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Scavs of Planet K

Long ago, Planet K was a thriving human colony placed on a previously inhospitable world. Good support from the home world, and hardworking, industrious colonists made the colony a success. But then war came as the Federation and breakway Nova Respublik each struggled for the control of K, the only habitable planet in the strategically important star system. Control changed hands repeatedly, the terraforming and atmosphere processing projects that had made the colony a success were damaged, and much of Planet K's colonial civilisation was destroyed, except in the planet's few urban centers, which quickly align themselves with whichever power occupies them at the time.

Currently, when one of the great space powers attempts to either maintain its occupation of K, or wrest it away from its opponent, it has two enemies to face -- for most of the people of Planet K are now fierce scavengers, or "Scavs" as they call themselves. They will descend on a military force for the very simple and practical purpose of robbing it of its resources. (In both military forces there are also widespread rumors of cannibalism being practiced by the Scavs, but there's no proof of that ... yet.)

Scav raiding forces can be as small as a squad, or as large as a brigade, if the local chieftains can see their way toward cooperation. The scav raiders typically use captured Nova or Federal rifles, with a minority using inferior, but extremely hardy, locally produced weapons. Body armour is at times scavenged from Federal or Nova casualties as well. Heavy weapons are largely produced locally because of the difficulty of operating the heavy weapons of the great powers after capture. For mobility, the scavs manufacture war buggies out of scrap, to a certain standard appearance. Many scavs will hang onto the roll bars of each buggy, and when they dismount, the buggy's heavy multilaser lends useful mobile firepower to the raid.

The preferring method of attack of the Scavs is an ambush, at which they excel, being well aware of the enemy's force structure, movements and numbers before they choose to strike. They seek to carry away food, equipment, and especially value destroyed or damaged vehicles, which provide a cornucopia of resources -- if, that is, they can be retrieved.

Scavs recognise the need to charge into a defended place and fight in close quarters. In fact, the ability to do this is VITAL. For this task, they use the most agile and brave raiders, armed with close combat weapons and short blasters for melee actions. Because these cannot winkle out the most stubborn defenders, the Scavs rely on the Heavy -- the biggest, strongest and bravest of the raiders, who is equipped with heavy armour and lugs the flamethrower into action. Carrying this horrifying "last argument" weapon, he is inevitably the primary target of most enemy fire. To protect him from this and from close combat attackers, he is accompanied by two bodyguards carrying heavy blaster resistant shields.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
SCAV-RAIDERS28mm Scav Raiders (x8)$12.99
SCAV-WEP-COMM28mm Scav Heavy Weapons and Chieftains (x4)$6.99
SCAV-CLOSE-ASSAULT28mm Scav Close Assault Team with blaster pistols and close combat weapons (x5)$8.99
SCAV-FLAMER28mm Scav Flamer Team -- Heavy with Flamer and two Bodyguards$5.99
SCAV-BUGGY28mm Scav War Buggy (x1, driver and optional multi-laser gunner, mixed pewter and resin model)$15.99

28mm Parasachnid Space Bugs

28mm versions of the planet-infesting space-insects. The Warriors are white metal, so with careful bending the legs can be posed in many different positions -- be but careful, we can't replace lower bodies because legs have broken off as you bend them. The Ogre Beetle is resin.

When the Parasachnids swarmed the resort world New Santamonica, the Jablonky sisters from Melbourne-3 were there on hols and, unlike many of the other tourists on the planet, did not fall victim to their attacks --they armed themselves and fought back. Soon they received weapons and some articles of uniforms from obviously-impressed relief-force Corporate Marines, and took on quite a military appearance. Discovering they enjoy killing Parasachnids very much, thank you, they became pest-control experts, their services widely sought. The sisters -- Lana and Mads -- are available for free, as a perk in the 28mm big swarm set.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
28MM-PARASACHNID-WARRIORS28mm Parasachnid Warriors (x2)
compared to 28mm Federal Army Rifleman, not included
28MM-OGRE-BEETLE28mm Parasachnid Ogre Beetle
compared to 28mm Sci Fi Figure, not sold by Khurasan
28MM-PARASACHNID-LITTLE-SWARM28mm Parasachnid Little Swarm, 1 x Ogre Beetle, 3 x Packs of Warriors, Seven Bugs Total$59.99
28MM-PARASACHNID-BIG-SWARM28mm Parasachnid Big Swarm, 2 x Ogre Beetle, 7 x Packs of Warriors, Set of Two Jablonsky Sisters (Shown in Main Image) -- Sixteen Bugs and Two Humans Total$129.99

