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New Kingdom Egyptian, XVIII Dynasty (16th-13th Centuries BC)

The Eighteenth Dynasty was the greatest imperial dynasty of ancient Egypt. This period, also called the Thutmosid Dynasty because four of its pharaohs bore that name, was the era of Egypt's greatest expansion, especially under the "Napoleon of Egypt," Thutmosis III, who conducted seventeen campaigns during his rule, all successful.

Some notes on the range
This was the period in which chariot wheels began to be made with more than four spokes, those with more probably being reserved for heavier chariots reinforced with armour. As such the heavier chariots of the elite chariot squadron and the command set are provided with the wheels with more spokes, the normal line chariot squadron still having four-spoke wheels.

Each chariot set contains three different archers (or commanders) and three different drivers, to create a more varied and impressive visual effect for this part of the army. This is why they are sold in squadrons of three -- please note that they are priced competitively compared to newer ranges as a result.

In this period the Egyptians were on the attack and so the infantry were lightly equipped for greater mobility. The bigger shields and heavier armour of later dynasties were made necessary because of their more defensive stance.

I have it on very good authority that the net armour worn by some infantry, previously thought to have been worn only by marines, is actually shown on a much more widespread basis than that, so all of the Egyptian infantry codes are available with or without it. They might serve as a handy code for divisions -- one division with, a second division without, a third division mixed.

The command set contains a standardbearer for each commander, who would run along with the commander. It also contains a figurine for Hatshepsut, the female Pharoah who ruled along with Thutmosis III for many years. No shrinking violet, Hatshepsut led at least one campaign in person, into the land of Punt. Further additions are the pharaoh's cheetah with attendant which can go on his base or in the camp, and a "wild and crazy" version of Tutankhamun -- the version who gave his life for tourism.

We do not yet have paintups for the unarmoured infantry or the Libyans or Nubians. The unarmoured infantry are exactly the same as the armoured ones except, perhaps predictably, without the net kilt armour. The Libyans and Nubians are precisely as one would expect in ethnic garb.


CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
NKE-LINE-CHARIOT15mm New Kingdom Egyptian line chariot squadron (three unarmoured chariots, three different drivers, three different armoured warriors with bow)$14.99
NKE-ELITE-CHARIOT15mm New Kingdom Egyptian elite chariot squadron (three armoured chariots, three different drivers, three heavily armoured warriors with bow)$14.99
NKE-COMMAND-CHARIOT15mm New Kingdom Egyptian chariot command (three chariots -- two armoured chariots, one pharaoh's chariot; Pharaoh Thutmosis III, two sub-generals, three drivers, three standardbearers on foot)

(Pic 2, l to r: one wild and crazy interpretation of King Tut, attendant with pharaoh's cheetah, female Pharaoh Hatshepsut for use in a chariot)
NKE-ARCHERS-ARMOURED15mm New Kingdom Egyptian infantry archers, net kilt armour (x12 in six poses)$8.99
NKE-ARCHERS-UNARMOURED15mm New Kingdom Egyptian infantry archers, unarmoured (x12 in six poses)$8.99
NKE-CLOSE-FIGHTERS-ARMOURED15mm New Kingdom Egyptian close-fighting infantry, net kilt armour (x12 in six poses)$8.99
NKE-CLOSE-FIGHTERS-UNARMOURED15mm New Kingdom Egyptian close-fighting infantry, unarmoured (x12 in six poses)$8.99
NKE-JAVELINMEN-ARMOURED15mm New Kingdom Egyptian javelinmen, net kilt armour (x12 in four poses)$8.99
NKE-JAVELINMEN-UNARMOURED15mm New Kingdom Egyptian javelinmen, unarmoured (x12 in four poses)$8.99
NKE-AXEMEN-ARMOURED15mm New Kingdom Egyptian axemen, net kilt armour (x12 in four poses)$8.99
NKE-AXEMEN-UNARMOURED15mm New Kingdom Egyptian axemen, unarmoured (x12 in four poses)$8.99
NKE-INF-COMMAND15mm New Kingdom Egyptian infantry command, commanders, musicians and standardbearers (x6 in 6 poses)$4.49
NKE-LIBYAN-JAVELINMEN15mm New Kingdom Egyptian Libyan auxiliary javelinmen (x6 in six shieldless poses)$4.49
NKE-NUBIAN-ARCHERS15mm New Kingdom Egyptian Nubian auxiliary archers (x6 in six poses)$4.49