mass suicides.

Their priests communed with Urodela who informed them that certain planets emanate “delusions,” a form of evil mirage to test their faith and mock Him. They simply refuse to believe that any other sentients are real, and this helped their society to cope. Sadly, their response to the discovery of the Tunk set the pattern for many future encounters -- they spared no expense in wiping out the Tunk to prove their devotion to Urodela.

When finding arguably sentient beings, or "delusions" as they put it, the Meso-Nai would summon a Black Ship from Cripto-Branq, their home world, to the "evil" star system. The Black Ship’s skeleton crew was removed before the vessel began its terminal journey toward the star at the heart of the system. As the Meso-Nai fled the system, the Black Ship, which is basically an enormous hydrogen vector, travelled straight to the star, then when close enough its payload enabled and brought on a rapid nova or supernova.

Some delusions, such as the Hauk, were more powerful and their extirpation required different tactics. The Meso-Nai would use core lances against delusions that were particularly strong in fleet assets, against which the Black Ships proved vulnerable to attack as they slowly approached the star. And so the massive core lances were attached directly to the planet's crust, drilling down and interacting with the planet's core so as to diminish the magnetosphere of the planet, causing the planet’s atmosphere to rapidly ebb away into space. This more confrontational tactic required substantial clearance and construction, as well as defence of the core lances in the face of understandably hostile local sentients. Alas, at such times the Meso-Nai had to endure the unendurable – close, sometimes even physical, contact with the evil delusions. To help the troopers cope with this grotesque and horrifying task, their advanced optics were developed to register each “delusion” as nothing more than a vertical red bar – just a glowing red stick to be eradicated.

Fanatical, utterly hostile and technologically advanced, the Meso-Nai proved powerful adversaries. Their tactics emphasised defence, as their main task in their ground wars was to install the core lances and then defend them. Their Hellbender tanks and Grampus infantry fighting vehicles were slow and very sturdy, and each Meso-Nai Reach Force trooper wore power armour and used a photon rifle or photon cannon, usually one or two of this much more powerful weapon per infantry section. The vehicles could be fitted to a heavily armoured orbital descent barge which permitted their deployment directly from space, and the vehicle could fight in the barge indefinitely, or drive/grav off the barge.

Eventually the LSR (League of Sentient Races) forces were able to inch ever closer to Cripto-Branq to contain forever the Meso-Nai on their home world -- the Garn were very much in favour of extermination, but the Federation and other sentients agreed that containment would suffice. Once LSR ground forces began landing on Cripto-Branq, they were surprised to discover that many tribes of Meso-Nai stilled lived in a stone-age state, and found themselves fighting frenzied enemies armed only with bows and spears. Apparently these tribes were allowed to continue in their primitive form because of their extreme devotion to Urodela, often dwelling in close proximity to cities which would make Federal urban areas seem quaint by comparison.

The Meso-Nai Orbital Descent Barge is not a separate kit, it is an accessory for any of the Meso-Nai large vehicles. The Grampus or Hellbender kit, either tracked or grav, will fit inside the descent barge, and may be later removed.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-330015mm Meso-Nai Reach Force Troopers with Photon Rifles (five figures in five poses)$3.99
TTC-330115mm Meso-Nai Reach Force Section Command and Photon Cannoneer (four figures in two poses)$2.99

15mm RPK Army

RPK regulars
The RPK is the Raathist Party of Kym, a planet settled by people from the Middle East and North Africa, and conquered by Neo-Mongol refugees fleeing a Soriog invasion about 300 years ago. Using Nova Respublik aid the "native" Arabo-African population overthrew the Neo-Mongol Khanate about 60 years ago and put in place a regime that is purportedly and superficially socialist but is in fact a thinly veiled cult of personality around the President of the Republic, Fulq-al-Naara, whose Raathist Party rules through force and intimidation, coupled with favouritism to party loyalists.

Troops wear Nova-supplied uniforms and body armour, in the Nova Respublik "Desert Liberation" colour schemes, and use the so-called "baboon model" of the Nova helmet without the VR suite (which is just as well for the RPK forces as it lightens the helmet and more often than not the VR suite does not function correctly anyway). Under the helmet they wear traditional headgear.

