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The Huns and other Central Asian Horse Tribes, 1st - 6th Centuries AD

Huns painted and based by Chris Yaro.

The Huns were Central Asian horse nomads who moved into Europe in the late 4th century, possibly spurring in their wake the great migration of Germanic peoples which transformed the Western Roman Empire. Eventually under their great king Attila they carved out an empire of enormous dimensions, incorporating many German peoples as subjects -- all Europe trembled when Attila's dreaded armies marched.

These models represent the base trooper of the Huns, the horse archers. There are unarmoured horse archers, but also armoured men wearing lamellar, to represent nobles or successful raiders. For both the armoured and unarmoured models, two of the horse archer poses are supplied as "breakwaist" models, meaning that the upper body (from the waist up) is separate from the lower body (from the waist down), permitting the model to be posed shooting forward at numerous different angles. The two upper bodies and lower bodies are different and are interchangable, permitting even greater variety. The body halves are easily joined by a cast-on pin in the upper body and hole on the lower body.

The Hun warlord is depicted holding aloft his symbol of authority, a ceremonial gilded bow. (He has a working bow in his bowcase.)

The models have no stirrups, bowcases for unstrung bows as is appropriate in the earlier history of steppe peoples, and are equipped in lamellar armour or traditional steppe coats and hats of the period, meaning that they may be used for a variety of other Central Asian peoples between the first and sixth centuries AD, the probable adoption of stirrups in the West (which seems to have occurred rather earlier in Central Asia), and may even be suitable for periods before that. They are also perfect for Hun mercenaries to serve alongside our Early Byzantines, and can be used as overlords for our Later Germans, both lines coming very soon.

Sculpted by "Clibinarium."

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
KM-1500Hunnic unarmoured horse archers (x6) -- four shooting upper torsos, four lower torsos, two fullbody models reloading, and six horses$7.99
KM-1501Hunnic armoured horse archers in lamellar armour (x2) -- two shooting upper torsos, two lower torsos, and two horses$2.69
KM-1502Hunnic warlord in lamellar armour holding ceremonial bow, with horse (x1) $1.39
TR-8Stone wall section (1 x 40mm length)$2.49
TR-7Supply Ox Cart$4.49