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15mm Yayoi Japanese, c.500BC-c.300AD

Yayoi commander and standard
This range represents the first historical period of Japan, a period thought by some historians to involve widespread immigration from China and Korea. Wa (as the Chinese called Japan) was separated into many clan-nations or "statelets," sometimes exceeding 100 in number, which were constantly at war with each other. However, in the second century AD, a shaman queen named Himiko may have arisen to govern all of Wa. Although her existence is a hotly-debated subject amongst Japanese historians, Chinese texts of the period refer to her by name. Her brother is said by the Chinese to have helped her rule, and she was attended by a huge entourage of women.

Yayoi armies could have large numbers of archers or slingers in their ranks, and close-fighting dagger-axe warriors (an indication of Chinese influence), or aggressive spearmen. Some very long shields were used as well, suggesting the possibility that a defensive pike-and-shield formation may have been adopted by at least some Yayoi warriors. Although wood breastplates have been found in Yayoi archaeological sites, whether these were worn in combat is doubtful and it's at least as likely that breastplates of metal were actually worn on the battlefield, presumably by commanders.

Yayoi peoples wore wrap-around clothing, probably mostly in light earthtones, and tattooed themselves, as the Chinese indicate in their descriptions. (One of the archers shown below has painted his chest red.) This was the last period in which the Japanese frequently tattooed themselves. (Starting in the Kofun period, tattoos were involuntary marks of shame.)

This 15mm range permits the gamer to field this until-now neglected, rather exotic force, with its interesting mix of troop types. The command pack has four officers/generals, four standard bearers, and a Himiko set with three attendants. Because she is said to have been seen by few people, perhaps she may be set up behind screens as a baggage element, her three attendants kneeling before her.

The DBMM list permits the Yayoi to field a phalanx of spearmen with long shield, but these models may also be used in FoG Ancients, as a variant form of offensive spearmen or perhaps an elite bodyguard surrounding the camp element of the queen. We wish to thank Duncan Head for his help with this range, although any errors in the range are ours alone. Models painted by Rafa.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
YAYOI-SPEARYayoi Japanese Warriors with Spears (x12)$6.99
YAYOI-DAGGERAXEYayoi Japanese Warriors with Dagger-Axes (x12)$6.99
YAYOI-BOWYayoi Japanese Warriors with Bows (x12)$6.99
YAYOI-SLINGYayoi Japanese Warriors with Slings (x12)$6.99
YAYOI-PIKEYayoi Japanese Longshield Warriors with Pikes (x12)$6.99
YAYOI-COMMANDYayoi Japanese Command (four heroes/commanders, four standardbearers and a Himiko set with shaman-queen and three attendants)$6.99