RPK snipers use the Desert Viper sniper rifle, one of the few weapons used by the RPK forces not supplied to them by Nova Respublik. The RPK forces did not like the Nova sniper rifle as it was not sufficiently accurate at extremely long ranges, and as it is an energy weapon has a greater heat signature that a KE rifle, so they use instead the superb, locally crafted Desert Viper, one of the best sniper rifles in known space. Opponents have said that one Raathist sniper with a Desert Viper is worth a company of RPK infantry, and can deal out more destruction.

Line army squads are typically made up of eight men, two fire teams of four, one fire team with three pulse rifles and a heavy pulser, the other team with three pulse rifles and a plasma grenade launcher. Infantry squads of the favoured Presidential Guard Divisions have ten man squads with five man teams, each team with three rifles, a heavy pulser and a plasma grenade launcher. Platoons in both types of division have four squads, a superheavy pulser, a mortar, a command section including a medic from the Red Crescent, and of course a deadly RPK sniper armed with his Desert Viper.

Models sculpted by Mike Broadbent and painted by Artmaster Studio. For vehicles use the Nova Respublik models in that range.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-320015mm Raathist Party of Kym Neo-Arab Infantry Riflemen and Squad Leader, Eight Figures (one sergeant, one team leader, and six riflemen, eight different poses)$5.99
TTC-320115mm Raathist Party of Kym Neo-Arab Infantry Squad Support Weapons, Eight Figures (four plasma grenade launchers in two poses, and four heavy pulsers in two poses)$5.99
TTC-320215mm Raathist Party of Kym Neo-Arab Heavy Infantry Weapons Section, Ten Pieces (1 superheavy pulser with crew, 1 mortar with crew, 1 heavy missile launcher with crew, and 1 sniper in poncho)$6.99
TTC-320315mm Raathist Party of Kym Infantry High Command Set, Six Pieces (officer, Raathist party representative, officer's driver, holomap projector with holomap, and medic)$3.19
TTC-3200L15mm Raathist Party of Kym Neo-Arab Line Infantry Platoon Set (3 x T3200, 1 x 3201, 1 x 3202, and 1 x 3203)$30.99
TTC-3200G15mm Raathist Party of Kym Neo-Arab Presidential Guard Infantry Platoon Set (3 x T3200, 2 x 3201, 1 x 3202, and 1 x 3203)$35.99
TTC-320415mm Raathist Party of Kym Neo-Arab Tank Crewmen, Four Pieces (four hatch halves in two poses)$1.99
TTC-240915mm Raathist Party of Kym PA-3 Python Power Armoured Suit (two suits, with two different leg poses, four different arm poses, two cockpits and two missile launchers, all pieces are pewter)$9.99

15mm Lhurgg Alien Tribesmen

Lhurggs painted and based by
Artmaster Studio.
The Lhurggs are wild and shiftless alien tribesmen who wander from system to system on what transport they can beg, borrow or steal, hiring their services as braves but always looking out first and foremost for themselves.

Armed with cheap blasters and their vicious "Huk-Huk" electric swords, the Lhurggs swarm across the battlefield, their long legs and hooved feet giving them great speed as they search for for outnumbered enemies to bully, or dead to loot. Blazing away at the centre of each herd is the Lhurgg giant, a enormous three-headed mutant armed with a simple but devestatingly effective Lhurgg cannon. This ramshackle weapon contantly jams, so the giant also carries a huge mallet to bash the back of the cannon until it is again operable. Surprisingly, this often succeeds. The 50kg mallet is also of great use in hand to hand combat, crushing armour effortlessly as it is wildly swung about.

Few creatures are better trackers than the swift and wily Lhurggs, particularly when their target carries something shiny or of value.

Sculpted by "Whiff Waff."

