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Eaters of the Living
15mm Zombie Apocalypse

The dead began to stir, mindless about most things except their craving for the flesh of the living. Soon their numbers swelled, civilisation fell, and those still living found themselves outnumbered and struggling to survive.

Gun gangs

Some were armed just to fight off the swarms of dead. Others armed as if going to war. And then they did.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
ZOMB-GUNGANGS-1Gun Gangs 1 -- Heavily Armed Survivors with assault rifles (six models in six poses)$4.99
ZOMB-GUNGANGS-2Gun Gangs 2 -- Heavily Armed Survivors with Heavy Weapons (two models with SAW, two Models with Rocket Launchers, two models with light machine guns)$4.99

The Living -- Zombie Apocalypse Survivors

They came together for mutual protection, but was there safety in groups, or only a cornucopia for the dead?

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
ZOMB-SURVIV-1The Living Set 1 -- Zombie Apocalypse Survivors (eleven models in eleven poses)$8.99
ZOMB-SURVIV-2The Living Set 2 -- Zombie Apocalypse Survivors (nine models in nine poses)$7.29
PRE-TEEN-SURVIVORSPre-Teen Survivors, Armed (four models in four poses, sized to be 11-12 years old)$3.29
TEEN-SURVIVORSTeen Survivors, Armed (four models in four poses, almost adult height)$3.29
ZOMB-SURVIV3The Living Set 3 -- Zombie Apocalypse Survivors with Improvised Weapons (eight models in eight poses)$6.39
ZOMB-SURV-UNIF1The Living -- Uniformed Survivors 1 (six models in six poses -- male and female doctors/nurses with medical bags, two mall security with weapons, two soldiers)$4.79
ZOMB-SURV-ALPHAThe Living -- The Alpha Hunters (three models in three poses)$2.99

The Dead -- Modern Zombies

The dead know only one thing -- it is better to be alive. Perhaps this is why they are so desperate to consume living flesh.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
ZOMB-1The Dead -- Modern Zombies (twenty figures in twenty poses)$15.99
ZOMB-1HDead Set 1 Swarm (three sets of ZOMB-1, for 60 zombies in 20 poses)$43.99
ZOMB-2The Dead Set 2 -- More Modern Zombies (twenty figures in twenty poses)$15.99
ZOMB-2HDead Set 2 Swarm (three sets of ZOMB-2, for 60 zombies in 20 poses)$43.99
ZOMB-APOCZOMBIE APOCALYPSE (three sets of ZOMB-1 and three sets of ZOMB-2, for 120 zombies in 40 poses)$84.99
ZOMB-DECAYThe Dead Decayed -- Severely Decayed Zombies, and Zombies in Tattered Hospital Gowns (seven figures in seven poses)$5.59
ZOMB-BURIEDThe Buried -- Long-Buried, Dessicated Zombies (five figures in seven poses)$3.99
ZOMB-UNIFORM1Uniformed Zombies, Set 1 (six zombies in six poses -- male and female doctor, two mall security guards, and two soldiers)$4.79

The Raging Dead

... or are they? It's hard to say whether the newly-infected are still living or truly dead, for no one has yet been able to determine where the line is drawn. Study of them is impossible. What is known: When a person is bitten by a zombie without being devoured by it (or them), the person will rapidly fall ill, then briefly into a coma-like state, then immediately awaken with superhuman strength and utter black hostility, enraged and cannibalistic. These newly infected can run faster and fight stronger than a living person, and are the most terrifying of all the dead. Eventually, if not put down, they run out of energy and become the shamblers that cover the world's surface.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
RAGERSThe Raging Dead -- Modern Rage Zombies (ten figures in ten poses)$7.99
RAGER-HORDEThe Raging Horde -- Three Packs of Modern Rage Zombies (thirty figures in ten poses)$21.99

The Kingdom of Jones

When it all went to hell, some organisations had the weapons and discipline to keep the nightmare at bay. Slowly and inexorably they were able to carve out a world for themselves, and expand that world. None is better known than the Kingdom of Jones, centred on a former professional military contracting company -- some called them mercenaries back when the world still worked. The Securiti Corporation was founded by former Navy SEAL Patrick Jones, then led upon his death by his daughter Colleen Jones. The Kingdom of Jones has continually expanded, seizing most of the survivors it meets as serfs, only a chosen few having what it takes to join the company as an Operative.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
KOJ1Kingdom of Jones Operatives (x10 -- nine with M4 carbines and one with M249 SAW)$7.99
KOJ2Colleen Jones$TBD Coming early 2016


Trying to find a place to rest or regroup proved difficult for survivors, but people were resourceful. They used what they could to sleep and gain shelter, such as small tents or mattresses dragged out of houses. Chests of drawers were also taken from homes and proved very useful for stowage. They would build fires and use simple grills to cook over them, taking pots and pans from homes. Of course packs of bottled water were useful, and water coolers came in handy to stow water found in streams. Shopping carts proved invaluable in transporting goods and many survivors lived out of them, the carts themselves sometimes becoming the subject of combat in order to seize their contents.

