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15mm 22nd Century Range

The twenty-second century is a time of tumult. Most Asian nations have joined a great federation, the Jong-PAC, (mostly) putting aside age-old animosities to combine as the greatest terrestrial power in the world. And the Jong-PAC wasted no time in asserting this power, expanding militarily on the planet's surface and also, to a lesser extent, in space. The Western alliance that had previously dominated global affairs, the United Systems (USyS), was caught off guard, having lately focused on expansion in space. and rapidly lost ground on the planet's surface to the Jong-PAC. As battles raged across its territory, the Restored Russian Federation (RRF) entered into uneasy coalitions with the UniSyS to fight off Jong-PAC aggression, although the RRF was not in the least adverse to switching allies when the situation demanded.

Ground combat has changed and infantry is again the queen of battles, because most vehicles have proved too vulnerable to drone and orbital battery strike. Infantry are delivered to the combat zone in shielded landers. In combat they are supported by Heavy Combat Droids (HCDs), unmanned MAGLEV armoured fighting vehicles with artificial intelligence and a degree of self-awareness. Only the HCDs are tough enough to survive long on the battlefield, relying on with a combination of heavy armour and an array of sophisticated active defence systems. The HCDs and infantry cooperate in a manner similar to 21st century combined arms.

In battles fought in Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Midwestern areas of the United States, the Jong-PAC advance was eventually checked, and the USyS retained its dominance in space, where the only Jong-PAC gains were obtained by settling new systems. And in only their second settlement, the Jong-PAC marine forces came into conflict with an alien race, the Acarines, who promptly attacked and obliterated the foundling Jong-PAC colony and advanced toward the Near-Earth Zone, where they have begun conducting military operations against the Earth powers. These strange aliens combine humanoid and insectoid features and wear heavy environmental suits at all times. They still rely on crewed vehicles but, like all other Acarine tech, these are formidable and at least a match for the Earth HCDs.

Infantry sculpted by Mike Broadbent.


The 104 infantry divisions of the United Systems Marine Corps are usually raised according to the old national boundaries, but seven elite divisions are raised from all UniSyS members, and act as a sort of special forces. The four divisions raised on Mars are all elite divisions as well, making eleven divisions, or 110.000 men, who can effectively function as special forces, a powerful tool to use surgically against a vastly more numerous foe. The standard infantry rifle is the M950 Rifle/Grenade Launcher (usually called the M950 but referred to as the Mk 11 in Europe), which fires caseless ammunition and also has the ability to fire grenades, a very potent combination in such a light weapon.

The UniSys Columbiad Driod is the most powerful weapons system of the battlefield of the 22nd century -- while it can be taken over by a remote handler, that is a waste of the incredible processor built into this sentient fighting system.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
22ND-C-USMC-INF15mm 22nd Century USMC infantry troops, M950 Rifle/Grenade Launcher (x6 in six poses)$4.99
22ND-C-USMC-WEP-COMM15mm 22nd Century USMC team weapons (MAPOSER man-portable smart rocket system) and squad commander (x6 in three poses)$4.99
22ND-C-USMC-COLUMBIAD15mm 22nd Century USMC Columbiad Heavy Combat Droid (one resin kit, includes low-hover base)$13.99


Jong-PAC divisions are raised by territory, and each is permitted some semblance of autonomy in terms of camouflage colours and patterns. The uniform, weapons, and unit organization are however uniform. Many divisions existing before the Taipei Treaty still carry their names and traditions, but have been re-equipped and reorganized to the Jong-PAC standard. The standard infantry rifle is the Fukui 2205 (commonly called the "FKI"), which fires caseless ammunition.

The Jong-PAC HCD is called "Eight-Dragons" because the number eight is lucky, and the dragon is a symbol of power and supremacy. The troopers often say admiringly that each droid carries the might, and spirit, of eight dragons.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
22ND-C-JONG-PAC-INF15mm 22nd Century Jong PAC infantry troops, FKI rifles (x6 in six poses)$4.99
22ND-C-JONG-PAC-WEP-COMM15mm 22nd Century Jong PAC team weapons and command (x6 in six poses)$4.99
22ND-C-JONG-PAC-EIGHT-DRAGONS15mm 22nd Century Jong PAC "Eight Dragons" Heavy Combat Droid (one kit, mixture of resin and pewter, includes hover base)$13.99