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-170015mm Lhurgg tribesmen with blasters and electric swords (ten models in five poses) $5.99
TTC-170115mm Lhurgg chieftain and giant with assault cannon (two models) $2.29
TTC-1702!5mm Lhurgg Tribesmen wielding Huk-Huk Electric Swords (eight models in four poses)$4.99
TTC-170315mm Lhurgg Tribesmen crewing Spike Mortars (four pieces: two different crewmen and two mortars)$2.99

15mm Felid Alien Warriors

Felid Warrior.
Felids originated on a planet on which mammalian predators, long of tooth and claw, came to sentience, a planet wracked by war and conquest, but which languished in early tech -- spears and hide armour -- until attacked and overwhelmed by the Garn. Because the Garn did not especially enjoy the taste of Felid flesh, and because they were impressed by the martial virtue of these noble savages, they raised the Felids to high tech, under their domination. The Garn frequently "sub-contract" mercenary work out to the Felids, whose relentless attacks, natural cunning and stealth, and great physical strength and dexterity make them truly fearsome foes. The Felids, normally not creatures to be dominated, respect the Garn the way a lion in the water might a twenty foot Nile Crocodile.

The Felids eagerly employ the tech that the Garn provide: battle armour that is less sophisticated than the Garn force field defenses, but which is still good protection; heavy blasters which suit the Felid temperament, for once they strike they like to do so fast and loud, and cause extreme damage when they hit; and Lion Assault Vehicles which, again, are of lower tech that Garn vehicles but are very heavily armoured and armed, simple and very easy to maintain.

With a temperament suited for nothing but war, the Felids are happy to fulfill this special niche in the Garn Confederation, and can be seen on countless battlefields fighting to the death for causes that are not theirs.

Felid society is more feudal than tribal in terms of mechanics -- their magnates, called Barons, dominating the structure of society, and equipping their forces with armour, weapons, and vehicles out of their own estates. Though the size of a Baron's force will depend on his success in battle (and thus wealth), most Barons possess sufficient assets to purchase armour, weapons and vehicles for a company of Felids -- five trucks and fifty sets of body armour and weapons, including his own command/battle dress, which only Barons are permitted to possess.

The basic unit of ten Felids is called a battle circle and is dominated by the circle's alpha warrior, a veteran favoured of his Baron who wears comm gear to communicate with the circle's Lion transport, with the other circles, and with his Baron. The alpha warrior is armed with a smart missile launcher specially designed by the Garn to give a measure of unit-level indirect fire support to these impetuous warriors. If the alpha is killed, the next senior member of the circle immediately adopts his place and his weapons.

In addition to the alpha, the other nine warriors might either all be armed with blasters (a light circle); or with seven blasters, a grenade launcher and a heavy plasma gun (a medium circle); or finally with five blasters, two grenade launchers, and two plasma guns (a heavy circle). A Baron generally has either a heavy circle as his household circle, or, if he can sustain the cost, a unit of the elite Prideguard, who wear helmets and have served in previous campaigns as Alpha Warriors. Occasionally some warriors in normal circles will be awarded the Prideguard helmet for exceptional battlefield service, which marks that warrior as one who will rise to greatness.

To fight skirmishes with only lighter circles, units may be made up entirely of TTC-1300. To field medium circles, one pack each of TTC-1300 and TTC-1301 can be mixed to form two such circles -- this is the most common Felid unit mixture and gives the greatest pose variety in the unit. A heavy circle, such as the Baron's household, can be made up entirely of one pack of TTC-1301.