Houses covered the landscape, of course, but could turn from fortresses into prisons or abattoirs in the blink of an eye...

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
POST-APOC-CAMPSurvivors' camp items (two individual tents, two mattresses, one chest of drawers, two shopping carts (one of which can optionally be empty), one campfire with a flames and an embers insert and a grill, and one sprue of small items -- a water cooler, a pack of water, a dutch oven and two frying pans)$8.99
HOUSE-TYPE1House, type 1 (two story house with attached garage, two-part resin kit)$23.99
TR-6Steel drums (x4)$1.99
TR-2715mm vending machines (x2)$4.99
TR-2415mm Street Light (one light, pewter casting)$.79
TR-5Dumpster (x1)$1.99

Police and other Local Law Enforcement

Local law enforcement was the front line when the world went to hell, and herculean efforts were undertaken to restore order and protect the population. In some places, when that proved futile, police departments attempted to cordon themselves off, using their firepower to protect themselves, but it was all in vain.

We intend for this range to have several different uniform styles for police around the world. Check in for updates.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MOD-POLICE-UK1Modern British Police with Firearms (eight models)$5.99
MOD-POLICE-USA1Modern American Police, Street Duty (six models)$4.99


For a while it was thought that science could find a solution to the disaster spreading like wildfire across the planet's surface. Scientists worked feverishly in labs seeking answers, but all too often the Dead broke in, forcing them to flee, or even worse, the Dead being kept in labs for research broke out, leaving the scientists to choose between the death outside or the death within.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
FLEEING-SCIENTISTS15mm Fleeing Scientists (set 1)$2.99
STANDING-SCIENTISTS15mm Standing Scientists (set 2)$2.49

Special Ops "Zebra Kilo" (Zombie Killer) Team

Around the world the elite special forces of the fast-fading remnant of civilised governments were organised into teams, equipped to make their way through zombie hordes in order to achieve those government's increasingly-desperate objectives. Usually volunteers from SAS, SEAL, KSK, Spetsnaz or similar units, these men are uniquely trained and equipped to take on very long odds and prevail.

The armament of these various teams is generally the very similar -- a low-recoil combat shotgun with a high-capacity clip, and a machete for close quarters "brain-work." They wear complete body protection and helmets with large visors to assure that their field of vision is not adversely affected when operating at close quarters.

Similarly, some civilian survivors or local law enforcement had, or were able to find, armour and equipment such as this, and it greatly assisted them in making their way through the hordes -- for a while ....

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
ZOMB-300Zebra Kilo Special Forces Team (four models)$3.29

The Talented Ms. Amour

Sheri Amour had the misfortune of being in the hospital due to an accident when it all happened--how she was able to defend herself when the facility was overrun, no one can say, and she doesn't like to talk about it. She hadn't even been provided with a prosthetic leg yet but managed to fashion one out of a carbine with grenade launcher attached, dropped by a soldier perhaps. Holed up with a mechanic who modified the weapon so she could fire it by flexing her leg muscles, Sheri used her acrobatic skills to deadly effect, and a legend was born....

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
ZOMB-400Sheri Amour$.99

Stay off the Moors -- The Zed Apocalypse in North Yorkshire

The apocalypse of the dead is a worldwide phenomenon, and it occurs with depressing familiarity no matter what the location. But in the UK (or, in this case, what had until recently been the UK) things are always a bit different. Zombies rose from the dead throughout the country as elsewhere, and in a small medical research centre in Berkshire, doctors worked feverishly to find a crude antibiotic. Striking on the idea that the wolves at a nearby animal sanctuary seemed unusually resistant to the virus, which they had designated "zed-1," these scientists created a plasmid incorporating wolf DNA and tested it on six subjects. Berkshire was soon thereafter overrun by the dead and the six test subjects fled north with a small group, settling in North Yorkshire. At first living in an abandoned park visitor centre, the test subjects and two other people were eventually taken in by farmers who had established the Yorkshire Safe Zone (YSZ), where there was a degree of normalcy and even an operating pub. But the six test subjects mysteriously disappeared soon after their arrival at the YSZ, and when the moon first became full, a deadly threat of a new type arose on the moors, much faster and more powerful than the dead, and now the Safe Zone was anything but.

Much to the surprise of the residents of the YSZ, two young Americans now came backpacking up from the south, one named Paul Hackett and the other a Dr. Pepper. Apparently they were in the UK on holiday when the dead began to rise, and had heard one of the many rumours that ran rampant amongst the survivors, that research was being done in Scotland to cure the virus. Pepper, an immunologist, was eager to help. They had made it all this way, but could they survive their journey across the moors?

Models painted by Dags.


Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
ZOMB-MOORSStay off the Moors Set -- The North Yorkshire Zed Apocalpyse (six yorkshire farm survivors, two American backpackers, and an antibiotic test subject)$7.99