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Pre-Vedic Indian (Harappan/Indus Valley Civilisation), 28th-16th Centuries BC


The first civilisation of the Indian subcontinent was the Indus Valley Civilisation, about which little is known except for the remains of its monumental cities such as Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. This was a literate culture, though its script and language remains undeciphered, and used bronze tools and weapons. It was probably the country known as Melukhkha in Sumerian and Akkadian records. Melukhkha is known to have intervened in the Great Rebellion against Akkad, and its forces can be used as allied contingents in several early ancient armies.

Much about the army is guesswork. They are known to have used spearmen, archers and slingers. Elephants are not known for sure to have been employed as weapons of war, but they had already been domesticated, and virtually all ancient cultures that domesticated elephants used them at war, so it stands to reason. The depiction of the troops is equally conjectural. They are depicted based on a few sculptures of men in loincloths, and a broad turban has been worn in the Indus Valley since time immemorial (and continues to be worn there to this day). We are a bit luckier with the command, a prince, king or other such leader being the subject of a famous sculpture from Mohenjo-daro. It's possible that the designs on his garment were medallions, possibly of metal, and so it may have served as a form of armour.


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PVI-SPEARMEN15mm Pre-Vedic Indian/Harappan Spearmen or Regular Infantry (x6)$3.99
PVI-ARCHERS15mm Pre-Vedic Indian/Harappan archers (x6)$3.99
PVI-SLINGERS15mm Pre-Vedic Indian/Harappan Slingers (x6)$3.99
PVI-KULLI15mm Pre-Vedic Indian/Harappan Kulli Highhlanders (x6)$3.99
PVI-ELEPHANT15mm Pre-Vedic Indian Elephant and Riders (x1)$4.99
PVI-LEADER15mm Pre-Vedic Indian Chiefs or other Leaders (x3)$2.99