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15mm Tuaregs, 11th-19th centuries

The Tuaregs are semi-nomadic Berber tribesmen of the Sahara who, since the 11th century, have had a fierce reputation as hard-fighting camel-mounted warriors, raiders and slavers.

Armies were led by aristocratic Ihaggaren warriors mounted on very light coloured ("white") and elaborately tasseled camels, their weapons an all-iron lance, a ferocious takouba straight sword superficially resembling a knight's sword, and a large shield that was often hung from the side of the camel while the warrior was mounted. Their followers, the Imrads, were mounted on (much plainer) camels as well, usually used javelins but sometimes could have a lance, and had a javelin case rather than a sword or shield. Some tribes, especially near the mountains, could field substantial numbers of infantry. Finally their Sub-Saharan slave class, the Iklan, provided support, mostly by throwing javelins. The primary tactic was a breakneck charge by the camelry, a tidal wave of white camels and determined indigo men! (Speaking of which colour, so famously associated with the Tuaregs, in the medieval and renaissance periods the Ihaggaren presumably often could get more varied colours than indigo in trade with the great Western Sudanese empires, so you'll note our Ihaggaren have been painted a bit brighter than uniformly indigo-clad.)

Please note that the Tuareg saddle has a unique fork like extension of the frame in the front so that the warrior can stay on and guide his beast, and this has been provided separately for each mounted man. It looks like a little fork, and goes in a hole in the front of the rider. The shields of the Ihaggaren and the javelin cases of the Imrads are separate so can be tacked on at different angles to give a bit more variation to the warbands. The Tuareg infantry are one piece, and the Iklan have separate shields. The Iklans are the same figures as the West Sudanese tribal javelinmen. The baggage camels have been made for the Tuaregs but no doubt will be handy in many different periods. Some slaves would be useful attached to the baggage camel elements, leading the camels, these can be easily converted from the Iklan figurines.

While this range has been made as allies, or redoubtable enemies, of our very popular West Sudanese range, the figurines can be used basically unaltered from the time of the Norman Conquest until the French Empire in Africa!


CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
tuareg-allied-contingent15mm Tuareg Allied Contingent (picked men led by a leader, two sets of Ihaggaren, one set of Imrads, and a single commander (six elements of warriors plus one leader)$34.99
tuareg-command15mm Tuareg Ihaggaren Commanders on camels, with takouba swords (x3 in one pose with three different camels, with separate front saddle-frames and shields)$5.99
tuareg-ihaggaren15mm Tuareg Ihaggaren Nobles on camels, with lances (x6 in three poses, with separate front saddle-frames and shields)$10.99
tuareg-imrads15mm Tuareg Imrad Followers on camels, with javelins or lance (x6 in three poses, with separate front saddle-frames and javelin cases)$10.99
tuareg-foot-warriors15mm Tuareg Foot Warriors with large shields, swords or spears (x6 in five poses, the sword in the air pose being doubled)$4.99
iklan-javelinmen15mm Tuareg Iklan slave light javelinmen (x4, with separate shields)$2.99
baggage-camels15mm baggage camels (x6 in three poses with two different burden packs)$8.99