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15mm Late Cold War (Mid-Late 1980s) Range

Models for gaming the what-if confrontation between NATO and the Warsaw Pact in Europe during a period of very high tension. Of course many of the vehicles soldiered on and still do until this day so may be suitable for other conflicts as well.

Infantry sculpted by Mike Broadbent.


CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
M1-10515mm M1 Tank (105mm gun) (mixed resin and pewter)$13.99
M1-105-DEAL15mm M1 Tank (105mm gun) Deal, x3 complete kits (mixed resin and pewter)$38.99
M11315mm M113 APC (one kit, provided with two fender options and multiple trim vane options)$9.99
1980s-US-INF-RIFLE15mm 1980s-1990s US Army Mechanized Infantry Riflemen (x8 with M16 in eight poses)$5.99
1980s-US-INF-SQUAD-WEAP15mm 1980s-1990s US Army Mechanized Infantry Squad Heavy Weapons (x6 --x2 M249 SAW, x2 M16/M203, AT-4 LAW, M47 Dragon)$4.59
1980s-US-INF-COMMAND15mm 1980s-1990s US Army Mechanized Infantry Command (x8 -- x4 officers/noncoms, plus two teams with M60 machine guns)$5.99
1980s-US-INF-PLATOON-DEAL 15mm 1980s-1990s US Army Mechanized Infantry Platoon Deal (one pack of Rifles, three packs of Heavy Weapons, one pack of Command)$23.99


The Soviet Motor Rifle Platoon was made up of three sections of seven men -- one medic (mostly a rifleman, having received only the most basic training in first aid), three riflemen, one rifleman/assistant rocketeer (carrying RPG7 grenades in a pack), one grenadier with RPG7, and one squad machine gunner with an RPK-74. One man could be a designated marksman with a sniper rifle, and that model has been provided separately, as well as the two man platoon command team. Other than the three riflemen and the medic, each model in the infantry platoon pack is a unique pose.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
80s-MOTOR-RIFLE-PLATOON15mm 1980s Soviet Motor Rifle Platoon, x24 figures (three sections, plus two commanders and marksman with sniper rifle)$11.99
80s-MOTOR-RIFLE-SUPPORT15mm 1980s Soviet Motor Rifle Support Elements for Platoon, x23 figures plus weapons (three PKM machine gun teams in three different pose-sets, two AGS-17 teams, one 120mm heavy mortar team, one AT-7 ATGM team, one MANPAD team with SA-14, and three squad member figures with RPG-18)$16.99
80s-MOTOR-RIFLE-DEAL15mm 1980s Soviet Motor Rifle Infantry Deal -- one platoon set and one support weapon set (one pack of each of the above, x47 figures plus weapons)$26.99
T64BV15mm T-64BV Tank with reactive armour (mixed resin and pewter)$13.99
T64B15mm T-64B Tank (mixed resin and pewter)$13.99
T72AV15mm T-72AV Tank with Kontakt ERA (mixed resin and pewter)$13.99
T72A15mm T-72A Tank (mixed resin and pewter)$13.99
T72A-DEAL15mm T-72A Tank Deal, x3 complete kits (mixed resin and pewter)$38.99
BMP215mm BMP-2 IFV (mixed resin and pewter)$13.99
BMP2-DEAL15mm BMP-2 IFV Deal, x3 complete kits (mixed resin and pewter)$38.99
BMP-1P Infantry Combat Vehicle with Pintle-Mounted ATGMBMP-1P Infantry Combat Vehicle (resin and pewter model)$9.99
BMP-1 Infantry Combat VehicleBMP-1 Infantry Combat Vehicle (resin and pewter model)$9.99
BTR8015mm BTR-80 eight wheeled APC$10.99
BTR6015mm BTR-60 1960s-80s eight wheeled APC$10.99
15MM-URAL-432015mm Ural 4320 Medium Truck (mixed resin and pewter, comes with both open bed and canvas cover)$14.99