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15mm West Sudanese, 14-17th centuries

The Sudan is a vast region of Africa below the Sahara, the gateway into sub-Saharan Africa for many North African empires. It stretches across the continent -- this range covers the empires that rose and fell in the western half of the Sudan in the middle ages and renaissance. These were great and sophisticated societies which made war on each other, on the tribes to the south, with the Arabs and North Africans to the north, and, later, the colonizing Europeans, first the Portuguese. They included the Mali, Gao, and Songhai Empires, as well as the Kanem and Bornu Empires.

The armies were composed largely of infantry archers using shortbows and often poisoned arrows, although some states largely replaced these with massed close order spearmen. These archers (or spearmen) were supplemented by smaller numbers of javelinmen and swordsmen. Very large numbers of cavalry could also be used, some tribes specialising in skirmish warfare, others launching controlled charges. Elites were slave soldiers and included cavalry with both man and horse completely protected by quilt armour (perhaps with chainmail underneath for the rider), spearmen with heavy all-steel spears, and very small numbers of handgunners.

We now make a complete range of ferocious Tuaregs who can serve as allies or enemies of the West Sudanese as well.


CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
sudanese-cav-felt-helmet15mm West Sudanese heavy cavalry, felt armour and helmets (x3 with separate shields)$4.49
sudanese-cav-felt-turban15mm West Sudanese heavy cavalry, felt armour and turbans (x3 with separate shields)$4.49
sudanese-cav-chainmail-turban15mm West Sudanese heavy cavalry, chainmail and turbans (x3 with separate shields)$4.49
sudanese-light-cav15mm West Sudanese light cavalry (x3 with separate shields)$4.49
sudanese-javelinmen15mm West Sudanese javelinmen (x4, with separate shields)$2.99
sudanese-tribal-archers15mm West Sudanese tribal infantry archers (x12)$8.99
sudanese-tribal-swordsmen15mm West Sudanese tribal swordsmen (x12)$8.99
sudanese-armoured-swordsmen15mm West Sudanese armoured swordsmen (x4)$2.99
sudanese-kanem-spearmen15mm West Sudanese Kanem or Bornu unarmoured spearmen (x12)$8.99
sudanese-guard-spearmen15mm West Sudanese guard spearmen with heavy all-steel spears (x8)$5.99
sudanese-elite-archers15mm West Sudanese elite archers such as Yam Lifida Baka (x6)$5.99
sudanese-ghulam15mm West Sudanese Elite Ghulam Set -- six cataphracts and four handgunners$11.99
sudanese-generals15mm West Sudanese mounted generals (x3)$4.49
sudanese-king15mm West Sudanese mounted king in cataphract armour, and three foot commanders$3.99
african-porters15mm West African porters with various loads (x6)$4.49
cattle15mm cattle (for stampeding cattle elements, x4, add your own soldier (not included) to each base)$3.99