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Jungle Lord painted by Dirk Stiller. Base detailing (plants, etc.) not included.

Deep within the misty jungles of the Lost World lays in wait a reptilian chieftain so powerful that none can defy his iron will, none can stand the unblinking gaze of his cold expressionless eyes. Supplementing his ancient prowess and his enormous physical strength are a multitude of magical items -- from his mighty sword to his huge bronze shield to the growling Jaguar totem pounded into the very living scales of his chin, and even unto the necklace adorned with bones and feathers and other trinkets, warrior-enchantment dances about the grim creature, waiting to bring ruin upon those who would venture into his sacred domain.

The Jungle Lord measures 38mm from the tip of his raised snout to the soles of his clawed feet. He comes with a 25mm round slotted base. He is suitable for any lost world or fantastic environment -- he's huge and quite impressive looking, wielding a massive bronze shield that lesser mortals would not be able to lift at all! (As the shield is separate, the model requires some light assembly.)

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TTC-40028mm Jungle Lord Reptilian Champion$8.99