28mm Federal Special Forces Neptune Mecha

28mm versions of the Federal Navy Special Forces "Neptune" Battle Mecha, designed to assist special forces in blunt-force operations, capable of providing extreme firepower but also able to assist with heavy lift, forced entry -- many things a vehicle simply cannot do.

These models are over 125mm (5") tall! They are entirely resin. Each model has two weapons pod stations on the "shoulders" -- whilst in the images, each Neptune is shown with two (of course, having only two shoulders!), each model is supplied with a complete set of three different shoulder weapons -- anti-infantry/anti-air mini smart-rockets, heavy penetrator cannons, and heavy anti-material missile launchers. So that's six shoulder weapons provided, which can be mixed, or used in pairs. These shoulder pod stations are designed to be very easily magnetizable, so rare earth magnets can be used to swap out weapons based on the mission, so paint them all up!

Depending on the mission, in the "rifleman" configuration a Neptune will carry a naval particle beam rifle that has been adapted for mecha usage, with an antipersonnel laser mounted on the top of the rifle, or in the "brawler" configuration can mount a variety of shoulder pods to deal with likely targets, leaving the arms free for action.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
28MM-NEPTUNE-RIFLEMAN28mm Federal Navy Neptune Mecha with Particle Beam Naval Rifle and three different sets of shoulder weapons (the buildup in the image shows one of the three different shoulder sets, smart-rockets)$49.99
28MM-NEPTUNE-BRAWLER28mm Federal Navy Neptune Mecha in Brawler configuration and three different sets of shoulder weapons (the buildup in the image shows two of the three different shoulder sets, the left penetrator cannon and the right heavy anti-material missile launcher)$49.99
28MM-NEPTUNE-PAIR28mm Federal Navy Neptune Mecha Pair (one complete rifleman and one complete brawler)$96.99

28mm Nova Respublik (Neo-Soviets)

These are 28mm versions of our popular Nova Respublik range. The vehicles are a mixture of resin with a few pewter pieces. Please note that the Red Banner kit contains enough pieces to make any one of the variants shown in the image. You will have leftover pieces for the other options you decided against.

All infantry figurines are one-piece castings in pewter.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
28MM-DRAKON28mm Nova Respublik Drakon next-gen main battle tank (resin and pewter kit -- parts allow either main armament to be made)$49.99
28MM-DRAKON-PLATOON28mm Nova Respublik Drakon next-gen main battle tank (three complete vehicle kits)$144.99
28MM-RED-BANNER28mm Nova Respublik Red Banner/Red Eagle/Red Lightning main battle tank (resin and pewter kit -- parts allow any one of the options shown to be made)$55.99
28MM-RED-BANNER-PLATOON28mm Nova Respublik Red Banner/Red Eagle/Red Lightning MBT platoon (x3 complete vehicle kits)$164.99
28MM-YOZHIK28mm Nova Respublik Yozhik IFV (resin and pewter kit)$36.99
28MM-YOZHIK-PLATOON28mm Nova Respublik Yozhik IFV Platoon (three complete vehicle kits)$104.99
28MM-PYTHON-SET28mm Nova Respublik Python Armour Suits, Set of 2 (resin kits)$36.99
28MM-PYTHON-SINGLEOne Random 28mm Nova Respublik Python Armour Suit (one resin kit)$19.99
28MM-NOVA-ROBOT-KATYA28mm Nova Respublik Fire Support Robot "Katya" with multiple rocket launchers$14.99
28MM-NOVA-ROBOT-BOOSTER28mm Nova Respublik Fire Support Robot Booster set (one "Katya" robot with multiple rocket launchers, also including laser cannons and heavy-anti-material missile launchers)$19.99
28MM-NOVA-ROBOT-THERMO28mm Nova Respublik Fire Support Robot with Thermobaric Area Denial Launchers$14.99
28MM-NOVA-RIFLES28mm Nova Respublik Riflemen (x7, six privats and one efreitor (corporal))$9.99
28MM-NOVA-SQUAD-WEP28mm Nova Respublik Squad Weapons (x4, two smartrockets and two light machine guns)$5.99
28MM-NOVA-COMM-HW28mm Nova Respublik Platoon Assets -- officer, medic, and heavy missile launcher team (x4)$5.99

