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DARK DOMINION 28 -- 28mm Gothic/Cyberpunk Sci Fi

Earth is the headquarters of a syndicate of galactic mega-corporations, and is ruled by the Dominion, a government elected by the corporations and the citizens. Each person, as long as they earn any income or have a net value, gets a vote, or more precisely, votes, their voting power based on their income -- these are termed gov credits or "gee-cees." Corporations are persons so vote as well, their trillions of credits holding sway. As "persons," corporations can also be elected to government - and typically are.

Both at home and abroad, there is criminality on all scales, and opportunity as well -- and sometimes the two are difficult to distinguish, and go hand-in-hand. Both at home and on the frontiers, factions, gangs or ships' crews vie for money, position, revenge, or endless other goals. Firepower and guile are essential, but real dominance can also come from cyber know-how -- in a future in which everyone and everything has a digital signature, hacking can amke all the difference. .

Initial releases for this range will focus on smaller-scale action than the big battles contemplated for the 15mm range, and initially will be more RPG-oriented.

Please note some sets are available with optional combat knives. The image for "Colonial Guard Set 1" shows what these look like.

Dominion Navy Scouts

The Dominion Navy includes large number of small Scout ships, with a wartime crew of only 5-7, and a core crew of just two, the captain and the first mate. When the Dominion is not at war, these Scouts may be used by their captains for commerce or other lawful goals, because the captain co-owns the vessel with the Navy. Whether the goals are actually lawful is often a grey area.

Captain Nerander and First Mate Fena are an especially famous Scout crew. Nerander is a veteran of many wars, both personal and interstellar, and in addition to his strategic ability and leadership skills, he also possesses considerable psionic power. Fena is one of the most skilled mechanics in the quadrant, and once diagnosed a dreadnought's main drive error that no one else could. Her real love is robots, however, and in her spare time she enjoys building sentient robots from scratch. They make a formidable team.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
28MM-DD-NERANDER-AND-FENA28mm Dark Dominion Captain Nerander and First Mate Fena (Nerander comes with a choice of two arms, pistol of energy blast attack)
Nerander psy-attack arm
28MM-DD-NERANDER-AND-FENA-KNIVES28mm Dark Dominion Captain Nerander and First Mate Fena, with separate combat knives (Nerander comes with a choice of two arms, pistol of energy blast attack)$9.99

ReTURN Front

The ReTURN Front is a banned but still widely-influential counterrevolutionary movement that seeks to overthrow interstellar corporatism and re-establish rule by traditional aristocracy. Adherents of the Front are both historical aristocrats and commoners who are predisposed to favour such government. Although the Front seeks to overthrow the Dominion, a surprisingly large number of corporate executives are themselves secret, or not-so-secret, supporters of the ReTURN Front.

Prinz Oggan is one of the most notorious ReTURN commanders. Tall and regal, with Junker ancestry (of the von Bock lineage), he is ruthless and cunning, and relentless in his pursuit of power. Prinz Oggan has considerable psionic power, typically using this for malevolent purpose. Like his ancestors, his swordsmanship is unrivaled -- but his weapon is the deadly energy sword, glowing blood red.

Oggan's lieutenant is a combat cyborg named Delilah. Her prosthetic legs and scythe-like feet are deadly weapons, as is her robotic left arm, and her torso and most internal organs are machine parts as well. Delilah's acrobatic combat skills simply defy description. Prinz Oggan and Delilah are a formidable team, and few can stand in their way.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
28MM-DD-OGGAN-AND-DELILAH28mm Dark Dominion Prinz Oggan and Delilah$8.99
28MM-DD-OGGAN-AND-DELILAH-KNIVES28mm Dark Dominion Prinz Oggan and Delilah, with separate combat knives$9.99

Street Trash

The cities of Earth, Luna and Mars stretch outward, and upward, forever. They teem with untold trillions, all encoded and chipped, the vast majority little better than work zombies for the corporate elite. Many young people rebel against this life -- some fight the system, others turn to preying on their fellow citizens to get ahead. These young criminals and/or rebels are scornfully referred to by CorpNews as "street trash," and proudly own the name as their own.

Sp1ra is a dedicated resistance fighter and a brilliant mathematician who can take hacking to the next level. Growing up on the seventy-first level of Neo-Seattle, she hates corporatism and dreams of an anarchist, pacifist future, but she also likes to survive, and when she has to, will take unsavory hacking-for-hire work. Her deck, hung on her hip, is hardwired into her skull, and she has a hand-held which she always seems to be staring into, or, as she refers to it, "uploading." Sp1ra's small iPistol is actually much deadlier against chipped life forms than the larger Standard Pistol so commonly carried in Dominion space. Her constant, but platonic, companion is the chavish Jeddex, who fancies himself a street brawler but whose real asset is his great speed -- despite a lack of prosthetics, he's the fastest runner anyone has ever seen.

Often seen tagging along with them is Former Military, who is, as his name suggests, formerly of the Colonial Guard, and still wears vestiges of his old uniform. He is a gun-for-hire and petty criminal. He got his street handle because whenever someone asks him who he is, he replies, "I'm former military."

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
28MM-DD-STREET-TRASH128mm Dark Dominion Steet Trash Set 1: Sp1ra, Jeddex and Former Military$12.99
28MM-DD-STREET-TRASH1-KNIVES28mm Dark Dominion Steet Trash Set 1: Sp1ra, Jeddex and Former Military, with separate combat knives$13.99

Colonial Guard

The Colonial Guard are the main military force of the many human colonies in interstellar space, not serving however in the core triad (Earth, Luna and Mars). They are often involved in "peacekeeping" missions in the colonies as well, despite heavy police presence.

That said, it's not uncommon for individual members of the Colonial Guard to serve as part of a crew of a vessel as muscle or "security." They generally do not participate in activities detrimental to the Dominion, however.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
28MM-DD-COLONIAL-GUARD1-KNIVES28mm Dark Dominion Colonial Guard Set 1, with separate combat knives -- Set of five: Rocketeer, rapid fire support gunner, and three rifle troopers$15.99
28MM-DD-COLONIAL-GUARD128mm Dark Dominion Colonial Guard Set 1 -- Set of five: Rocketeer, rapid fire support gunner, and three rifle troopers$14.99