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15mm Qajar Persians, 1807-1860s

A line of 18mm "Napoleonic" Persians which can also be used for much later in the Qajar period, as the uniform and weaponry remained unchanged for a very long time.

This will be a new and unique opponent for your Napoleonic Russians and Ottomans, as well as against the players of the "great game" in Central Asia in the 19th century -- Afghans, British, Caucasians and Russians.

Initial releases cover western trained and equipped "new infantry" and artillery. (Use French or British guns, or the occasional Russian gun, with the artillery.) Abbas Mirza begans the first steps to reform the Persian army using renegade Russians officers, then full-fledged military missions from France or Britain. The resulting soldiers might not have been 1805 French but by most accounts were fairly good troops, who stood up well to their two nemeses the Russians and the Ottomans -- and in fact gave the Persians an edge over the latter, who had foolishly got rid of their own "new infantry." There was even a unit of renegade Russians which was seen as something of a guards unit and had quite a fearsome reputation!

Sculpted by Mike Broadbent.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
QAJAR-PERSIAN-CAVQajar Persian Cavalry (three figures in three poses)$4.99
QAJAR-PERSIAN-CAV-COMMQajar Persian Cavalry Command (three figures in three poses)$4.99
QAJAR-PERSIAN-INF-MARCHATTQajar Persian Infantry march attack (eight figures in four poses)$5.99
QAJAR-PERSIAN-INF-SKIRMQajar Persian Infantry skirmishing/shooting (six figures in three poses)$4.59
QAJAR-PERSIAN-INF-COMMQajar Persian Infantry command (six figures in three poses)$4.59
QAJAR-PERSIAN-INF-ARTILLERYQajar Persian artillery crew (four figures in four poses)$2.99