28mm Federal Army

These are 28mm versions of our popular Federal Army range. The Federal Army is the largest military force in the Federation. Federal Army Heavy Infantry wear extensive carapace protection and carry a variety of weapons from the basic pulse rifle to a plasma gun capable of destroying a tank. The Federal Army uses a variety of vehicles, including the massive Caiman APC and the smaller Polecat Armoured Command Car/Utility Vehicle. To support these vehicles in armoured attacks is the Sabre Light/Medium Tank, armed with a powerful plasma cannon. The Scythian SPA/Mechkiller can either give indirect fire support or, in direct fire mode, its massive plasma cannon can shred the best protected targets. With the aux power trailer attached to the vehicle, its plasma cannon is even more devastating.

The vehicles are entirely resin. The Polecat is approximately 102mm long and comes with a missile launcher which may be swapped with the rotary gun turret -- it's not shown here but is identical to that on the 15mm vehicle. The Caiman is approximately 190mm long and has an adjustable starboard door. The Sabre is about 140mm long and its hatch may be posed open or closed. There is an optional pin for the pintle trailer mount provided with the Scythian.

The infantry are all one piece castings in pewter.

As were their 15mm versions, the 28mm infantry were sculpted by Mike Broadbent. The vehicles (and the infantry shown with the vehicles for comparison) were painted by dwartist.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
28MM-FED-SCYTHIAN28mm Federal Army Scythian SPA/Mechkiller (resin kit)$39.99
28MM-FED-SCYTHIAN-TRAILER28mm Federal Army Scythian SPA/Mechkiller with Aux Power Trailer (resin kit)$49.99
28MM-FED-TRAILER-ONLY28mm Federal Army Aux Power Trailer Only (resin kit)$12.99
28MM-FED-SABRE28mm Federal Army Sabre Light/Medium Tank (resin kit)$39.99
28MM-FED-CAIMAN28mm Federal Army Caiman Heavy APC (resin kit)$59.99
28MM-ARMOURED-COLUMN28mm Armoured Column -- one Caiman Heavy APC and one Sabre Light/Medium Tank (resin kits)$95.99
28MM-FED-POLECAT28mm Federal Army Polecat Armoured Command/Utility Vehicle (resin kit, comes with two turret choices -- rotary gun and missiles, rotary gun shown here)$28.99
28MM-FED-AUTOCANNON28mm Federal Army ODIN autocannon and two crew (one team with weapon) $8.99
28MM-FED-MISSILELAUNCHER28mm Federal Army THOR heavy anti-material missilelauncher and two crew (one team with weapon) $8.99
28MM-FED-RIFLE28mm Federal Army Infantry Riflemen (x9 in nine poses, squad leader, two team leaders, two riflemen with grenade attachment, four riflemen)$12.99
28MM-FED-SAW28mm Federal Army Infantry with Squad Rapidfire Weapons (x4 in four poses)$6.99
28MM-FED-HW28mm Federal Army Infantry with Heavy Weapons (x4 in four poses -- infantry missile team (assistant and missileman), plasma gunner, and marksman with heavy anti-material missile)$6.99



