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Late Fourteenth Century Medieval, 1350-1400AD

The late Fourteenth Century was the sort of "interesting time" the Chinese curse was designed to inflict on its victom -- constant wars up and down the European continent, plague, economic and social disruption. The main event was the Hundred Years War (as it would come to be called) between the English and French monarchies, but constant warfare raged in Spain, Italy, Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans as well.

We are focusing on the period from about 1350 to 1400, although some of the models could be used before that and certainly many can be used well into the 15th century (many of the men-at-arms and infantry fighting at Agincourt would still have looked just like this). The period is dominated by the bascinet helmet, which for men-at-arms frequently added the "hounskull" extended visor. It's not known exactly when this distinctive, rather menacing visor was introduced but it is generally said to have been used most commonly between 1350-1400 (or 1360-1400), so there's the chance that it was already being worn as early as the Battle of Poitiers in 1356. It's still seen in some depictions of soldiers well into the 15th century. The most common body protection for both infantry and men-at-arms was the aketon (or gambeson), although the knight would wear extensive metal armour underneath. The power of the English longbow to stop a cavalry charge was well-proven and by this period most men at arms had taken to fighting on foot, at least in Western Europe.

This range will represent the combatants of the period -- it's starting small but will be a comprehensive line with many codes.

Please note that the models are larger 15s, similar to the size of Testudo 15mm. The small increase in size leads to much more room for detail and the models clearly show the benefit..


CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
L14THC-MAA-JUPON-FOOT-1HW15mm Late 14th century men-at-arms in jupon, on foot, one handed weapons (x6 in six poses)$4.99
L14THC-MAA-JUPON-FOOT-2HW15mm Late 14th century men-at-arms in jupon, on foot, two handed weapons (x6 in six poses)$4.99
L14THC-MAA-JUPON-COMMAND15mm Late 14th century men-at-arms in jupon, on foot, command (x6 in six poses)$4.99


CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
L14THC-MEDIUM-LONGBOWMEN15mm Late 14th century English Longbowmen in some armour (x6 in six poses, with separate arrow batches for each pose)$4.99
L14THC-HEAVY-LONGBOWMEN15mm Late 14th century English Longbowmen in heavy armour (x6 in six poses, with separate arrow batches for each pose)$4.99
L14THC-FRENCH-PAVIS15mm Late 14th century French, Gascon, etc. Pavisiers (x6 in six poses with separate pavises and spears)$4.99
L14THC-FRENCH-CROSSBOW15mm Late 14th century French, Genoese, Gascon, etc. Crossbowmen (x6 in six poses)$4.99
L14THC-PEASANTS15mm Late 14th century Armed European Peasants (x6 in six poses)$4.99