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An immense and ancient dragon, called by the ancients Vorago Draconis (the Dragon of the Abyss), once issued forth from the Gates of Hell to make war for the Lords of Darkness in their supreme effort to conquer all. The gigantic reptile annihilated entire armies, then disappeared into a fiery chasm when Evil was finally overthrown. Can it be summoned from the fires of the pit again, to bring ruin?

This massive, gorgeous model was designed for tabletop play. The number of pieces was kept low to ease assembly and to prevent parts from breaking off when the model is repreatedly handled. It was modeled walking across level ground to look more plausible participating in tabletop battles. The resin castings are clean and fit together extremely well. Normally dragon models of this size are two to three times as expensive and much more difficult to assemble! s shown, the model comes with a base and two choices of neck insert -- a frill or heavy plate scales.

The figurine seen in many of the images is our 28mm magician's apprentice model from our PolarTrek range, Tyleen, and is not included with the model of Vorago Draconis. She is available separately -- see the PolarTrek range.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
VORAGO-DRACONIS28mm Vorago Draconis -- all resin dragon model kit including multiple neck inserts and base
Frill neck side view
Frill neck close-up
Scale neck overhead
Scale neck side view
Full Color Render
Render 1
Render 2
Render 3


The Kappa are small, devilish, cucumber-loving invaders from the rivers and lakes, a weird mix of turtle with some frog thrown in for good measure, typically raiding, drowning, stealing horses, and kidnapping. However, at times the submerged tribes, sufficiently incensed or threatened, will rise from the deep in larger numbers, led by their fearsome daimyo.

Kappa have Moe Howard-like black hair, and on top of their heads a small water dish that allows them to leave the water for a time. If this is emptied, they lose much of their demonic potency.

Model Notes: These models are approximately 21mm tall, although a few, such as the daimyo, are just a bit taller (he's about 23mm to top of his head, not top of figurine). As little turtle/frog/otter/demon/whatevers, they all have small turtle shells on their backs - as demonstrated by a couple of the images below. They are made with slots on their feet, meant to be inserted into readily-available plastic slotted bases, which are not provided -- the bases shown below in the images are not included.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
KAPPA-HANDWEAPONS28mm Kappa Tribesgoblins with hand weapons (x5 in five poses)$9.99
KAPPA-SPEARS28mm Kappa Tribesgoblins with long spears (x5 in five poses)$9.99
KAPPA-BLOWPIPES28mm Kappa Tribesgoblins with blowpipes (x3 in three poses)$5.99
KAPPA-COMMAND28mm Kappa Command (x3 in three poses -- hero with kanabo, standardbearer with nobori, and musician with taiko)$10.99
KAPPA-DAIMYO28mm Kappa Daimyo (x1)$2.99


This massive predator was the alpha carnivore in the beginning of the age of Dinosaurs. It could rear up and perhaps even walk on its hind legs, rather like a bear. It is the perfect prehistoric terror for your 28mm gaming, and would also make an amazing mount for a hero.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
SAUROSUCHUS-2828mm Saurosuchus, Triassic period ultra-alpha predator$15.99