These are 28mm versions of our very popular Tigrid alianes. They are multi-part pewter castings. They have tabs on the bottom which should fit into plastic slotted bases, which are are not provided with the models. Other than the Baron, each type comes with one of three different head types -- bare heads, light helmets, or heavy combat helmets. You can choose which head types you want for each set below. There are not images for all of the different options, but you will get a clear sense from the images of what the heads look like, and what the bodies look like. Except for the Baron, each Felid is in four pieces, plus the base -- head, right arm with weapon, the rest of the body, and an optional separate battle pack. The weapons are sprued with the bodies and are not interchangeable, as shown HERE for a set of granadiers with bare heads. On poses with the weapon held in both hands, the left hand is sculpted on as part of the weapon, so the left wrist attaches to the left hand on the weapon.

CodeBonusCommitment (US$)ADD
28MM-FELID-BARON28mm Felid Baron (x1)$4.99
28MM-FELID-ALPHA-BARE28mm Felid Alphas (Squad Leaders) with Smart Missile Launchers, Bare Heads (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-ALPHA-LIGHT28mm Felid Alphas (Squad Leaders) with Smart Missile Launchers, Light Helmet (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-ALPHA-HEAVY28mm Felid Alphas (Squad Leaders) with Smart Missile Launchers, Heavy Helmet (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-BLASTERS-BARE28mm Felids with Blasters, Bare Heads (x6)$14.99
28MM-FELID-BLASTERS-LIGHT28mm Felids with Blasters, Light Helmet (x6)$14.99
28MM-FELID-BLASTERS-HEAVY28mm Felids with Blasters, Heavy Helmet (x6)$14.99
28MM-FELID-GRENADE-LIGHT28mm Felids with Grenade Launchers, Light Helmet (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-GRENADE-BARE28mm Felids with Grenade Launchers, Bare Heads (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-GRENADE-HEAVY28mm Felids with Grenade Launchers, Heavy Helmet (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-PLASMA-HEAVY28mm Felids with Heavy Plasma Gun, Heavy Helmet (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-PLASMA-BARE28mm Felids with Heavy Plasma Gun, Bare Heads (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-PLASMA-LIGHT28mm Felids with Heavy Plasma Gun, Light Helmet (x3)$7.99
28MM-FELID-PLATOON-BARE28mm Felid Platoon Deal, Bare Heads: 3 Blaster Sets, 1 set each of grenade launchers, heavy plasma guns and alphas (27 figurines total)$67.99
28MM-FELID-PLATOON-LIGHT28mm Felid Platoon Deal, Light Helmets: 3 Blaster Sets, 1 set each of grenade launchers, heavy plasma guns and alphas (27 figurines total)$67.99
28MM-FELID-PLATOON-HEAVY28mm Felid Platoon Deal, Heavy Helmets: 3 Blaster Sets, 1 set each of grenade launchers, heavy plasma guns and alphas (27 figurines total)$67.99

Los Viejos

No one knows where these little hombres came from or what they want, but they are the fastest draw with a plasma pistol this side of the Rio Grande. One of them is bad enough, but four ... ? ¡Dios mío!

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
LOS-VIEJOS28mm (actually quite a bit shorter) Los Viejos (x4)$7.99

Garn Warriors

Garn Warriors painted by
Chris Yaro. Base detailing
not included.
Hulking aliens, evolved from a species similar to the great predatory dinosaurs of Earth's distant past, Garn Warriors are a dour and aggressive race. Their merchant-war vessels seek out alien civilizations far and wide, attacking, plundering and consuming those too weak to resist, trading with more powerful peoples. They are also willing to serve as mercenaries in any army for suitable compensation, on the sole condition that they will not fight against other Garn mercenaries, or the Garn Confederation. As free-will sentients they have more in common with the Federation of Humanoid Worlds than they do with the the Arachnians, but this does not make them exactly allies of the Federation, except when self-interest dictates, or the price is right. The exclusively, relentlessly carnivorous Garn consider the Arachnians as merely a good source of protein and roughage. Indeed, they will happily consume the flesh of any life form, their huge jaws crunching the thickest bones, ripping the toughest hides.

