Welcome to Khurasan Miniatures

Khurasan Miniatures is undergoing renovations!

Our ranges are on limited availability as Khurasan Central undergoes extensive renovations. There will be a fair amount of disruption here which will prevent effective order fulfillment.

However, as stock for some of our ranges is located in areas that will not be affected by the construction, those ranges will remain available for purchase. Please see the list below to see which store pages are currently open. (Also we hope you understand that fulfillment of these orders may be a bit delayed.)

Thanks, everything will be back in a few weeks! (Also if you have an order in but it has not been received by you yet, we are continuing to pack and ship orders and our backlog has shrunk considerably, and we will continue to do so.)

Ranges currently available:
World War I 1914 Range
28mm Sci Fi Range
Marlburian Range
Three Kingdoms Korean Range
The Tom Meier Collection
Kofun Japanese Range
Earthdoom Range
Modern Zombie Range
Zantin Reconquest
Yayoi Japanese
Europe 1946-9 (what-if AFVs)
Testudo ECW/TYW
Imperialist 30 Years War