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Nubians and Early Libyans, 3000BC-665BC

This range covers the Nubians until their conquest by the New Kingdom Egyptians, and the Libyans until the widespread adoption of heavier chariots. These tribal foes took their turn as dynasties in Egypt, one following the other -- first the Libyans and then the Nubians conquering that great empire and ruling it as Pharoahs.

These armies were tribal and almost entirely infantry, but different in composition and tactics. The Libyans employed masses of javelin throwers backed by some archers, but when armed with swords by the Sea Peoples and, to a lesser extent, chariots by the Egyptians, became a much more formidable foe. The Nubians were predominantly archers and could literally destroy an enemy force with this weapon alone -- they were the most potent and feared archers of the Biblical world, and sought by the Egyptians as mercenaries. The Nubian archers were supported by smaller numbers of men with clubs and shields, and skirmishers with javelins.


CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
ELIBYAN-CHARIOTS15mm Early Libyan Chariots (two chariots, crew to make two archer chariots, or one archer chariot and one command chariot)$9.99
ELIBYAN-FOOT-COMM15mm Early Libyan Command on Foot (x4, two different commanders, two standardbearers, and two standard heads)$3.99
ELIBYAN-SWORDS15mm Early Libyan Warriors with Swords (x6 in 6 poses)$4.49
ELIBYAN-JAVELINMEN15mm Early Libyan javelinmen (x6 in six poses)$4.49
ELIBYAN-ARCHERS15mm Early Libyan archers (x6 in six poses)$4.49
NUBIAN-COMM15mm Nubian Command (x4, two different commanders, two standardbearers, and two standard heads)$3.99
NUBIAN-ARCHERS15mm Nubian archers (x6 in six poses)$4.49
NUBIAN-CLUB15mm Nubian clubmen (x6 in three poses)$4.49
NUBIAN-JAVELIN15mm Nubian javelinmen (x6 in three poses)$4.49