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Norse Irish Armies, 9th-13th centuries

This line represents Irish warriors from the Dark Ages, after the Viking invasions had an effect on their weapons and tactics. Axes, both one and two handed, became increasingly common in use by the Irish, and some armour and helmets was seen, although armour very rarely, and usually only by commanders.

Ostmen and Viking allies may be fielded using our Viking range. Such Irish as the "Sons of Death" can use fielded used a mixture of Bonnachts, Nobles and Vikings. Galloglaichs were introduced in the mid 13th century, and we may make some if interest in the range merits it, but in the meantime our Viking Huscarls and Hirdmen should do.

The Irish often plashed wood edges, and we have pieces of plashing available below as well, enough for two 40mm elements. Some clump foliage could always be added here and there to distinguish it from abattis.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
NORSE-IRISH-NOBLESNorse Irish nobles or other elite warriors with Danish-style axes, mostly two handed (x 6 in six different poses)$4.49
NORSE-IRISH-BONNACHTSNorse Irish bonnacht professional warriors with a mix of weapons, some shields, some hand axes (x 10 in five different poses)$7.49
NORSE-IRISH-SKIRMISHERSNorse Irish skirmishers with ranged weapons, slings and bows (x 8 in four different poses)$5.99
NORSE-IRISH-KERNSNorse Irish Kerns with javelins (x 6 in six different poses)$4.49
NORSE-IRISH-RISING-OUTNorse Irish Rising-Out Kerns stonethrowers (x 6 in three different poses)$4.49
NORSE-IRISH-COMMANDNorse Irish field commanders and standardbearers (x 8 in five different poses -- four different chieftains or lords, and four standardbearers)$5.99
NORSE-IRISH-KING-SHIELD-WALLNorse Irish High King, and shield wall of defenders (x 8 in five different poses -- four different chieftains or lords, and four standardbearers)$5.29
PLASHINGAbattis or wood plashing (set of )$3.99