The Mako Gun Systems used by the Felids can either be mounted on the gun carriage or, for static use, on a cruciform carriage.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-130015mm Felid Light Battle Circle (ten models: nine warriors with heavy blasters and one alpha warrior with comm set and micro-missle launcher)$6.99
TTC-130115mm Felid Heavy Battle Circle (ten models: five warriors with heavy blasters, two warriors with grenade launchers, two warriors with heavy plasma guns, and one alpha warrior with comm set and micro-missle launcher)$6.99
TTC-130215mm Felid Prideguard Elite Warriors in Helmets (ten models: seven warriors with heavy blasters, one warrior with grenade launcher, one warrior with heavy plasma gun, and one alpha warrior with comm set and micro-missle launcher)"$6.99
TTC-130315mm Felid Lion Class Heavy Attack Transport (two choices of turret weapons inserts -- twin autocannons or railgun)$21.99
TTC-1303H15mm Felid Lion Class Heavy Attack Transport Circle (three complete vehicles)$62.99
TTC-130415mm Felid Baron in Command/Battle Dress (x1)$1.69
TTC-130515mm Felid Hostage Barons' Sons Jetbike Squadron (x3 bikes with lower body, x3 upper bodies, x3 energy weapon inserts, x1 rocketlauncher rack, x 3 flying bases)$10.99
TTC-130615mm Felid Pouncer Portable Missile Launcher (four pieces: crewcat (single pose) and launcher)$2.99
MAKO-FELID15mm KWI Mako Autocannon and Heavy Mortar with Felid Crew (two weapons – cruciform carriage and gun tractor not included)$3.99
MAKO-TRACTOR15mm KWI Mako Gun Tractor (one complete vehicle – gun on deck not included)$7.99
MAKO-CRUCIFORM15mm KWI Mako Cruciform Carriage for Weapon Static Deployment (one complete base – gun is not included)$.99

15mm KILO OUTPOST Pre-Fab Fortification

Kilo Outpost painted by Martin of Fire Broadside
For every major conflict in known space there are 1,000 insurgencies, border clashes, drug wars, or bug hunts, and for those there are few better investments than MDMS's Kilo Outpost pre-fab fortifications. Modular and with completely self-sustaining corner bastions armed with twin heavy pulse cannon turrets, a Kilo Outpost can defend a zone from marauders or swarming bugs using an economy of force. And few investments are better than a Kilo or two in the rear zone of an offensive, should it all end in tears and the troops need something to fall back on.

The starter set has ten parapetted wall sections, four heavily-armoured bastions (corner sections) with white metal gun turrets, and a gate section including separate door. The Sections plug into each other by small tabs on the bottom that are not visible when the set is assembled. To expand the size of your outpost, additional sets of parapetted walls are available.

Designed by John Bear Ross. The parts of Kilo Outpost that are cream coloured resin were cast by JTFM Enterprises. These cream-coloured resin pieces are very dense and you must prime them with enamel primer (autobody primer, etc) before painting them with acrylics as acrylics will not adhere to the resin surface.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
T1815mm KILO OUTPOST Sci Fi Pre-fab field fortification starter set (10 parappeted wall sections, four corner bastions, four doublebarreled heavy pulse cannon turrets, and one gate set)$39.99
T1915mm KILO OUTPOST additional parapetted wall sections (four sections of wall, for use with KILO OUTPOST)$10.99

15mm Feral Parasachnid "Bugs"

Swarming Parasachnids
Cast upon worlds during Pelagic invasions, Parasachnids are a persistent and resourceful invasive species and frequently go feral if the Pelagic invasion is unsuccessful. (If the invasion is successful, the planet is of course hydrofarmed which even Parasachnids cannot survive.) When they go feral they often crowd out other species, and on human settled worlds they range from major nuisance to existential threat.

The rank and file Parasachnid bug is the Warrior, which is fast, fierce, and more than large enough to bite a human in half with a single bite. Soon after the species settles into the planet these mindless creatures all secrete a single small egg which contains a queenling, and the queenling larvae are nurtured and protected until they reach adulthood, when they fight it out until only one has survived. This creature, the Queen, first secretes a pheromone which ceases all further egg laying amongst the Warriors, and then breeds with a randomly chosen warrior. As they copulate his body melds into hers on a cellular level, his central nervous system bonding to hers and his (never very substantial) brain withering away over time until he is nothing but a source of sperm to fertilise the thousands of eggs the queen will lay over her lifetime.

Once the Queen sets about spewing out eggs, specialised Parasachnid mutants soon begin to hatch, although they are always heavily outnumbered by the basic Warriors. One such specialised type is the Winged Warrior subspecies which serves as wide-ranging scout and outflanker in attack forays. Another is the formidable Ogre Beetle, with its bizarre thoracic combustion chamber in which controlled chemical bursts cause flames to issue forth like a sort of biological flamethrower. This huge and terrifying creature also functions as a living battering ram to crush smaller creatures and defences. The last mutant form, the Sage-Beetle, appears when the sheer number of Parasachnids has become so great that these sentient mastermind bugs are critical to controlling and coordinating their actions.

