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Kushan Empire, Western Satraps, Satavahana Dynasty Indians, Tamil dynasties, and Eastern Parthians, 2nd Century AD

Kushan armoured and light cavalry,
as painted and based by Raven Painting.
The great Kushan Dynasty was established in Bactria by that tribe of the Yueh Chi after the Yueh Chi had migrated into Nortern India from Western China, and by the second century AD it was one of the great empires of the world, spanning from Central Asia deep into India proper. At its height it was ruled by the mighty and famous king Kanishka I, who is remembered as a skilled warlord but also as a just Buddhist ruler who honoured many religions.

To the south of the great Kushan holdings were the Saka who ruled West-Central India, an area called the Western Satraps, also called at the time "Ariaca," and whose rulers were sometimes still referred to as "Indo-Skythians." (Other Indo-Skythian satraps continued in existence at this time to their east and North, hence the term "Western Satraps.") Further south was the last of the great realms of the Southwest Asian subcontinent, the native Indian Satavahana Dynasty of south-central India (this is a “Classical Indian” army in most of the popular rules sets) which ruled until around the middle of the third century AD.

These models are suitable for the armies of these great kingdoms in the second century AD. The dress and equipment has been carefully researched. Some of the more fanciful elements of dress as depicted in Gandarian art of the period has been left out, but this art, various sources illustrating the look of the armoured cavalry, and art from the Satavahana lands, were the sources for the dress and equipment of the models. The cataphracts in particular are based on Gorelik's striking recreation in his Montfort book, but add archery equipment per the Kurgan Tepe illustrations of mounted combat. Note the elephant has the barding depicted in Indian art of the period, with large rectangular plates of metal, and the correct howdah with crenellated top.

Some of these models are also suitable for Parthians coming from the eastern part of the Parthian Empire.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
KM-1100Kushan/Indo-Saka/Eastern Parthian armoured cavalry, lance and bow on armoured horses (x 8)$9.99
KM-1101Kushan/Indo-Saka/Eastern Parthian armoured cavalry, lance and bow on unarmoured horses (x 8)$9.99
KM-1102Kushan/Indo-Saka/Eastern Parthian upper class light cavalry, bow and sword, foldover coat (x 8)$9.99
KM-1103Kushan/Indo-Saka/Eastern Parthian lower class light cavalry, bow, pullover shirt/tunic (x 8)$9.99
KM-1104Kushan/Indo-Saka/Eastern Parthian king and standard bearer, armoured on armoured horses (x 2, plus two cataphracts equals four models)$4.99
KM-1105Kushan/Indo-Saka/Eastern Parthian general and standard bearer, armoured on armoured horses (x 2, plus two cataphracts equals four models)$4.99
KM-1106Indian cavalry, spear and round shield, on unarmoured horses (x 6)$7.99
INDIAN-CLUBMENIndian Clubmen with two handed clubs (x 6)$3.99
INDIAN-FOREST-ARCHERSIndian Forest Tribes Archers (x 6)$3.99
KM-1107Indian archers, bow and broadsword (x 12)$7.99
KM-1108Indian javelinmen, attacking, broadsword and rectangular shield (x 12)$7.99
KM-1109Indian elephant, rectangular iron bard with crenellated tower, bow and javelin crew$10.99
KM-1111Indian elephant, rectangular iron bard with crenellated tower, Indian general and female umbrella bearer$10.99
KM-1112Indian levy foot with spears (x15)$9.99
TR-8Stone wall section (1 x 40mm length)$2.49
TR-7Supply Ox Cart$4.49