Khurasan Miniatures

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"15mm" Scale Conventions

Above is a Khurasan Miniatures early medieval 15mm Persian infantryman dolly (no arms yet) compared to 15mm infantrymen of AB Figures, Minifigs, Peter Pig, Freikorps, newer sculpt Old Glory 15s, Mirliton, Rank and File, and Oddzial Osmy. As you can see, they mix quite well with all of the models except the AB Figures and the Oddzial Osmy.

Khurasan Miniatures are sculpted to the standard 15mm = ground to eye level. Other models follow other conventions, but 15mm to eye is fairly standard.

Some things to keep in mind:

1) This is obviously not all the ranges out there, but hopefully it is enough to give you some idea. For instance, if you know how newer Old Glory, or Minifigs, scale against Essex or Outpost, you will know how my models scale too.

2) Miniatures from one company often vary in size, even within one army range! Of course, it's more common for one company's scale to vary from one army to another. So for instance certain AB Figures models may be smaller than the enormous Republican Roman example above (by the way, don't ask me how to get those Romans! They have been long unavailable, having been sculpted by Anthony Barton for Battle Honours around two decades ago).

Therefore, even within my own ranges there may be slight size variations, as I will be using multiple sculptors. These men and women have been informed of my scale convention, but variations are probably inevitable (though as I say hopefully they will be kept to the very minimum as all know my scale requirements).

I hope this is helpful -- it is taboo to show too many pictures of your models, and especially to show scale comparisions! But I like seeing it myself, so thought I would provide to the customer to make a reasoned decision. Cheers.