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Viking, Leidang, and other Norse Armies, 8th-12th Centuries

Vikings as painted and based by Raven Painting.
This line represents Scandinavian warriors from the Dark Ages, those ages being dark due in no small way to the ambitious depredations of certain of those warriors (although certainly not all Scandinavians went on raids). They well deserve the title of "sea wolves," due to their rapacity and large scale, coordinated raids. They have a reputation as fierce, skilled fighters who engaged the enemy with heathen savagery. The Norse raids and invasions were incredibly successful, and had a profound effect on Europe's history and indeed its very make-up: Normandy and Dublin being but two prominent examples of the legacy of the Northmen. To this day many Britons bear names which derive from the ferocious Norsemen who invaded, conquered and settled England in days of old. Russia's very name derives from the Vikings who founded the Kievan Rus state.

This line can also represent the armies of free farmers who served in militias at home as well.

The models are mostly being sold in large "value packs" meant to offer the most afforable price to the gamer that is possible, and to give a large mix of poses and types, as surely would have been the case in the armies themselves.

Sculpted by Mike Broadbent; we think you'll agree they are the most beautiful sculpts of Vikings available in 15mm!

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
KM-1300Heavily Armoured Huscarl Contingent (x 12 in four different poses)$6.99
KM-1301Viking Bondi/Raider/Hird/Leidang etc. infantry block, mixture of weapons (x 12, twelve different poses)$6.99
KM-1301hatViking Bondi/Raider/Hird/Leidang etc. infantry block, mixture of weapons, WEARING HATS (x 12, twelve different poses)$6.99
KM-1302Viking Bondi/Raider/Hird/Leidang etc. archers, mixture of defensive equipment (x 12, six different poses)$6.99
KM-1302hatViking Bondi/Raider/Hird/Leidang etc. archers, mixture of defensive equipment, WEARING HATS (x 6, six different poses)$3.49
KM-1303Viking Berserkers (x 4, four different poses)$2.99
KM-1304Viking Command (x 8, two different sets of standard/musician/commander/axe-bearing hirdsman, eight different poses)$4.49
KM-1305Viking Jarl, King or other Warlord (x 1)$.69
KM-1306Viking Heavy Cavalry, Spears (x 6)$7.99
TR-8Stone wall section (1 x 40mm length)$2.49
TR-7Hijacked ox cart with loot$4.49