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15mm Late 21st Century -- Forever Wars

As the 21st century wears on, multiple crises come to a head with disastrous consequences that are too great for any single nation to handle. Great regional combines of states have formed, and are forever at war with each other. In these huge mega-states, truth was the first victim -- but not the last. The three greatest empires, the Oceanic Republic, the Eurasian Confederacy and the Eastasian Combine, ceaselessly quarrel over the domination of nations on the periphery.


The most technologically advanced of the three great empires is the Oceanic Republic. Their infantry are equipped with armour resembling a wetsuit -- black and appearing to be rubber, in fact it contains Steel-flo liquid which behaves as a liquid in normal circumstances but under high pressure solidifies, offering a certain level of protection against small arms fire and shrapnel. Steel-flo is also engineered to maintain a consistent temperature even in extreme heat or cold, and functions as the molecular-memory computer resource for the soldier. Worn over this very light and comfortable integrated tech skin is a camo uniform. Whilst the soldiers are required to wear the trousers, the jacket is left to the discretion of the individual -- some wear it with sleeves rolled up, and others dispense with it altogether. Standard caseless-ammo rifles are carried by the infantry soldier, with support from energy rifle specialists. The Oceanic soldier is a formidable foe, and he has to be, as his enemies outnumber him.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
OCEANIC-RIFLES15mm Oceanic Republic Riflemen in Steel-flo Liquid Armour and Camo Uniforms x10 figures in ten poses$8.99
OCEANIC-ENERGY15mm Oceanic Republic Specialists with Energy Weapons in Steel-flo Liquid Armour and Camo Uniforms x8 figures in four poses$7.99