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15mm Chatti German Tribes

The Chatti were an ancient German tribe described by Tacitus as especially fierce and serious about going to war. Their young warriors did not cut their hair until they had killed an enemy in battle, and some went further and wore an iron ring (possibly meaning a collar) until they had slain a foe. The iron collar wearers formed the front of the battle line. (Whether they actually wore iron collars is debatable, as in the ancient world this was a symbol of slave status, but it doesn't matter much for 15mm figurines as their long hair and beard cover any collar anyway!) Their skirmishing javelinmen were described as naked and throwing little javelins with sharpened and fire-hardened wood points. They also used foot warriors to fight alongside the cavalry and kill enemy horses. Although these "horse killers" are usually portrayed as light infantry in rules sets, figurines used should be normal tribesmen based in open order rather than the naked skirmishers.

The warriors, light troops, and cavalry are shown on common base sizes (40mm) to show fit.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
CHATTI-LONG-HAIREDChatti warriors with long hair and beards (and possibly iron collars, not depicted) (x12)$8.99
CHATTI-VETERANSChatti veteran warriors who have slain an enemy (x12)$8.99
CHATTI-WARBAND-DEALChatti warband deal -- four packs of long-haired warriors and four packs of veteran warriors (x96)$66.99
CHATTI-SKIRMISHERSChatti skirmishers with fire hardened javelins (x8)$5.99
CHATTI-ARCHERSChatti archers (x6)$4.49
CHATTI-CAVALRYChatti cavalry (x4)$6.99
CHATTI-CAVALRY-DEALChatti cavalry deal -- six packs of cavalry (x24)$37.99
CHATTI-COMMANDChatti command -- two mounted kings or chieftains, one chieftain on foot, three standardbearers on foot, and one warrior on foot carrying Roman Eagle upside down$6.99