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28mm 1970s Pulp Crime Drama


Magnum Inspector painted by Chris Yaro

On the crumbling streets of 70s America, there's only one thing protecting the innocent from the exploitation of crazed punks and glory-seeking freaks -- excessive police force! And Inspector Bill Shanahan is the man to administer it. Called "Brutal Bill" because of his tendency to put a permanent end to the criminal careers of the worst of the worst, he carries a huge pistol and wields it expertly -- he never misses (unless he means to).

The first model in this range, expertly sculpted by Aaron Brown of Black Crab Sculpting, captures every detail of Brutal Bill's outfit, his tall gaunt frame, interesting 70s hairdo, and enormous revolver.

Bill is the first in a series of 70s-era US law enforcement agents who will be available. Stay tuned for updates. (As a piece of trivia, this is the first piece sculpted in the UK by Aaron!) Comes in one piece, and 25mm slotted base is included (20mm slotted base is available upon request, but the tag will need to be trimmed).

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-10028mm Magnum Inspector$4.99


Rooftop Sniper painted by Chris Yaro

The streets of 70s urban America are overrun with a rogue's gallery of crazed hippie holdouts, brutal gangsters, fringe loons and others too shocking to mention in polite company. Hopefully they will be neutralized ... before it's too late!

The first model in this range was crafted by MK Miniatures, and features the notorious rooftop sniper, also called the Taurus Killer. Brutal Bill's nemesis, he tried to extort money from the city while callously killing his victims -- his chilling cackle suggested that he enjoyed this business just a bit too much.

The Rooftop Sniper is the first in a series of 70s-era US perps who will be available. Stay tuned for updates. Comes in one piece, and 25mm slotted base is included (20mm slotted base is available upon request, but the tag will need to be trimmed).

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TTC-20028mm Rooftop Sniper$4.99

Telekinetic Prom Queen painted by Chris Yaro

Law enforcement takes a supernatural turn when tiny, tormented wallflower Shari Snow is pushed too far at the prom -- wasn't everyone surprised when, after years of mockery and abuse, little loser Shari finally lost her temper over the abuse of all abuses?

For from this diminutive package blasts telekinetic powers too mighty to resist, and she's not in a mood to listen to explanations. Others created this monster, now Brutal Bill must stop her -- without being picked up by her mind and tossed off a cliff!

The Telekinetic Prom Queen is one piece, with pig gore sculpted right on and hair matted with blood. A 20mm slotted base is included. Certainly an interesting foe for your 70s crime dramas!

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TTC-20128mm Telekinetic Prom Queen $4.99

Luni Fetish Doll painted by Chris Yaro. 70s rug pattern painted on by Chris.

Why there must be a full moon -- right on the heels of the Shari Snow case Brutal Bill is assigned to the case of a murder in which several witnesses implicate a doll. Yes, a doll -- an animate primitive doll, scampering across the rug, chittering horribly as it flails about with a steak knife. Somebody's obviously been drinking.

But now Bill has done a little research and has discovered that there's something called a Luni Fetish Doll which supposedly has the spirit of a warrior trapped in it, homicidal maniac is more like it if this doll did what was found at the crime scene. Sure, the doll is usually peaceful as a doorknob, at least until the chain that binds its spirit is knocked off. And didn't Bill just find a little loose chain on the floor at the crime scene? Time to go back to that apartment complex and have a second look around ....

The Luni Fetish Doll is one piece, all 10mm of him. A 20mm slotted base is included.

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TTC-20228mm Luni Fetish Doll$2.29


Trying to get by in the dangerous environment of 70s urban America are some lovely folks, really. This will be a series of 70s-era US pop culture figurines who will require protection in your games, or can be collected as fond memories of the 70s in America -- or as cool or amusing game additions in their own right, as 70s nostalgia is all the rage these days. They will come with either a 20mm or 25mm slotted base, as appropriate.

NY Intellectual painted by Chris Yaro

Here's a neurotic Manhattanite intellectual filmmaker, who, despite his small stature and various hangups always seems to have beautiful women in his life. We must protect this bespectacled innocent! An uncanny likeness captured by sculptor Ian Mountain.

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TTC-30028mm NY Intellectual$3.99

Spunky TV News Associate Producer painted by Jennifer Haley

When you're spunky TV news associate producer Minny Apless, love may be all around, but you've still got to get the gritty news to the public (even if you work for the lowest rated news show in town).

Thanks to the producer of the news, Bud Lee, Minny has a chance to do some hardhitting investigation on occasion, including location work, though he worries that her spunk (which he claimed to hate, but really admires) might get her into tight spots at crime scenes or in inner city situations occasionally. Hopefully law enforcement will assure that she makes it after all! A beautiful likeness skillfully created by sculptor Bob Naismith.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-30128mm Spunky TV News Associate Producer$3.99

Half Breed Karate Vet painted by Chris Yaro

The Man won't leave Willy Jake alone. First, he sends Willy off to the 'Nam to become a killer, then brings him back to belittle his ways and call him a "half-breed" because he has Indian ancestry. But the Man went too far when he cruelly abused the dreamy flower children Willy Jake feels drawn to protect.

And when he protects someone, you better not be on the side of wrong! For Willy's skills at the martial arts, not to mention with a gun, make him a one-man tornado when provoked, that is, if the flower children are not able to talk him out of his unique brand of problem-solving.

Is Willy an innocent bystander? We think so, but the Man might call him a perp. Others still might see how he protects the innocent, or stands up to vicious bikers, and call him a lawman in the best sense of the word. We leave it up to you to decide.

Sculpted by Ian Mountain.

Note: By calling him "half-breed," we are doing no more than staying in the 70s vibe, when Willy took this pejorative and wore it with pride. We don't mean to suggest that Khurasan Miniatures thinks of people as "breeds," so don't throw things at us!

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-30228mm Half Breed Karate Vet$3.99

Queens Working Stiff painted by Artmaster Studio

Will U. Styfl is a working man from Queens, NY with strong opinions on everything, and much wisdom to impart. For instance, he knows that "Hell hath no fury like a woman's corns." Although sometimes he acts "like a bull in a china cabinet," and dislikes people who are "up there in their ivory showers," and disapproves of "birth patrol pills," he very much wants to be part of your 1970s crime drama games -- "wild hornets couldn't drag him away."

Can this bedrock of American eloquence be saved, or will the evildoers of 70s movies and TV do him in? Only your cunning (and some lucky die-rolling) will tell! So pick Will up now, because he "ain't in no mood to play 120 questions!"

Sculpted by Ian Mountain.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-30328mm Queens Working Stiff$3.99