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6mm Sci Fi Ranges

These are smaller scale versions of some of our popular 15mm sci fi models. For background description please see our 15mm ranges.

Four Nations Armed Forces

A loose confederation of stellar republics -- New Anglia, Nua-Eire, Neo-Wales and Neo-Scotia -- battle to defend their hard-won independence from invading aliens, the Soriogs. These four sovereign republics each contribute to a federated military, which, for ground combat, relies on ground effect vehicles and rocket-assisted power-armoured infantry -- a formidable combination.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
6mm-four-nations-tank6mm Four Nations Sword Ground Effect Tank (x1, all pewter kit)$2.39
6mm-four-nations-apc6mm Four Nations Challenger Ground Effect APC (x1, all pewter kit)$2.59
6mm-four-nations-inf-ground6mm Four Nations Power Armoured Infantry, Grounded (x8, one leader with rifle, five other rifles, two with heavy rifles)$2.29
6mm-four-nations-inf-flight6mm Four Nations Power Armoured Infantry, Rocket Flight Mode (x8, six with rifles, two with heavy rifles)$2.99

Federal Army Experimental Battalion

The Federal Army's battalion of huge, ultra-high tech grav tanks and APCs, the APCs carrying robot infantry, still in R&D but a functioning unit and ready for action. These drop from orbit, obliterate the target, and return to the fleet. Buccaneer sentient robotic infantry dismount from the APC on individual flight pods (which can be done whilst the APC is on flight), descend to the target/battle zone, and fight on foot from there.

The grav tanks are supplied with one hull and a choice of two turrets -- either a fusion cannon or railgun. The superheavy vehicles are about 41mm long.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
6mm-superheavy-grav-apc6mm Federal Army XM-51 superheavy grav APC (x1)$4.39
6mm-superheavy-grav-tank6mm Federal Army XM-6 superheavy grav tank (x1, one hull and two different turrets)$4.99
6mm-buccaneer-infantry-bots6mm Federal Army Buccaneer Robot Infantry on foot (x8)$1.99
6mm-buccaneer-flight-pods6mm Federal Army Buccaneer Robot Infantry, flight pods (x6)$2.39

Federal Army/Navy

The main political entity of interstellar humanity. Grav and tracked vehicles are the same except for their drives. The grav versions of the vehicles don't come with a flight base but a small piece of material can be put under them to depict them as hovering close to the ground.

The tracked version of the Saber is widely used by the Exterminators as well, so is listed twice on this page.

Note to 15mm gamers -- the Neptune Special Forces Mecha is the size of a 15mm infantryman and thus they are perfect as war robots in that scale as well as smaller mecha in 6mm scale.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
6mm-cormorant6mm Federal Navy Cormorant Infantry Lander (x1, all pewter kit)$7.99
6mm-cormorant-flight6mm Federal Navy Cormorant Infantry Lander Flight (x3 complete landers, all pewter kits)$20.99
6mm-federal-inf-rifles6mm Federal Army Infantry with Rifles (x11, one leader, eight with rifles, two with heavy rifles)$2.29
6mm-federal-inf-weapons6mm Federal Army Infantry Heavy Weapons (x14 pieces: four missile launchers, four sniper rifles, two assault cannons, and four assault cannon crew)$2.89
6mm-federal-neptune-mechs6mm Federal Navy Neptune Special forces Mecha (x2 mecha with separate, posable arms)$3.99
6mm-federal-siler-tracked6mm Federal Army Siler Superheavy Tank (x1)$3.49
6mm-federal-tank-tracked6mm Federal Army Medium Tank, Tracked (x1)$2.29
6mm-federal-tank-grav6mm Federal Army Medium Tank, Anti-Grav Drive (x1)$2.29
6mm-saber-tracked6mm Federal Army Saber Light/Medium Tank, Tracked (x1)$2.29
6mm-saber-grav6mm Federal Army Saber Light/Medium Tank, Anti-Grav Drives (x1)$2.29
6mm-federal-spa-tracked6mm Federal Army Self-Propelled Artillery, Tracked, with Auxiliary Power Generator (x1)$2.29
6mm-federal-spa-grav6mm Federal Army Self-Propelled Artillery, Anti-Grav Drive, with Auxiliary Power Generator (x1)$2.29
6mm-federal-APC-tracked6mm Federal Army Heavy APC, Tracked (x1)$2.29
6mm-federal-APC-grav6mm Federal Army Heavy APC, Anti-Grav Drive (x1)$2.29
6mm-polecat6mm Federal Army Polecat Armoured Light Utility Vehicle (x1, comes with both autogun and multi-missile tankhunter variant turrets)$1.79

