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15mm Punic and Macedonian Wars of the Roman Republic, 218BC-168BC

This range represents the armies of the Senate and the People of Rome from the Second Punic War until Macedon was all but conquered by them in 168BC, and Greece brought under their sway as well. It will be expanded to cover Rome's enemies in the period as well.

Peoples who provided allies or auxiliaires to Rome, Carthage or the Successors will be released first as troops so provided only, but will then be reinforced so the armies can be fielded stand-alone. For instance, our second release, Numidians, will first be light cavalry and light infantry, so that they may be used in Roman and Carthaginian armies, but will eventually be rounded out to be made as standalone national forces once the main empires are all represented.


An army about which countless volumes have been written. We have represented the helmet plume under the advice of Duncan Head, and a new interpretation of Polybius's description of the plumes, which now accords with material evidence shown in art, and on the few surviving helmets, as well. He was also kind enough to point us to representations of troops likely to have been Italian allies, who appear to be basically similar in appearance to the Romans, which by 218 BC is hardly surprising. Unlike the Romans, armoured men tend to wear full cuirasses, but otherwise they are unarmoured and in tunics and helmets similar to those of the Romans. We have chosen to identify the Italians wearing cuirasses as the picked troops called "Extraordinarii" were were usually to be found in Roman armies.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
PMW-ROMAN-GENERALS15mm Republican Roman Generals (consuls or legates, etc), (x2)$3.49
PMW-ROMAN-INF-COMM15mm Republican Roman Infantry Command (x6 in six poses, two centurions, cornicens, two signifers, and six standards, two signa and four animal)$5.29
PMW-HASTATI-NO-PIL15mm Roman Hastati (first line legionaries), Scuta without Pila (x6 in six poses, shields without pila behind)$4.99
PMW-HASTATI-PIL15mm Roman Hastati, Scuta with Pila (x6 in six poses, shields with pila behind)$4.99
PMW-PRINCIPES-PIL15mm Roman Principes, Scuta with Pila (x6 in six poses, shields with pila behind)$4.99
PMW-PRINCIPES-NO-PIL15mm Roman Principes (second line legionaries), Scuta without Pila (x6 in six poses, shields without pila behind)$4.99
PMW-TRIARII15mm Roman Triarii (third line legionaries with long spears) (x6 in six poses)$4.99
PMW-VELITES-HELM15mm Roman Velites (legionary skirmishers) in helmets (x4 in four poses)$2.99
PMW-VELITES-SKINS15mm Roman Velites (legionary skirmishers) in animal skins (x4 in four poses)$2.99
PMW-VELITES-BARE15mm Roman Velites (legionary skirmishers) bareheaded (as hastily raised, or Italian allies with small shield, etc.) (x4 in four poses)$2.99
PMW-EXTRAORD-INF15mm Roman Extraordinarii Infantry (elite Italian allies) (x4 in four poses)$3.39
PMW-ROMAN-EQUITES15mm Republican Roman Equites in Armour (x3 in three poses)$5.29
PMW-ROMAN-EXTRAORD-CAV15mm Republican Roman Extraordinarii Cavalry (elite Italian allies) in Cuirass (x3 in three poses)$5.29
PMW-ROMAN-ITAL-CAV15mm Republican Roman Italian Allied (or other unarmoured Roman) Cavalry in tunic (x3 in three poses)$5.29