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15mm Ancient Siamese Range

The initial models for this range represent the earliest dynasty to unify most of ancient Thailand, the Sukhothai Kingdom. This kingdom established a hegemony over the others and ruled from the early 13th century until the mid-14th century, when the Ayutthaya Kingdom established its dominance, which would continue for another four centuries.

The troops listed below as "Early Siamese" are from the period of Sukhothai domination. These figurines are also suitable for early Ayutthaya period models. Future releases will represent 16th-17th century Ayutthaya warriors with nobles in their renaissance armour, and the later, much more elaborate elephant equipment.

ARMY NOTES: The Early Siamese spearmen are sold in separate packs from the swordsmen so that they may be purchased for separate skirmishing javelin armed units as well as being mixed in with the fiercely charging infantry warbands. Siamese elephants had many men assigned to closely escort the animals into combat. These are mounted on the elephant's base in many game systems -- we recommend that the elephants of commanders be escorted by guards figurines and the rest of the elephants be escorted by the swordsmen and spearmen.

The Elephant Booster set has one seat platform for an archer, who served as a spotter and assistant for the commander, and so should be put on the back of a command elephant, between the noble on the neck and the parasol bearer. The set also has three archers, and one of these should be placed in between the driver and the rear spearman on a no-command elephant.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
EARLY-SIAM-COMMAND15mm Early Siamese command on elephants (King and elephant, general and elephant, each with crew)$9.99
EARLY-SIAM-ELEPHANTS15mm Early Siamese war elephants (two elephants with mounted crews)$9.99
SIAM-ELEPHANT-BOOSTER15mm Siamese war elephant booster set (this is only parts to add platform archer to one command elephant, and three archers to other elephants -- the elephants and their basic crew are separately available, above)$4.99
EARLY-SIAM-GUARD15mm Early Siamese Guard infantry fighting with two swords (x6 in three poses)$4.49
EARLY-SIAM-SWORDS15mm Early Siamese infantry with sword and shield (x6 in three poses)$4.49
EARLY-SIAM-SPEARS15mm Early Siamese infantry with spear and shield (x6 in three poses)$4.49
EARLY-SIAM-BOW15mm Early Siamese infantry with bow (x6 in 3 poses)$4.49
SE-ASIAN-BAGGAGE-ELEPHANTS 15mm Southeast Asian Baggage Elephants (two baggage elephants with two handlers, baggage platforms, three large terracotta jugs, four large wicker baskets, and one large canvas wrapped baggage pile)$13.99