Parasachnid Interstellar Arachnoids

Large, powerful, heavily-carapaced social bugs bent on galactic domination via interplanetary swarming, relying largely on brute force and numbers to swamp enemies of higher tech. Some, such as the tank-sized ogre beetle, have the ability to spew acids or bioplasma over surprisingly long distances. Brain bugs pass the commands on to the swarms, and they in turn communicate with egg-laying queens for grand tactical guidance, these queens being typical objectives of tech rivals' attacks.

Note: The WarForce Reserve infantry seen in some of the images are for size comparison only (remember, they are in power armour, so are a bit taller than non-power armoured humans), to show how big the bugs are, and are not included in the Parasachnid sets.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
6mm-parasachnid-warriors6mm Parasachnid Warriors (x12)$4.99
6mm-parasachnid-flyers6mm Parasachnid Hornets (Flying Warriors) (x6)$2.49
6mm-parasachnid-ogre-beetle6mm Parasachnid Ogre Beetle$2.49
6mm-parasachnid-leadership-caste6mm Parasachnid Leadership Caste (two brains and two queens)$2.49

Earth WarForce

Future Earth military relying on power armour -- either huge, vastly powerful heavy suits, or smaller suits held in reserve from earlier wars, not significantly larger than a human but still projecting incredible combat power.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
6mm-warforce-reserve-inf6mm Earth WarForce Reserve Infantry (x12, 10 infantry and two command)$3.49

Core Systems Ghulams

Genetically engineered centuries ago by a now forgotten stellar empire, the Core Systems, these tall, imposing alien slave soldiers fled the destruction of the Core Systems and now travel the galaxy in a fleet of starships, providing military service in exchange for pay in currency or in kind. Fearless, faithful and professional, the CSG are a much sought-after trump card in stellar conflict.

Constrained by the cargo capacity of the CSG Home Fleet, the CSG armoured fighting vehicles are a bit smaller than the vehicles of the Federal Army or Nova Respublik. These vehicles are manufactured and sold for export, and while they are cramped for humans, they are widely used as well built and of advanced technology. (Their CSG crew, engineered to be immune to discomfort, care little about the cramped interiors of these vehicles.)

Note to 15mm gamers -- the hull of the CSG MBT is about 23mm long.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
6mm-CSG-GUNSHIP6mm Core Systems Ghulams Tank/Mech-Hunting Gunship (x1)$2.99
6mm-CSG-MBT6mm Core Systems Ghulams Main Battle Tank (x1)$1.99
6mm-CSG-LASER6mm Core Systems Ghulams Laser Tank (x1)$1.99
6mm-CSG-MISSILE6mm Core Systems Ghulams Missile Tank (x1)$1.99
6mm-CSG-APC6mm Core Systems Ghulams Armoured Personnel Carrier (x1)$1.99
6mm-CSG-SCOUT6mm Core Systems Ghulams Scout/Patrol Car (x1)$1.49
6mm-CSG-infantry6mm scale Core Systems Ghulams Infantry (x12)$2.49
6mm-CSG-wep-comm6mm scale Core Systems Ghulams Weapons and Command (x12 parts)$2.49

