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I Expect You To Die -- 1960s Spy Film Miniatures

In the 1960s, British intelligence agents dressed well, drank martinis, cracked wise, had a license to kill (well, a select few did). Despite being apprehended and subjected to megalomaniacal conversation, they always broke free in time to defeat the evil genius in spectacular fashion. Whilst doing so, they could melt the heart of the coldest female Cold Warriors.

Super Spies

Jolly good chaps who, when they could tear themselves away from romancing beautiful women, were saving the planet, one implausible world-conquest scheme at a time. Also the energetic, deadly ladies who helped them along the way, sometimes clad in boldly coloured catsuits.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
SUPERSPIES160s Spy Film Superspies 1 (four figures -- Stock ... John Stock; Smoochy Toyota, Reginald Stallion, and Mrs. Rind)$3.39

Super Villains

Megalomaniacs requiring correction. Often they own islands, on which are installed missile silos or drillers to the core of the earth, for purposes of planetary blackmail. Packs also include chief (much more dangerous, and non-boilersuiit-clad) henchmen.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
SUPERVILLAINS160s Spy Film Supervillains and Chief Henchmen 1 (six figures -- Copia Spoon, Irma Klunk, Handywork, Sterling Silvertoe, Hans Demetrios Brugger (and Mr. Whiskers), and White Lee)$4.99


Central Casting thugs in flamboyant jumpsuits tasked to protect remote island installations, menace helpless females, and die in droves under the attack of the super spies. Generally armed with submachine guns.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
HENCHMEN160s Spy Film Henchmen 1 (six figures in six poses)$4.99