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Avars, including Bulgar and Slav Subjects

The Avars, for their part, are scoundrels, devious, and very experienced in military matters.
Maurikios, Strategikon

Avar noble painted and based by Steve Dean.
Cunning, ruthless, technologically advanced invaders from Central Asia, the Avars burst upon the scene in Europe in the sixth century AD, driving in their path the Slav tribesmen they would conquer and use as "cannon fodder" in their incessant wars of pillage and conquest. The Byzantines at first treated with them as they may other nomads who wandered onto the stage of European politics, but they soon learned that the Avars were nomads of a different order.

In their ranks were peoples they had conquered, especially large numbers of Bulgars, who initially adopted Avar dress and equipment on a wide scale.

These models represent the Avars from the summit of their rule in Europe, the First Khaganate of Bayan. Such was the brilliance of their arms that they influenced their enemies forever -- for instance, they arguably introduced stirrups to Europe, and the equipment of their heavy cavalry in particular was frequently mimicked, including by the Byzantines, who openly admitted to doing so.

These models may also be suitable for other Asiatic peoples of the time, as the Avars did not develop their arms and equipment in a vacuum.

Sculpted by Tony Aldrich.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
KM-900Avar Armoured Lancers, Front-Armoured Horses (x 3)$3.29
KM-900aAvar Armoured Lancers, Unarmoured Horses (x 3)$3.29
KM-901Avar/Bulgar Unarmoured Horse Archers, Unarmoured Horses (x 3)$3.29
KM-902Avar Command, Commander and Draco Bearer, Front-Armoured Horses (x 2)$2.29
KM-902aAvar Command, Commander and Draco Bearer, Unarmoured Horses (x 2)$2.29
KM-903Slav Subject Javelinmen with Small Shields, Scurrying Forward (x 12)$6.49
KM-903WSlav Subject Javelinmen Warband (x 24)$11.99
KM-903HSlav Subject Javelinmen Horde (x 48)$22.29
KM-904Slav Subject Archers, Skirmishing (x 12)$6.49
KM-905Horses with No Furniture for Horse Herds, Standing (x 6)$2.99Being Sculpted