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These are our models most suitable for adventure in Space Opera settings, such as campaign games and sci fi skirmish actions. Some are from other ranges as well, but others are unique to this range.

Whilst we are starting out with menacing Alien muscle-for-hire, humans will be added to the range soon, both leaders and assistants.

Notes of purchasing: All figurines are provided with plain 25mm plastic slottabases unless noted otherwise. Please note that many figurines are available here as singles from sets. These are accomplished as rip-opens of existing sets so I'm sorry but I cannot provide specific single models for that reason.

Ferox mercenaries

The Ferox are fierce entomalian aliens, dreaded throughout known space. They wear heavy armour and are armed with carbines or rapid fire guns. Ferox like augmenting their bodies when they can afford cybernetic enhancements, implanted without anesthesia, and they are especially keen to replace one or more of their many eyes for more accurate shooting. The full squad set comes with eight different unarmoured heads and five helmeted heads. The random single model will come with one random unarmoured head and a helmeted head. Ferox models are roughly 34mm tall when standing straight up, and are four parts -- body, head, left arm and right arm. The carbine is the weapon with the internal drum showing its rounds; the rapid fire gun has the larger box magazine.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
FEROX-MERCENARIESFerox squad, three with carbines and two with rapid-fire guns, eight bare heads, and five helmeted heads$12.99
FEROX-MERCENARY-CARBINE-SINGLEOne random Ferox mercenary with carbine, one random bare head, and one random helmeted head$2.69
FEROX-MERCENARY-RAPID-SINGLEOne random Ferox mercenary with rapid-fire gun, one random bare head, and one random helmeted head$2.99


Fast, dexterous aliens who pride themselves on getting to the objective first. Their combat shotguns are very effective at close range, but their range can be extended depending on the ammo used. Single part castings.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
STELLORAPSStellorap mercenaries in body suits with combat shotguns (x6)$10.99
SINGLE-STELLORAPOne single Stellorap mercenary, randomly provided from the above set$1.99


Felids are some of the most highly sought after mercenaries in the galaxy. Known for their cunning, they are also extremely loyal to their employer, often completing the mission even after the leader's death, because it is their way. Except the combat armoured model, Felids have separate heads and right arms.

CodeBonusCommitment (US$)ADD
28MM-FELID-COMBAT-ARMOUR28mm Felid In Full Combat Armour (x1)$4.99
28MM-FELID-ALPHA-BARE28mm Felid Alphas (Team Leaders) with Smart Missile Launchers, Bare Heads (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-ALPHA-BARE-SINGLEOne random 28mm Felid Alpha (Team Leaders) with Smart Missile Launcher, Bare Head$2.69
28MM-FELID-ALPHA-LIGHT28mm Felid Alphas (Team Leaders) with Smart Missile Launchers, Light Helmet (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-ALPHA-LIGHT-SINGLEOne random 28mm Felid Alpha (Team Leader) with Smart Missile Launcher, Light Helmet$2.69
28MM-FELID-ALPHA-HEAVY28mm Felid Alphas (Team Leaders) with Smart Missile Launchers, Heavy Helmet (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-ALPHA-HEAVY-SINGLEOne random 28mm Felid Alpha (Team Leader) with Smart Missile Launcher, Heavy Helmet$2.69
28MM-FELIDS-CARBINE-BARE28mm Felids with Carbine, Bare Heads$14.99
28MM-FELID-CARBINE-BARE-SINGLEOne random 28mm Felid with Carbine, Bare Head$2.69
28MM-FELID-CARBINES-LIGHT28mm Felids with Carbines, Light Helmet (x6)$14.99
28MM-FELID-CARBINE-LIGHT-SINGLEOne random 28mm Felid with Carbine, Light Helmet$2.69
28MM-FELID-CARBINES-HEAVY28mm Felids with Carbines, Heavy Helmet (x6)$14.99
28MM-FELID-CARBINE-HEAVY-SINGLEOne random 28mm Felid with Carbine, Heavy Helmet$2.69
28MM-FELID-GRENADE-LIGHT28mm Felids with Grenade Launchers, Light Helmet (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-GRENADE-LIGHT-SINGLEOne random 28mm Felid with Grenade Launcher, Light Helmet$2.69
28MM-FELID-GRENADE-BARE28mm Felids with Grenade Launchers, Bare Heads (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-GRENADE-BARE-SINGLEOne random 28mm Felid with Grenade Launcher, Bare Head$2.69
28MM-FELID-GRENADE-HEAVY28mm Felids with Grenade Launchers, Heavy Helmet (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-GRENADE-HEAVY-SINGLEOne random 28mm Felid with Grenade Launcher, Heavy Helmet$2.69
28MM-FELID-RAPID-HEAVY28mm Felids with Rapid-Fire Gun, Heavy Helmet (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-RAPID-HEAVY-SINGLEoOne random 28mm Felid with Rapid-Fire Gun, Heavy Helmet$2.69
28MM-FELID-RAPID-BARE28mm Felids with Rapid Fire Gun, Bare Heads (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-RAPID-BARE-SINGLEOne random 28mm Felid with Rapid Fire Gun, Bare Head$2.69
28MM-FELID-RAPID-LIGHT28mm Felids with Rapid Fire Gun, Light Helmet (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-RAPID-LIGHT-SINGLEOne random 28mm Felid with Rapid Fire Gun, Light Helmet$2.69

Los Viejos

Mysterious hombres who are expert with pistols (they are quite short, but I wouldn't mention that if I were you!). Los Viejos are cast onto small metal bases rather than being provided with slottabases.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
LOS-VIEJOS28mm (actually quite a bit shorter) Los Viejos (x4)$7.99
LOS-VIEJOS-SINGLEOne random 28mm Los Viejos$2.19