Nova Respublik

Purportedly socialist renegade freehold and one of the primary opponents of the Federation. See our 15mm ranges for a description of Nova Respublik and its forces. Please note that the secondary armament on these vehicle can be quite fine and needs to be handled carefully, as is often the case with smaller caliber weapons on 6mm armour kits.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
6mm-drakon-t-rlg6mm Scale Nova Respublik Drakon advanced tracked tank with railgun$2.39
company-drakon-t-rlgCompany set of 6mm Scale Nova Respublik Drakon advanced tracked tank with railgun (x10 vehicles)$21.99
6mm-drakon-t-plas6mm Scale Nova Respublik Drakon advanced tracked tank with plasmagun$2.39
company-6mm-drakon-t-plasCompany set of 6mm Scale Nova Respublik Drakon advanced tracked tank with plasmagun (x10 vehicles)$21.99
6mm-drakon-gr-rlg6mm Scale Nova Respublik Drakon advanced gravtank with railgun$2.39
company-6mm-drakon-gr-rlgCompany set of 6mm Scale Nova Respublik Drakon advanced gravtank with railgun (x10 vehicles)$21.99
6mm-drakon-gr-plas6mm Scale Nova Respublik Drakon advanced gravtank with plasmagun$2.39
company-6mm-drakon-gr-plasCompany set of 6mm Scale Nova Respublik Drakon advanced gravtank with plasmagun (x10 vehicles)$21.99
6mm-grifon-t6mm Scale Nova Respublik Grifon advanced tracked APC$2.39
company-6mm-grifon-tCompany set of 6mm Scale Nova Respublik Grifon advanced tracked APC (x12 vehicles)$26.99
6mm-grifon-gr6mm Scale Nova Respublik Grifon advanced grav APC$2.39
company-6mm-grifon-grCompany set of 6mm Scale Nova Respublik Grifon advanced grav APC (x12 vehicles)$26.99
6mm-red-eagle6mm Scale Nova Respublik Red Eagle Tank (x1)$2.29
6mm-red-lightning6mm Scale Nova Respublik Red Lightning Laser Tank (x1)$2.29
6mm-yozhik6mm Scale Nova Respublik Yozhik Heavy Armoured IFV (x1)$2.29
6mm-nova-respublik-rifles6mm scale Nova Respublik Infantry Rifles (x12 in four poses)$2.49
6mm-nova-respublik-command-weapons6mm scale Nova Respublik Infantry Command and Squad Weapons (x10 -- two commanders, two RPG, two SAW, and two teams with heavy missile launcher)$2.09
6mm-nova-respublik-heavy-weapons6mm scale Nova Respublik Heavy Weapons (x 12 pieces -- two two man mortar teamd and two two man heavy pulser teams, plus weapons)$2.49

Mekanoid Robot Army

Evil sentient robots, the Mekanoids use an unknown form of travel to quickly move between star systems, wiping out entire planets in their creation of some sort of grid of star systems, for what end Humanity has not been able to determine. Their combat forces include roughly human sized robot infantry which are extremely tough if rather slow. These are supported by the Dragoons, larger centaur-like heavy robots as powerful as a light tank, and a flying robot gunship dubbed the Hatchet. Their forces seem to be commanded by an enormous robot crawler called by Federal forces the Dictator, which can also carry a squad of robot infantry inside its huge carapace.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
6mm-mekanoid-infantry6mm Mekanoid Robot Infantry (x8 in four poses)$3.19
6mm-mekanoid-dragoons6mm Mekanoid Dragoon Heavy Robots (x4 in two poses)$3.19
6mm-mekanoid-hatchet6mm Mekanoid Hatchet Robot Gunship (x1 with flying base)$2.99
6mm-mekanoid-dictator6mm Mekanoid Dictator Robot Crawler Mech (one resin model)$13.99


These are reserve troops of the Federal Army who have in the past been tasked with cleaning up insectoid infestations on Terra and other worlds, and have established such a reputation for doing so that they are called in from all over the galaxy to serve as "exterminators."