The Parasachnids were sculpted by Aaron Brown, except the Ogre Beetle which was designed by Mark Mondragon.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
BUGSWARM115mm Parasachnid Bugswarm (24 Parasachnids, 8 winged Parasachnids, 1 Parasachnid Ogre-Beetle)$28.99
TTC-120415mm Parasachnid Warriors (eight space bugs with separate leg pieces)$5.99
TTC-121615mm Winged Parasachnid Warriors (eight winged space bugs with separate leg and wing pieces)$6.99
TTC-121415mm Feral Giant Parasachnid, Ogre Beetle (resin and white metal kit in six pieces)Ogre Beetle vs. Federal Marine)$9.99

15mm Chewk Desert Nomads

Chewk tribals rush across
the desert on a raid
Diminutive sentient xeno-crustaceans native to Sepulveda 7, the Chewks live in giant underground drilltanks which travel deep under the sands of the central Sepulvedan deserts. When they sense an intruder or there is an opportunity to raid travelers in the desert, the huge drilltanks will broach and out from them will spill tribesmen to the attack. Alternately, the Chewks will meticulously set up ambushes amongst the sand dunes to snare unwary foes as they stagger across the desert.

The Chewk is very small, but a deadly adversary all the same, being brave, crafty, and armed with crude but powerful fusion weapons. Tribesman generally carry a single shot bolt-activated rifle which is loaded from the muzzle, a powerful chambered fusion round being capable of penetrating the toughest armour -- a necessity on a planet where most creatures have thick shells. Heavier weapons are available as well, ranging from the chewkbomber (a mortar) to the chewkzooka (a chewk-portable rocket launcher) to the chewkgun, which has a larger round than the checkrifle and a fully automatic action. Arming the great drilltanks are chewkannons, which sit on top of an extending arm, flexing to bring fire on the enemy in any direction. The chewks often dismount these weapons for duty at ground level, mounting them on portable carriages which are dragged across the sands by chewkamel beasts of burden.

Drilltank and chewkannon designed by John Bear Ross, infantry sculpted by "clibinarium." Drilltank is a resin kit and requires some modelmaking skills. Tribeschewks painted by Chris Yaro, drilltank and chewkamel painted by Robin Fitton.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-260015mm Chewk tribesmen (twenty four tribesmen in twelve poses, plus two chieftains in two poses)
Chewk compared to normal-height 15mm
TTC-260115mm Chewk weapons teams (two chewkgun (MG) teams with guns, two chewkbomber (mortar) teams with guns, two chewkzooka (bazooka) teams)$4.99
TTC-260215mm Chewk drilltank (resin kit)$7.99 Temporarily out of production
TTC-260315mm Chewkannon for mounted or dismounted combat (cannon, carriage, crew, boom arm, and chewkamel beast of burden)$4.99

15mm Terran Federal Marine Corp.

Federal Marine Rocketeer
and L-HAC
Earth Marines working for the giant interplanetary corporation that the US Marine Corps established (in conjunction with the Royal Marines) when the earthwide Terran Federal Government was formed, these elite warriors have maintained the high standards of combat skill and elan of their predecessors in the US Marine Corps and Royal Marines. In fact, now that the marine brass have no politicians to answer to, and their own budget to work with, some say that the Federal Marine Corp. has never been a more elite formation of warriors.

These select warriors are dedicated to the Corp., the Federation of Man and to the transplanetary corporations that they serve (in that order), and even though the various Marine divisions may occasionally find themselves at odds on the battlefield when serving battling corporations, they fight by a strict code of honor and respect for their brothers who happen to be foes. More often than not, however, they are embroiled with a rogue's gallery of aliens to be rooted out to make the galaxy safe for mankind and corporate enterprise -- the only code that applies then is Code: Kill!

The marines ride into battle in their Cafferata-class hybrid APCs, which can drive conventionally using wheels, or retract them and hover using anti-grav engines. This hybrid status can save a huge amount of fuel. The main heavy combat element is the titanic war machine, the L-HAC, or Legged Heavy Assault Cyborg, a nearly indestructible chassis into which the brain of a distinguished marine veteran has been deployed so that he can continue his lifetime of meritorious service.

