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This range was created for gaming in the high adventure of classic sci fi, as the future was envisoned in the 1930s to 1960s. The first release is the NEPTONIANS, fearsome alien raiders, monstrous opponents for your valiant rayguneers.

The Neptonians can be used for any sci-fi setting of course, but the range was made for use with Retro Raygun, an action-adventure game set in Hydra Miniatures' pulp science fiction universe - the Retroverse. The rules create story-driven, pulp-style adventures with fast-paced combat and heroic action. In the image to the left, a Neptonian Carnivore is posed with a Galacteer hero available from Hydra Miniatures. Find the rules, the full range of Hydra Miniatures, by clicking the banner at the bottom of the page.

The Retro Raygun Army List for the Neptonians may be found HERE


The Neptonians are horrible carnivores living on rogue asteroid Nepton, which they pilot through the very depths of space itself! Deep within the asteroid is the chamber of the Brain Tyrant Prime, leader of the Brain Tyrant caste, who receives flight instructions from the lord of the Neptonians, the warlike UltraFiend. Sitting at his controls, the Brain Tyrant Prime is able to change the asteroid's course and even adjust speed, plotting mayhem.

And so it is that the peoples of the galaxy cannot predict when they might be subjected to an attack by these awful beings. The Neptonians do not attempt to conquer their enemies -- their needs are more basic, primal, and ghastly. As alpha predators, they see other races as mere prey. Neptonians do not seek subjects -- they seek food.

Attacking without warning, Neptonian raiding parties advance remorselessly, the rank-and-file squads of Carnivores firing their gamma-ray rifles and heavy gamma-ray cannons, then attempting to tie the prey up in close combat. Attached Butcher specialists with catch nets help achieve this. Winged Fiend squads will alight behind the foe, attempting encirclement. Gamma howitzers belch rocket bombs to drive the defenders from cover. Diabolically intelligent Brain Tyrants are in the ranks, bending their intellect to evil ends. A colossal Great Struglok will smash even the most powerful opponent with its massive war mallet. The entire force is under the command of the terrifying UltraFiend!


This is a low price raiding force, approximately 400 points in Retro Raygun, being offered as a holiday special!

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
NEPTONIAN-HOLIDAY-SPECIAL28mm Neptonian Holiday Special Boxed Army: 1 UltraFiend, 2 Brain Tyrants, 1 Great Struglok, 1 Carnivore Unit 4, 1 Carnivore Unit 5, 1 Fiend Unit, 1 Gamma Howitzer and crew$155.00


The huge, terrifying, and mysterious warlord of the Neptonians. Standing nine feet tall, his presence on the battlefield has been described as worth ten squads of Carnivores, wielding his double-bladed sword-gauntlet and heavy gamma-ray cannon. He often strikes deep into the heart of the enemy forces, accompanied by winged Fiends.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
NEPTONIAN-ULTRAFIEND28mm Neptonian Ultra-Fiend (all resin kit)$19.00


The Brain Tyrant Caste of Neptonians is led by the Brain Tyrant Prime, who pilots the asteroid Nepton and brings ruin on the peoples of the galaxy. His minions are those Neptonians with unnatural intellect, who become versed in the ways of science and magic. It's quite common to see multiple Brain Tyrants in a raiding party, solving problems as well as casting spells to confuse and immobilize the enemy.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
NEPTONIAN-BRAIN-TYRANT28mm Neptonian Brain Tyrant$7.25


Great Strugloks are absolutely colossal, troll-like creatures, perhaps ancient ancestors of the Neptonians as they share many physical features, but are much more primitive and less intelligent. After they are unchained, these beasts will storm forward, smashing entire squads with one sweep of their two-tonne war mallets, engaging and defeating the largest enemy robot or vehicle.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
NEPTONIAN-GREAT-STRUGLOK28mm Neptonian Great Struglok (all resin kit)$28.00


These are the rank and file of the Neptonian Raiding Force. They are led by an especially pitiless Carnivore, a Cannibal. Carnivores with the best aim are given Gamma-Ray Cannons and may be attached to units. The most agile of the Carnivores are the Butchers, trained at trapping enemies so the squad may destroy them in a brawl. Various options for unit purchases are available.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
NEPTONIAN-CARNIVORE-A28mm Neptonian Carnivore Pose A$5.00
NEPTONIAN-CARNIVORE-B28mm Neptonian Carnivore Pose B$5.00
NEPTONIAN-CARNIVORE-C28mm Neptonian Carnivore Pose C$5.00
NEPTONIAN-CARNIVORE-D28mm Neptonian Carnivore Pose D$5.00
NEPTONIAN-CANNIBAL28mm Neptonian Cannibal (Carnivore "Sergeant")$5.50
NEPTONIAN-HEAVY-A28mm Neptonian Heavy Gamma-Ray Cannon Pose A$5.50
NEPTONIAN-HEAVY-B28mm Neptonian Heavy Gamma-Ray Cannon Pose B$5.50
NEPTONIAN-BUTCHER28mm Neptonian Butcher Enemy Trapper$5.50
CARNIVORE-UNIT128mm Neptonian Carnivore Unit 1 (Carnivores A through D plus the Cannibal)$23.00
CARNIVORE-UNIT228mm Neptonian Carnivore Unit 2 (Carnivores A through D plus the Cannibal and Heavy Pose A)$28.00
CARNIVORE-UNIT328mm Neptonian Carnivore Unit 3 (Carnivores A through D plus the Cannibal and Heavy Pose B)$28.00
CARNIVORE-UNIT428mm Neptonian Carnivore Unit 4 (Carnivores A through D plus the Cannibal and Heavy Pose A and Butcher)$33.00
CARNIVORE-UNIT528mm Neptonian Carnivore Unit 5 (Carnivores A through D plus the Cannibal and Heavy Pose B and Butcher)$33.00


These are winged close combat specialists. Some nations call them "Gargoyles." Fiends are primed for close combat, using their dagger gauntlets and their own razor-sharp claws. They will fly behind enemies who are attempting to conduct a fighting withdrawal, trapping them. Fiends often act as bodyguards for the UltraFiend.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
NEPTONIAN-FIEND-A28mm Neptonian Fiend Pose A$5.95
NEPTONIAN-FIEND-B28mm Neptonian Fiend Pose B$5.95
NEPTONIAN-FIEND-C28mm Neptonian Fiend Pose C$5.95
NEPTONIAN-FIEND-D28mm Neptonian Fiend Pose D$5.95
NEPTONIAN-SCOURGE28mm Neptonian Scourge (Fiend "Sergeant")$5.95
NEPTONIAN-FIEND-UNIT28mm Neptonian Fiend Unit (One of each pose of Fiend, plus one Scourge)$26.50


Most enemies attempt to avoid close combat with the Neptonians at all costs, and will often hole up in a defensive position to let their firepower decide the battle. The Neptonians have developed a powerful artillery arm to avoid that outcome, and they will attempt to blast the enemy out of cover with their gamma howitzers.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
NEPTONIAN-GAMMA-HOWITZER28mm Neptonian Gamma Howitzer (one artillery piece, one ammo crate and two crew)$17.00