Garn come from a warm world and eschew clothing and body covering equipment. Having two hearts and an immense frame, not to mention their awesome jaws (the most powerful by far of any known sentients), they do not need much enhancement of their physical strength. For defense, to supplement their very thick, scaly hides they prefer advanced technology field defenses to cruder forms of protection such as body armour. The FFP-15 Force Field Projector/Artificial Environment Generator, worn on their back, grants the Garn protection equivalent to that of human power armour, and generates a sustainable environment immediately under the field which will sustain the warrior for days.

As for equipment, Garn warriors employ a series of weapons to suit the galaxy of different foes they have met and overcome. A squad of five will commonly have three troopers armed with assault cannons, firing an armour-piercing 20mm round which detonates upon penetration; one trooper with a heavy weapon, either a flamethrower or plasmathrower; and a commander with an arm-mounted lasercutter which combines reverse forcefield technology with a short-range (roughly one meter) high intensity laserbeam to cut through the thickest steel with ease. The commander also has an arm-mounted rapidfire assaultgun firing a small caliber version of the assault cannon round, targeted via the laserscope permanently attached to the Garn commander's left eye. All Garn additionally carry a pair of plasma grenades for close encounters with superior foes, or for suicide, which the Garn consider the only honourable option when bested in battle.

Garn weapons all use advanced-technology rounds which do not require propellant and so do not have a recoil, making the weapons deadly accurate even when fired from the hip. It also allows unparalleled standardization, all types of ammo being carried in a single type of ammo drum, worn on the left hip of the Garn, the ammo fed into the weapon by means of an ammo tube. (All Garn are left handed and righthanded Garn infants are ritually fed to the mighty Drargs of the valleys.)

For communication the Garn have implanted into the scales of their lower left jaw a communication device allowing them to communicate with any member of their squad or with their merchant-warvessel.

The models representing Garn wartraders come with interchangeable features to allow mix and match assembly for maximum variety, so that many models may be completed before duplicates are required. Aaron has sculpted the models so that assembly is a snap. There are two different bodies, two different sets of basic arms, and two different heads. The ammo tube and ammo drum are separate pieces, as is the Force Field Projector (which can be left off if preferred).

The Garn are a salute to the ferocious reptilian alien warriors of many Sci-Fi stories, and are suitable for any sci-fi or pulp setting. The squad set includes four basic Garn, four assault cannon inserts, a flamethrower insert, a plasmathrower insert, and a commander with his mighty laser cutter, arm-mounted assaultgun and special head including the periscope gunsight on his left eye.

Sculpted by Aaron Brown of Black Crab Sculpting.

Garn assembly hints
Image of assembled Garn commander (construction reference)

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-600S28mm Garn Unit Deal (2 x Body A 2 x Body B, 2 x Head A, 2 x Head B, 2 x Arms A, 2 x Arms B, 4 x assault cannon inserts, 1 x flamethrower insert, 1 x plasmathrower insert, and 1 x Garn Commander) Image of unpainted Garn Commander $19.99
TTC-60828mm Garn Heavy Weapon Warrior with all three weapons choices (laser cannon, missile launcher, plasma cannon)$5.99

Genocidal Overlord

Genocidal Overlord painted by
Chris Yaro. Base detailing
not included.
Ruling by decree is a snap when you are an interplanetary dictator with a penchant for genocide and an addiction to cigarettes. Oh, and when you have ten merchant-warvessels of brutal reptilian aliens on semi-permanent hire, and you know precisely how to keep them loyal to you.

Overlord Jellina Joel I oversees an empire of seven planetary systems from her palace built on an asteroid in the 368 Sumita System. From this palace (constructed of glossy black rock, with tasteful gold accents) her unreasonable decrees descend upon her hapless subjects, and should they disobey, something far worse descends on them -- carnivorous Garn mercenaries, in particular the exceptionally unpleasant Red Garn, who have free reign to steal anything they want, destroy anything too big to steal, and eat anyone who gets in the way (as well as anyone who doesn't). Unfortunately for these subjects, the Garn are also charged with conveying these same decrees, and, unaccountably, the messages sometimes fail to be delivered; the same cannot be said for the retaliation. “Pity,” Jellina is known to say with a shrug when advised of these fatal “errors.” Then, brightening up while lighting a cigarette, she adds philosophically, "Oh well, plenty more where they came from."

