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Chinese People's "Volunteers," Korean War

Chinese Burp Gunners," as painted and based by Allen Curtis.
Entering into the Korean War like a thunderbolt, the Chinese People's "Volunteers" were supposedly Chinese warriors who entered the war on their own initiative to save communism in Korea (hence the name Chinese People's Volunteers) but were in fact units deployed by their military. They were a formidable light infantry army, the antithesis of the mechanised, equipment-heavy US and South Korean forces, who initially had great difficulty dealing with their tactics. Their night attacks and infiltration caused mayhem in the peninsula and caused precipitous retreat of the UN forces.

These models are suitable for the initial winter intervention of the CPV when they were at their deadliest. Many of these men did not have rifles, being equipped only with grenades, which they used to deadly effect, then picked up rifles on the battlefield. Others were better equipped, having a motley array of Japanese and other nations' rifles, or Chinese made knock-offs of the PPsH (called by the US troops the "burp gun"). Support weapons included WWII-surplus or captured machine guns (such as the Colt that is supplied), Japanese or British light machine guns such as the Bren (the weapon supplied), and light and medium mortars. They are dressed in the distinctive quilted winter uniform in which they encircled and destroyed numerous UN formations and fought the famous action at the "Chosin Reservoir" against US Army and British Marine forces.

The light mortar is cast on the mortarman's base, and can be snipped off of the base if the medium mortar (also included) is to be depicted.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
KM-2400Korean War CPV infantry with rifles (x4), SMGs (x4) and grenades (x4)$7.99
KM-2401Korean War CPV Support/Command (x 11 pieces -- two LMG, one MMG, one mortar crew with light/medium mortar, bugler, officer, political officer)$5.99