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Raumm, Early of Hell -- heroic-sized 15mm fantasy

The savage Northmen of the upper coasts had long worshipped a cruel, devious demon who overturns and changes world affairs to suit some devious demonic purpose. Scratching out a living, raiding by sea, taking slaves and skulls, they wished for this "great earle" to make an appearance and grant them dominion over the world. For centuries they beseeched him to appear, until finally he took notice.

Boiling up out of a fiussure in the earth came first not the demon himself, but a Great Red Dragon, the likes of which had not been seen in the world for many a century. It quickly surveyed the ragtag band of outcasts and renegades who had been praying at the fissure, ate those who did not fit into Raumm's plan, and gathered the rest. Raumm then appeared himself, radiating dark glory, conferring great power onto those remaining, the first of many pawns in his game. He commanded the Northmen to quickly gather their confederates, the greatest warriors and raiders, and to march on Azerbai, the great capital of Lyrium, the mighty kingdom to the south of the Northmen's domains. Then the dragon grabbed a servant girl, and the two great beasts flew south in a gust of superheated air and flame.

Many Northmen heeded the call, including some of the most prominent of all the warriors, for they had heard it told that the "God Raumm" -- whose symbol was the crow they bore of their shields -- had at last appeared, and each saw himself a king with wealth and privilege. They found no opposition in Lyrium at all except the occasional unit of soldiers dead on the ground. Arriving at Azerbai, these brutal northmen found the gate that had so long prevented their entry was wide open, awaiting them ….


Raumm, Earl of Hell, commands thirty legions. His most powerful and terrifying forces are demonic.

The Beast Bokkor. Demons have only very limited power unless they have equal degrees of hatred and cunning, for all the hatred in Hell is of no use unless the demon has the cunning to manipulate, deceive and possess. After all, they are only intruders in the sphere of the living. One such demon who lacked any subtlety whatsoever was The Beast Bokkor, who, for failing Shaitan countless times on countless dark tasks, was imprisoned for an eon under the ice of the frozen lake Kocytus, so as not to disrupt affairs in Hades. And so it was when Raumm took command of a great kingdom in the realm of man and surveyed events. He soon learned that a mangy homicidal boar, grown to simply incredible size, was loose upon the land, and had killed and eaten several pilgrims. And at last a task arose that seamlessly fit the temperament of the Beast Rokkor. The Beast Rokkor, summoned from the ice by Raumm, soon located and possessed the body of this gigantic, dimwitted boar. On the battlefield this beast is an indestructible battering ram, sending rank after rank of the best armoured foes flying through the air as it plows through enemy regiments, seeking the enemy commander in chief, as suits Raumm’s plan.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
HERO15-DEMONBOAR15mm Beast Bokkor, Demon Boar Raumm$5.99


Other than the terrifying demons of Raumm, his most powerful legions are the Armoured Northmen of Raumm. These sadistic, semi-barbarous sea raiders have always worshipped him, for aeons displaying crows on their shields and flags. At the time of Raumm's seizure of the great kingdom of Lyrium, at his beckoning thousands of Northmen descended on that kingdom in a sort of black pilgrimage, seeking supernatural power and glory. The weak were tossed into the furnace of Hell, often incinerated and devoured by the Great Red Dragon — Raumm’s surrogate on this plane of existence. The strong found their own abilities enhanced even further, and traded in their crude chainmail hauberks, bearded axes and round plank shields for vastly stronger and more powerful equipment, manufactured in the sophisticated arsenals of Lyrium, ensorcelled with dark power by demons lurking in the forges.

The terrifying Armoured Northmen of Raumm are more powerful than even the seven foot tall Cultist Brutes, their rivals for power in Raumm’s tumultuous kingdom. They are powerfully imbued with hellish power, and some say their armour has become their skin, melded to their very flesh. They occupy the center of the battlefield, advancing slowly, cutting down all opposition, never faltering, never breaking formation, almost impossible to kill ....

The two sets of Armoured Northmen of Raumm warriors are shown mixed together in the images for the codes. One set has three poses of swordsmen and three poses of axemen, the other set had three poses with maces and three with warhammers.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
HERO15-ANMR-AXSW15mm Armoured Northmen of Raumm with axes and swords (x6)$4.99
HERO15-ANMR-MWH15mm Armoured Northmen of Raumm with maces and warhammers (x6)$4.99
HERO15-ANMR-COMM115mm Armoured Northmen of Raumm Foot Command 1 -- the Great Norseman, Standardbearer and Drummer (x3)$2.49


After Raumm, Earl of Hell, and his marshal, the Great Red Dragon, killed and ate the wise old king of the ancient, powerful kingdom of Lyrium, Raumm turned the young bride of this elderly monarch to his ways, to the dark side, to his malevolent service. This tall, shy, bookish beauty transformed immediately, now greedy, temperamental, and imbued by Raumm with immense magical power. Standing six feet tall herself, with a mane of raven hair, she set about raising a legion of huge muscular men, taller even than herself, from thugs, bullies and ruffians throughout the known world. Promised power and the opportunity to dominate others, they flocked to her service. None are allowed any hair, this being the queen’s prerogative alone. They are called the queen’s ravagers or, more often, the Brutes of Raumm, for they quickly took to worshipping the demonic earl who wildly spun the Wheel of Fortuna everywhere he went. Once street toughs, they are now a palace elite.

Most Brute Mobs are armed with swords, axes, maces and warhammers, and kept in some semblance of order by their commanders. The truly criminally insane -- the Berserkers -- are revered above all and provided with enormous battle axes to scythe down the enemy before themselves being killed. On the flanks ride the fast-moving Brute Raiders on horseback. Commanding all, the Witch Queen of Azerbai is carried forth by Brutes on a palanquin, casting bolts of blue fire into the enemy ranks. Around her sometimes stands a close-order phalanx of Brutes possessing that rarest of skills, for them anyway -- a measure of stoic discipline.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
HERO15-CBR-WITCHQUEEN15mm Witch Queen of Azerbai on Palanquin with Cultist Brute Bearers (x5 plus palanquin)$8.99
HERO15-CBR-HACKERS15mm Cultist Brutes of Raumm Hackers with swords and axes (x6)$4.99
HERO15-CBR-BASHERS15mm Cultist Brutes of Raumm Bashers with maces and warhammers (x6)$4.99
HERO15-CBR-BERSERKERS15mm Cultist Brutes of Raumm Berserkers with two-handed battleaxes (x6)$4.99
HERO15-CBR-GUARDS15mm Cultist Brutes of Raumm Queen's Bodyguard with long spears (x6)$4.99
HERO15-CBR-COMMAND115mm Cultist Brutes of Raumm Infantry Command 1, Eagle Head Totem (x3)$2.49
HERO15-CBR-RAIDERS15mm Cultist Brutes of Raumm Mounted Raiders on horseback with mixed weapons (x6)$10.99