Of course, being an overlord means one gets a cut of the booty (other than what goes into the Garn larders), which is enough to keep her in black leather uniforms, gold epaulettes and Garn mercenaries indefinitely.

Now and then, a proper military challenge is made to her reign, and in these circumstances she will happily take the field in command of her Garn squadrons and whatever local forces can be terrified into joining the fight. She is definitely not to be underestimated as a tactician or as a duellist, being especially proficient with her favourite toy, an ancient, mint-condition .50 caliber automatic pistol from the distant past of some faraway solar system -- this despite having only one eye left, the other being covered by (what else) a black eye patch.

Chris has painted her in her special celebratory outfit, with unusual blue highlights. This she wears once a year to celebrate her victory over her brother, whom she deposed and had teleported into the void of space, and whose favourite colour was blue (she is not devoid of a sense of irony). Her usual costume has a grey hatband and gold epaulettes.

Beautifully sculpted by Aaron Brown of Black Crab, Jellina Jol I, genocidal overlord, is the first character model in our 28mm Sci Fi series. She was inspired by a lyric in an obscure song, Certain People I Could Name, by the band They Might be Giants. She is intended as a flamboyantly nefarious personality figure to hire and lead our stern Garn mercenaries, especially the renegade Red Garn who have been banished from the Confederation for violence too extreme even for the Garn. Of course, she should find a home causing mayhem in any other Sci Fi or pulp game as well. Her physical appearance, eye patch and all, was suggested by a certain flying ship captain in a certain movie set in an alternative-universe 1930s. Aaron has done a very good job capturing the Spartan but sensual appearance of this model's inspiration.

The Genocidal Overlord comes with two separate right hands -- one holding up a cigarette, the other her enormous Desert Eagle .50 caliber pistol. To conform with either of these hand options, two different holsters are also provided, one empty, the other with pistol.

The cigarette can either be painted as cast for extra solidity (as shown in the photo), or can be whittled down with a hobby knife for better scale thinness. Don't paint it as a cigar, as Jellina hates cigars and will send the Red Garn on a courtesy call to your system if you do.

Sculpted by Aaron Brown of Black Crab Sculpting.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-70028mm Genocidal Overlord$4.99

Arcahnian Alien Invertebrates

Arachnian painted by Chris Yaro. Photoshopped onto granite background.
Intelligent invertebrates? Yes, mister, billions of them! Vast swarms of these man-size creatures lurk under the ground on planets they infest, as they rapidly burrow deep underground. Most are workers, but a select handful, a mere few millions, are warriors, with a blast-gun implanted below their abdomen -- only the most seasoned professional soldier can tell a warrior hidden within the teeming billions of workers. Shooting is surprisingly accurate, aided by the eight eyes of the warrior that encircle the thorax. The gun only holds a few shots, but that's all it takes to kill even a power armoured enemy. (And usually the bug is killed before it can get off more than a few shots anyway!) Perhaps some form of intelligent arachnian lives deep under the earth, controlling the others? Or perhaps they function like ants, using pheromones to communicate and acting for the good of the swarm. No one can truly say.

Each Arachnian can be constructed as a harmless worker or deadly warrior. Models may be built with straight abdomens (shown) or curled, and either may attach the deadly blast gun, the straight abdomen hiding the weapon until that deadly moment of surprise fire, the curled one firing it over the back of the warrior, scorpion-like. Two sets of pedipalps will also be available, folded (shown) or extended. ALL of these piece options are included with EACH model!

Large packs of Arachnians are also be available to make huge swarms inexpensively. These will be perfect monsters for sci-fi bug hunts, fantasy or pulp lost world scenarios (with the guns left off, of course!), etc.