Infantry sculpted by Mike Broadbent; vehicles sculpted by Mark Mondragon. Vehicles are mixed white metal and resin, and require some cleanup and construction, as is normal for resin kits. The L-HAC is extremely posable, and 100mm tall!

To read more about the L-HAC, and see photos of the unpainted kit, please read this blog entry.

To read more about the Cafferata Class APC, please read this blog entry.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-100015mm Corporate Marine Grunts (five models with full body armour and advanced tech rifles)$2.99
TTC-100115mm Corporate Marine Command and Heavy Weapons (five models with full body armour, officer, NCO, RTO, SAW gunner and rocketeer)$2.99
TTC-100215mm Corporate Marine Cafferata-Class Armoured Personnel Carrier (anti-grav/wheeled hybrid)Kit parts$11.99
TTC-1002H15mm Corporate Marine Cafferata-Class Armoured Personnel Carrier Section (three vehicle kits)$33.99
TTC-100315mm Corporate Marine L-HAC (Legged Heavy Assault Cyborg), one resin and metal multipose kit$19.99
TTC-100415mm Federal Marine Special Assault Brigade in Power Armour (x5)$8.49
TTC-100515mm Federal Marine Hunter Class Grav Gun Carriage (anti-grav/wheeled hybrid, complete vehicle with one gun cradle and options for AAA, anti-tank missile, and general purpose gun systems)
AAA configuration
Tank hunter configuration
General purpose gun system configuration
TTC-1005H15mm Federal Marine Hunter Class Grav Gun Carriage Battery (three kits as above) $36.99
TTC-100615mm gun crade and both pins for Federal Marine Hunter Class Grav Gun Carriage (each gun cradle permits an extra weapons load to be used)$.99

15mm Aliens of the Pelagic Dominate

Karkarine Landser and Man of War SPA
A galactic empire of aquatic sentients, the Pelagic Dominate is led by inscrutable hyper-intelligent invertebrates, the Cnidarians, who seem obsessed with destroying all sentient terrestrial life in the galaxy and hydrofarming their planets. The Cnidarians are the overlords of this empire but there are many species of aquatic sentients in the Dominate, such as its rank and file warriors, the Karkarines. Called the "Karks" by Terran warriors, these Shark-kind can just as often be found serving as soldiers of fortune outside the Dominate, selling the services of their great mercenary regiments to the highest bidder. Though they can breath air indefinitely, the Kark Landser are at the best when water is flowing over their gills, so when they go to war they wear SCOBA gear (self-contained out-of-water breathing apparatus).

The Dominate takes extremely advanced vehicle technology to war, employing for instance the "Man of War" heavy anti-grav combat platform. These vehicles serve equally well as flyers in space or planetary atmosphere, or at nape of earth as powerful hovertanks.

The first releases are the rank and file Karkarines and the three variants of the "Man of War" heavy anti-grav platform. The Man of War vehicles are cast in resin with pewter bases and require relatively minimal cleanup and assembly with cyanoacrylate glue ("super" or "crazy" glue) as would any resin vehicle kit.

The second tier of releases are the bizarre invertebrate Cnidarians themselves, eight foot tall tentacled invertebrates with stalks for bodies, "nerve nets" for brains, and "nerve net portals" for eyes. These inscrutable creatures rule the other aquatic sentients of the Dominate with an iron claw. In battle they use a plethora of advanced and utterly alien weaponry, from gelatinous power armour to anti-grav jump packs to highly advanced weaponry which deploys weaponized venom straight through the thickest armour at the atomic level, these venoms including some of the most toxic substances in the known universe.

Released along with them are the Parasachnid space bugs used by the Dominate as cannon fodder and shock troops, deployed directly on top of alien defenses by drop-pod. In builtup areas or heavy terrain they will instead deploy Mantis Stalkers, silent, creeping hunters of infinite patience and uncanny skill who will lie motionless and camouflaged, sometimes for days, without moving, until the deadly strike, which is as fast as lightning. Before the deployment of the proper troops, Dominate forces release a pheromone that kills these loathsome terrestrials -- but this method is not always 100% effective.

