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15mm ECW and Thirty Years War Range (former Testudo)

This splendid line was formerly marketed by Testudo, then New Testudo. The line has been reorganised a bit and the mounted are now provided with the horses from our Imperial Thirty Years War range, which is complementary to this one.

The range will be expanded regularly as more moulds are remade and the models finished for display.

Sculpted by Giuseppe Rava (other than the horses, which were sculpted by Mike Broadbent). The models were painted by Artmaster Studio.

Any flags shown are not included. Pikemen are not provided with pikes, which will need to be separately obtained. (The images show pikes in hand for illustrative purposes only.)

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
ecw-tyw-generalsECW-TYW Generals (x 5)$5.99
ecw-tyw-croatsECW-TYW Croat irregular light horse (x 6)$6.99
ecw-tyw-dragoonsECW-TYW Dragoons or Mounted Arquebusiers (x 8)$9.99
ecw-tyw-medium-horseECW-TYW medium Horse with pistols or swords, mostly unarmoured in buff coats (x 6)$6.99
ecw-tyw-heavy-horseECW-TYW heavy Horse with pistols or swords, cuirass and buff coat (x 6)$6.99
ecw-tyw-mc-hc-commandECW-TYW Medium or Heavy Horse Command (x 2 leaders, x 2 buglers, x 2 standardbearers)$6.99
ecw-tyw-cuirassier-pistolECW-TYW Cuirassiers in mixed helmet and 3/4 plate, pistoliers (x 6)$6.99
ecw-tyw-cuirassier-lanceECW-TYW Cuirassiers in armet and 3/4 plate, with lances (x 6)$6.99
ecw-tyw-cuirassier-commandECW-TYW Cuirassier command (x 2 leaders, x 2 buglers, x 2 standardbearers)$6.99
ecw-tyw-unarmour-pikesECW-TYW Unarmoured Pikemen (x 12, buff coat only or just jacket, pikes not included)$5.99
ecw-tyw-armour-pikesECW-TYW armoured pikemen (x 12, cuirass but no tassets, pikes not included)$5.99
ecw-tyw-heavy-armour-pikesECW-TYW heavy armoured pikemen (x 12, cuirass and tassets, pikes not included)$5.99
ecw-tyw-english-pikesECW-TYW armoured pikemen in English morion (x 12, pikes not included)$5.99
ecw-tyw-advancing-musketsECW-TYW advancing musketeers (x 12, musket on shoulder)$5.99
ecw-tyw-shooting-musketsECW-TYW shooting-musketeers (x 16, in 13 mixed shooting poses)$7.99
ecw-tyw-english-musketsECW-TYW musketeers in caps (especially suitable for English) (x 12)$5.99
ecw-tyw-infantry-commandECW-TYW infantry command (x 12)$5.99
ecw-tyw-field-gunECW-TYW field gun (one gun and four crew)$4.99
ecw-tyw-light-gunsECW-TYW light/regiment guns (two guns and four crew)$4.99