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Legnano to Jaffa: 28mm Late Twelveth Century Range, 1150-1200

The Late 12th century is in many ways the apogee of the knight in combat -- as long as he was intelligently employed, he was a battle-winning tool in the hands of European potentates. In the Levant, Richard used his milites to crushing effect as a trump-card in the Third Crusade. In Italy, German Emperor Friederich Barbarossa won victory after stunning victory against massive numerical odds, relying on the sword arms of his German knights -- that is, until fate finally dealt him Legnano.

Popular depictions to the contrary, this was not yet the period of the surcoat and the barrel helmet. Knights were still overwhelmingly equipped with full chainmail without a cloth covering, shields often somewhat larger than the heater that would later become nearly universal in the 13th century, and open-faced helmets often looking quite similar to those worn at Hastings more than a century before. They typically rode unarmoured horses.

Our first releases depict the core milites of any army, just as described above. While these were the bulk of milites available to any warlord, there were also gradually-increasing numbers of men in surcoats and masked helmets, as well as men-at-arms of the Holy Orders in mantles or similar distinct dress, and the next sets will depict those. Infantry will then be made. Once the European range is fleshed out, and if it is well-received, Ayyubids will be made, as will the militias of the Italian cities, and Eastern European pagans (one preview figurine for those has been made, and is available below).

Knights are provided with separate pewter lances but of course you can use your own preferred wire spears instead. The reins on the horses are longer than needed for all the poses so you can always connect them right to the rider's left hand (and trim as needed).

(The painter trimmed the trumpet on the first set of milites command, but these were often quite long, and you can leave it as cast if you'd like.)


CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
28mm-l12thc-plain-lance45-uh28mm Late 12th Century Milites in Full Chainmail, Lance at 45 Degrees, on Unarmoured Horses (x3)$10.99
28mm-l12thc-plain-lanceup-uh28mm Late 12th Century Milites in Full Chainmail, Lance Up, on Unarmoured Horses (x3)$10.99
28mm-l12thc-plain-comm-uh28mm Late 12th Century Milites in Full Chainmail, Command, on Unarmoured Horses (x3, includes one pewter lance pole in the pack)$10.99
28mm-l12thc-plain-unit-deal28mm Late 12th Century Milites in Full Chainmail UNIT DEAL -- two packs of lance up, one pack of lance 45, one pack of command, on unarmoured horses (x12 mounted figurines)$37.99


CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
28mm-l12thc-heathen-prince28mm Late 12th Century Heathen Prince (Prussian, Semgallian, etc.) with Two Handed Axe (x1)$5.99