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15mm WWII North Africa Campaign

This range represents the infantry of the North Africa campaign during WWII. We are starting with the Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK).

DAK (Germans)

These models represent the German infantry forces in North Africa and later in the Italian Campaign.

DAK Notes

The DAK platoon deal (Zug in German) is for 1942, the Tobruk campaign, including the Battle of Gazala. The platoon section would be the Leutnant, a Feldwebel with MP40, an MG34 team, the AT rifleman, and perhaps another private with Kar98 (but he is not accounted for in the set and would need to be provided separately if you decide to use him -- you could pull him from a section and make it six riflemen instead of seven). Then three infantry sections, each with seven riflemen with Kar98, one MG team with MG34, and an Unteroffizier with MP40.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
15MM DAK RIFLES CAPS15mm DAK Riflemen with Kar98, Caps (seven figurines in seven poses)$5.99
15MM DAK MP40 CAPS15mm DAK Submachine Gunners with MP40, Caps (two figurines in two poses)$1.69
15MM DAK MG34 CAPS15mm DAK MG34 Machine Gun Teams, Caps (four figurines in two teams of two)$3.49
15MM DAK COMMAND CAPS15mm DAK Infantry Platoon Command Assets, Caps -- Lieutenant and AT Rifleman (two figurines in two poses)$1.69
15MM DAK PLATOON DEAL CAPS15mm DAK infantry platoon deal, caps -- one set of command, two sets of MG34, two sets of MP40, and three sets of rifles$23.99