To save you the trouble, each limb piece is provided with a sturdy pin cast on, with some drilling (with a pin vise or similar) necessary to insert these long pins into the thorax for a good tough join. Long mould pins on the bottom of the thorax and abdomen can simply be snipped off during construction.

Thorax (front body part) is 15mm front to back. There is a small hidden platform on the bottom of the thorax to elevate the bug so that the weight of the model is not supported by the legs.

Sculpted by Aaron Brown of Black Crab Sculpting.

How to Build the Bugs

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-50028mm Arachnian Alien$3.99
TTC-500W28mm Arachnian Alien Warband (x10)$34.99
TTC-500H28mm Arachnian Alien Horde (x20)$59.99
TTC-500INV28mm Arachnian Alien Invasion (x40)$89.99
TTC-850028mm Terran Strike Infantry Squad (Five Models) Versus Arachnians (twenty models) Battle Set $74.99

Terran Strike Infantry Squad

Strike Infantryman painted by
Chris Yaro. Battle damage to suit added by Chris.
The elite attack force of the Federation of Humanoid Worlds, the Strike Infantry bring unparalleled power to the battlefield. Dropping in single-man pods to the surface of the attacked planet from starships, these troopers wear thousand-pound suits of powered armour which give them immense strength and enhanced senses. Extending the length of the man's arms and legs beyond the limit of the human body, the suit's extremities are perfectly controlled from within, allowing greater stride, reach and dexterity. Jet and rocket boosted, the suit permits the Marine to bounce along the surface of the planet at speeds which would be the envy of 21st century mechanized forces.

Once deployed, the STI stay in contact using suit-borne communications arrays. Once the target is identified, each Strike Infantryman has a virtual arsenal of weapons at his disposal, enough to take on the military of a small nation. Two long weapons provide devestating attack ability -- a rocket launcher with low-yield thermonuclear warheads for maximum devestation, and a flame thrower to spray gouts of advanced incendiary fluids distances which would astonish 21 century armies. On their rocket/jet booster packs they mount a rack firing high explosive bombs, and on each arm is mounted a potent secondary weapon -- a hand flamer on the left for "close encounters," and a laser cutter on the right to burn through the thickest walls and fortifications. The rocket launcher and the heavy flamer are both stowed on the Marine's rocket/jet booster pack when not in use, simply snapping back into place when released from the Marine's clawed hands.

Of all the foes faced by the STI, only two cause serious concern -- the teeming billions of Arachnian Warriors, and the hulking killing machines of the Garn Confederation. Strike Infantry have taken on both and prevailed, but both provide, in their own very different ways, ferocious and hard-fought battles. All others are crushed in a sobering demonstration of military asymmetry, usually causing only token damage to get the point across without undue destruction.

Although the inspiration for these models is no doubt obvious, they were created to provide gamers an elite power armoured force for any gaming needs. Aaron and I worked closely together in designing the suit to make sure that it was built around an actual human form, so that it looked plausible. The models come in a squad of five, two using the heavy flamer, two the nuclear rocket launcher, and a fifth sending flames to the foe with his hand flamer. As every STI trooper has all of these weapons, three loose flamers and three loose rocket launchers are provided to be attached to the weapon rack. The squad comes with five sets of legs as well in three different poses -- left foot forward, right foot forward, and abreast -- these are supplied with a good random mix (two of one type, two of a second, one of the third). Assembly is very easy, as the pieces have been kept to a minimum -- each model is made of a head, a torso with arms attached, a backpack, a weapon to be glued into the rack (two for the man using the hand flamer), and a set of legs. Best of all, all the torsos fit into all of the legs, so that there's a great variety of poses -- five different torsos and three different leg sets.

Sculpted by Aaron Brown of Black Crab Sculpting.

Photo of Unpainted STI Squad Showing Leg and Torso Variants (Five Random Leg Poses Provided)

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TTC-80028mm Strike Infantry Squad (Five Models)$19.99
TTC-850028mm Terran Strike Infantry Squad (Five Models) Versus Arachnians (twenty models) Battle Set $74.99