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
6mm-exterminators6mm Scale Exterminator Squads (x12 in four poses)$2.49
6mm-exterminators6mm Scale Exterminator Command and Weapons (x 10, 2 each of: squad LMG, flamer pod and plasma gun, one each of: two mortar crew, mortar and officer)$2.09
6mm-exterminator-caiman6mm Scale Exterminator Caiman IFV (x 1)$2.99

6mm Space Demons

Nightmarish, fearless bipedal insectoids with lightning speed and reflexes and superhuman strength. They are exclusively hand to hand fighters. Swarms are controlled by cunning King and Queen Space Demons powerful enough to destroy a tank in close combat. Accompanying them are fully grown Xenomorphus rex, nearly-indestructible, colossal killing machines that vent poisonous vapors from their back chimneys and can spit wads of acid as a form of ranged weapon, and in hand to hand combat can rip a mecha to pieces.

These various horrors are landed on a planet's surface by colossal biomechanical Xenowhales which carry huge swarms in their abdomens. After disembarking the swarms, the Xenowhales hover near the surface using powerful throat-cannons to destroy enemy vehicles. They are easily large and powerful enough to engage enemy mecha as well -- including in close combat, often ramming them with their protruding spikes.

Xenowhale base is not included in the basic kit, but is available separately.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
giganotomorphus-rex6mm Scale Space Demon Giganotomorphus rex colossal assault beast (x1)$10.99
6mm-assault-demons6mm Scale Space Demon Assault Warriors (ribbed head) (x10)$5.99
6mm-infiltrator-demons6mm Scale Space Demon Infiltrator Warriors (smooth head) (x10)$5.99
6mm-royalty-demons6mm Scale Space Demon Royalty (x2, one king and one queen -- smaller space demons shown on bases not included)$1.99
6mm-xenowhale6mm Scale Space Demon Xenowhale Grav Transport/Biomecha (one kit, base not included)$15.99
flying-baseFlying Base for 6mm Scale Space Demon Xenowhale$1.99

MDMS Vehicles

MDMS is an multi-planetary corporation which manufactures afforable and rugged vehicles for a variety of customers. These vehicles are especially popular with Federal Freeholds which are not part of Core Federal Space and thus not defended by the Federal Armed Forces. They have semi-autonomy but also are responsible for their own military needs. Forces such as the Thrainites, Jo-Li Freehold, Kingdom of the Jasmine Throne and the Sepulvedan Provisional Army all use MDMS vehicles, and the Sister of Celestial Peace are sometimes given vehicles as a charity by the corporation.

The tanks, the Goannas, are robot-driven vehicles which can be partly crewed by organics or can be completely crewed by robot systems. Different turrets are provided depending on the crew kit out -- organic crewed vehicles have larger turrets. The tank models offered below come with one hull and two turrets -- a robot turret and the larger crewed turret -- and so you may swap them from game to game.

Each tank has three further variants -- a general purpose vehicle, called the Goanna Mark I, with a main cannon capable of attacking hard or soft targets; an urban warfare version, the Goanna Mark II, which has a rotary cannon, and the Taipan, which has a powerful rail gun to engage the most heavily armoured targets.

The large, utilitarian APC, the Cane Toad, can carry up to 20 human-sized organics and is often armed with two double barrel close defence turrets. Its main purpose is to carry the troops into combat and as such is heavily armoured for an APC.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
6mm-cane-toad6mm Scale MDMS Cane Toad Medium APC (x1)$1.99
6mm-goanna16mm scale MDMS Goanna 1 MBT with long tank gun (x1 hull, x 1 crewed turret, and x 1 robotic turret)$2.29
6mm-goanna26mm scale MDMS Goanna 2 MBT with rotary gun (x1 hull, x 1 crewed turret, and x 1 robtic turret)$2.29
6mm-taipan6mm scale MDMS Taipan Tank Destroyer with Railgun (x1 hull, x 1 crewed turret, and x 1 robtic turret)$2.29