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Early Medieval Arabs, 8th-11th Centuries AD

Arab Ghazi painted and based by Richard Lowles.

These models represent Western Islamic (Bedouin and other Arab) forces from the late Umayyad Caliphate until the Crusades, and in fact many can be used for quite a bit later than that. The Arabs seem to have adopted the turban after the conquests in the east exposed them to this headgear, and these models include some with turbans, while others have the traditional egg hat (which can also be painted as a leather or metal helmet).

These models are suitable for later Umayyad, Abbasid, Hamdanid and other Bedouin Dynasties, Fatimids, Arab Indian, and other armies which used more traditionally dressed Arab troops from around the 8th century on. The Eastern Arab Cavalry is also suitable for Kurds.

There are two poses of each of the heavy cavalry packs. This was done to provide extra models to designate certain elements as armoured -- Arabs often wore their armour under their garments, so it is suggested that gamers use a mixture of unarmoured and armoured arab cavalry models for armoured cavalry units, and a mixture of eastern armoured and armoured cavalry elements for Kurds and other eastern, or eastern-influenced, cavalry. We recommend using the two armoured poses and one unarmoured pose for Western Arab Heavy Cavalry, and the two Eastern Armoured poses and one Western armoured pose for cavalry like Kurds. Conversely, unarmoured Arab cavalry units could even have the odd armoured lancer mixed in now and then, perhaps as an officer.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
KM-10008th-11th Century Arab Infantry, spears and shield (x 12)$6.49
KM-10018th-11th Century Arab Infantry, bows (x 12)$6.49
KM-10028th-11th Century Arab Infantry/Ghazis, sword and shield (x 12)$6.49
KM-10038th-11th Century Arab Infantry/Ghazis, javelin and shield (x 12)$6.49
KM-10048th-11th Century Arab Infantry, sling (x 2)$1.09
KM-10058th-11th Century Arab Cavalry (Arabitai, etc.), unarmoured, lance, shield (x 6)$6.49
KM-10068th-11th Century Arab Cavalry, armoured, lance, shield (x 6)$6.49
KM-10078th- 11th Century Kurdish or Arab Heavy Cavalry in Eastern Armour, lance, shield (x 6)$6.49Not yet begun
KM-10088th- 11th Century Arab High Commander, sword (x 3)$3.24
TR-8Stone wall section (1 x 40mm length)$2.49
TR-7Supply Ox Cart$4.49