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Gasgans/Kaska People, 15th-12th Centuries BC


The Gasgans were highlanders living in the mountains of Northwestern Anatolia at the time of the Hittite kingdom and empire. These exceptionally aggressive and warlike tribesmen were a primary reason the Hittites never expanded further west into Anatolia, and even the greatest Hittite kings were only able at best to contain them. They were said to have been able to raise as many as 9,000 warriors and 800 chariots when their various loosely-knit tribes came together.

When they were not raising swine and weaving linen, the Gasgans (also called "Kaska" or "Kaskians") were devastating the Hittite core lands -- in fact, so often and so thoroughly that word of their pugnacity spread far and wide. Pharaoh Amenhotep III heard of the success of their attacks on Hattusa and requested that some Gasgans be sent to him as warriors. Of course the Hittites also fielded them in their campaigns, partly because of their warlike disposition, and partly to keep an eye in them!

Whilst the Hittite Empire is said to have fallen due to the sudden onslaught of the Sea Peoples, the Gasgans are thought to have contributed as well, possibly in cahoots with the Sea Peoples (thus making a sort of biblical "barbarian conspiracy"). After the fall of the Hittites they overran eastern Anatolia and attacked the Assyrian Empire, where they finally met their match.

This range has the warband available with separate shields so that they may either be close combat warriors or shieldless skirmishers (the shields are very easy to attach and are a mixture of the perforated round shield and the rectangular wicker shield). Elite infantry troops were bodyguard archers who appear to have been equipped with an axe in addition to their archery equipment, and probably wore a helmet as well. Skirmishing archers and slingers are available as well. Each chariot set has two chariots, two drivers, one overlord (for the CinC) in armour, one chieftain (as a subgeneral or ally general), two noble archers, and as a bonus, a witch wearing an Anatolian Viper at no additional cost! So you may make two noble chariots, or two command chariots, or one of each. (The extra figures can be mixed into the infantry as unit commanders.)

These horrible savages are just the thing as allies for your Hittite army, or dare to be Gasgan and make a full army of them! The models can be used for other Anatolian tribesmen as well, including for the Trojan War, but the Gasgans are the most colourful.


CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
gasgan-raider-force15mm Gasgan raider force -- one set of chariots, six sets of warband, two sets of archers and two sets of slingers (2 chariots, 111 infantry including the three spares from the chariot set)$78.99
gasgan-chariots15mm Gasgan chariot set (two chariots, two drivers, two commanders, two noble archers, and one witch with large viper)$9.99
gasgan-guards15mm Gasgan bodyguard archers in four poses (x12)$7.99
gasgan-warband15mm Gasgan warriors with mixed hand weapons and separate shield for warbands or skirmishers, six poses (x12, with 12 shields)$7.99
gasgan-archers15mm Gasgan archers in four poses (x12)$7.99
gasgan-slingers15mm Gasgan slingers in three poses (x 6)$3.99