When the invasion fails, these Parasachnids sometimes go feral, and occasional eggs develop into the enormous Parasachnid Ogre Beetles, which spout flames from an oriface on their backs as they rampage, tank-like, into the ranks of the foe. Vehicles sculpted by John Bear Ross, Ogre Beetle sculpted by Mark Mondragon, Karkarine Shark-kind and Cnidarians sculpted by "clibinarium," Parasachnids sculpted by Aaron Brown, Mantis Warriors sculpted by Ben Siens, Orca Warriors sculpted by Pedro Ramos.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-120115mm Karkarine (Shark-Kind) Infantry (four Landser with hydroplasma rifles)$2.49
TTC-120215mm Karkarine (Shark-Kind) Command and Heavy Weapons (two Landser teamed on a hydroplasma cannon in assault mode, and one Feldwebel with hydroplasma carbine)$1.79
TTC-120315mm Cnidarian Overlord Warriors in Powered Battle Dress with Anti-Grav Packs (three overlords with nematocyst harpoons and sensor devices)$2.99
TTC-120415mm Parasachnid Bioweapons (eight space bugs with separate leg pieces)$5.99
TR-115mm Parasachnid Burrow$1.99
TR-215mm Parasachnid Lair (abandoned mineshaft)$2.39
TTC-120615mm Pelagic Dominate "Man of War" Heavy Anti-Grav Vehicle in combat infantry carrier configuration (one vehicle)$12.99 Out of Production
TTC-120715mm Pelagic Dominate "Man of War" Heavy Anti-Grav Vehicle in main battle tank configuration (one vehicle)$12.99 Out of Production
TTC-120815mm Pelagic Dominate "Sea Wasp" Light Anti-Grav Vehicle, with three turret choices (one vehicle)$5.99 being remastered
TTC-120915mm Pelagic Dominate Bioweapon Insertion Pod ("Bug Dumper") (one pod, open)$3.99 Out of production
TTC-121015mm Pelagic Dominate Mantis Stalker Bioweapons (eight stealthy hunting bugs)$5.99
TTC-121115mm Myzontid (Lampyroid) Rangers (four rangers with hydroplasma rifles)$2.49
TTC-121215mm Myzontid (Lampyroid) Ranger Command, Heavy Weapon and Sniper (three models, including Black Mariner sniper)$1.79
TTC-121315mm Pelagic Dominate Orca Assault Warriors (three bodies, three helmeted heads, four "bare" heads, four heavy missiles, four power harpoons, four power claws, and four gatling guns)$5.99
TTC-121415mm Feral Giant Parasachnid, Ogre Beetle (resin and white metal kit in six pieces)Ogre Beetle vs. Federal Marine)$9.99
TTC-121515mm Karkpanzer "Karkwagon" (Karkarine home-produced full track APC (resin kit)$8.99
TTC-121615mm Winged Parasachnid Bioweapons (eight winged space bugs with separate leg and wing pieces)$6.99

The Biscuitship Experiment

Something odd is happening in orbit over planet Tief Dreizehn. It's a sleeply, happy little world in Federal space, largely populated by Terrans of Scandinavian, French, Irish and German origin, and little attention is paid to what's happening there. But amongst the many communication satellites beeping busily in orbit over T13 is a vessel nicknamed "the biscuitship" by the DPLS pilots who carry loads of cheese from the surface to waiting reefer freighters, none of them ever stopping to consider for more than a few moments what that strange vessel is for.

Meanwhile, on board, a human subject and his droids are being subjected to experiments too terrible to write down! Their plight is hopeless ... they are indeed in the Hands of Fate.

(If you have to ask, don't buy. This range may be updated periodically. Quantities will always be limited and the number ordered per customer may need to be reduced, with attendant refund of course.)

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-180015mm Biscuitship Experimentees (Cinema Disparagement Droid Mark I (red pattern), Cinema Disparagement Driod Mark II (gold pattern) and jumpsuit man)$2.99